The UK’s Best Dog Drying Coat in 2022

This is our review of the best dog drying coat in 2022.

Need a dog drying coat to keep your pet warm? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have reviewed various materials, sizes and colours to give you the best selection currently available.

Some pups just love water and no walk in the country is complete without them getting wet; even if your canine companion is not a water baby, living in the UK, it’s likely they will come home from some walks soaked through, requiring a thorough drying off when they get in. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best drying coats for dogs making your life that little bit easier.

In this article, we are going to be reviewing the following products:

Muddy towels, shaking water all over the living room and that dreadful “wet animal smell” that lingers throughout the day can all be avoided by purchasing a Pet Coat.

Some can be cleaned in a washing machine, others have a fleece outer layer or an inner layer of microfibre, but rest assured your dog will love these super stylish bathrobes, a must-have accessory for canine owners.

Our Best Dog Drying Coats

Ruff And Tumble Dog Drying Coat

Our first choice is this Ruff and Tumble drying coat that dries your pet in minutes and absorbs odours too. Boasting double thickness for maximum absorption, the 2 part layers keep them warm and cosy and the long neck making it easy to dry soggy ears and get sand off the head area. The velcro fastening is adjustable and suitable for most breeds of dog.


  • Easy to put on and take off; just slip over the collar and head
  • Adjustable girth strap behind front legs
  • Recommended by vets for any dog owner


  • Fitted over the head (which some dogs don’t like)

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Dog & Field 2 In 1 Fully Waterproof Dog Coat

This waterproof drying coat is ideal after a day out in the rain or if your pup has been swimming. The microfiber base layer will wick away all moisture from your dog’s coat whilst retaining the heat so that your doggy doesn’t get soaked and will appreciate the extra warmth. Perfect for working dogs, it allows freedom of movement for legs while the body stays dry.


  • 5 Sizes XS-XL
  • Fully waterproof outer shell
  • Microfiber lined to wick away moisture


  • N/A

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TRIXIE Dog Bathrobe XL 70 Cm

This microfibre towelling drying robe is top value for money, no matter your budget. It’s soft, comfortable and has an adjustable neck drawstring. Perfect for bath time, it comes in 5 sizes, from extra small to extra large, making it suitable for most breeds; the towelling material provides great moisture absorption as well as protection against cooling.


  • Fantastic value for money dog coat
  • Adjustable belly strap
  • One of the bestseller brands


  • Fits over the head, which your dog may object to.

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Medium Microfibre Robe By Arcadian

This super-soft, absorbent and anti-bacterial dry dog coat is ideal after giving your pup a bath, easy to use and has everything you need. The superior quality micro-fibre is durable and soft against your pet’s skin. The dog drying robe has a clip under the belly for a secure fit and an adjustable neck tie and it also comes in a variety of styles, colours and design.


  • Machine Washable pet drying coat
  • Super absorbent microfibre drying towel
  • Quick delivery


  • Thin

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Toby And Alexander Super Quick Drying

Coming home from a day at the beach or a wet and muddy walk with your cocker spaniel or springer spaniel? Slip one of the Toby & Alexander drying coats onto your canine companion and not only will they be warm and cosy, but your car and home will stay clean and dry. With no restrictive tail straps or tight leg openings, it’s available in sizes up to 3XL, suitable whatever your dog’s breed.


  • Super absorbent
  • Wrap around straps
  • Washable


  • Maybe a bit tight if your dog has a large neck

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What are drying coats for dogs?

Pet coats are the perfect solution for preventing wet dogs from running through your house. They are better at absorbing water than even a dog towel.

Your pooch may get caught in a shower, have been swimming, had hydrotherapy or simply had a bath, either way, you’re not going to want a wet dog on your soft furnishings. Having a drying coat on hand will mean your house stays clean and your dog’s body gets warm in double-quick time.

They work because they are made from fabrics that have the ability to soak up moisture in Fido’s fur. These fabrics must be absorbent and usually made from a microfibre or cotton towelling mix, even sometimes bamboo, which has soft edge properties and is becoming extremely popular due to its softness against the skin. 

Are Dog Drying Coats Any Good?

The best drying coats usually offer a double layer, with the first being closest to the skin and absorbing most of the moisture; the second layer will absorb less and prevent it from returning to the pups fur. The better the fabric is at water retention, the better the coat.

Many have velcro straps to keep them in place, leaving the front and back legs free for ease of movement.

Some good dog drying coats are like human bathrobes and meant to be used indoors after a walk, while others combine an outdoor jacket with a warm, absorbent fleece underlayer perfect for keeping your four-legged friend warm after a trip to the beach or chilly winter dip. 

How Is It Different From A Dog Drying Bag?

A drying bag is different as the dog would need to stay in the dog bag and is restricted in its movements. A good dog coat like these, on the other hand, allows the dog to move freely while absorbing moisture.

Have you ever wondered why wet animals smell so bad?

What Fabrics Are Used In Drying Coats

Polyester is a polymeric fabric and quite absorbent. However, the way it is manufactured means moisture is held in the air spaces in the fabric and not in the fabric itself. This is because it is created from synthetic material and spun into yarn.

Cotton, which is used in terry towelling, is, however, naturally absorbent as well as being more breathable and extremely durable. Dog clothes made from terry towelling can last for years and be washed time and time again with little deterioration; many also have a fleece layer for warmth.

The best dog jackets are often made from bamboo as it is a sustainable product and is even more absorbent than cotton; it has a luxurious feel, does not trap odours and even seems to have hypoallergenic properties, so if your pet suffers from itchy skin or allergies, this all comes at a cost, though and pet drying coats made from bamboo are expensive.

Make Your Own Drying Coat at Home

If you don’t like any of the choices on the market, some people are learning to create their own as they can have it made to their exact specification, colour scheme and size. Although it may be more time consuming and cost more for materials, you do get a one of a kind coat for your pup. Here is our guide on how to make a dog drying coat

Last Word

The best dog drying coats offer a lot more freedom of movement than a pet drying bag they have one or two layers of towelling, meaning that a great deal of moisture will be absorbed. These are usually used on wet dogs indoors after you bring your pooch in from the rain or after a bath.

You will want to measure your dog as they come in a range of sizes and some snazzy colours. I love the one by Ruff and Tumble, the company is a bit pricier than some but does exactly what it says and long-lasting, so definitely worth the extra.

A cheaper option which I also recommend is the Toby and Alexander bathrobe which is super absorbent and comes in a large range of sizes to fit all breeds.

Whichever type of dog coat you choose, you should check it regularly to ensure it is doing the job and your beloved friend is dry and warm.

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