The UK’s 10 Best Dog Crates and Cages (2022 Review)

Looking for the best dog crates and cages in the UK?

Whether you’re looking for a place to put your new puppy while you’re at work or want to start crate training your dog, getting the right crate is essential.

But with so many different crates on the market, it can be tricky to decide which one is best for your needs. So we’ve rounded up the ten best dog crates and cages in the UK based on our expert analysis.

Best Dog Crates UK – Our Top 10 Choices

Our top pick is the MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Crate. This metal cage is strong, sturdy, and has rubber feet to protect your floors; the entire crate folds flat for storage and gets superb reviews.

Crates and cages provide dogs with a safe space to relax and rest, especially when you cannot keep an eye on them. They also help with housetraining and make travelling much easier and less stressful for you and your pet.

However, not all crates and cages are created equal. Some are better suited for certain dogs than others. It depends on your individual pet’s needs and personality.

Keep reading to see which crates are best for a small dog, are wire crates better than a soft-sided crate and what dog crate size you need if your four-legged friend is on the large side.

Reviews & Buyers Guides

MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Crate

The MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate is an excellent investment for dog owners who need to travel with their pets and cannot leave them at home. This heavy-duty dog crate provides ample space; it has a single door that allows the owner easy access.

This metal crate folds flat for easy storage when not needed enabling the owner to store it away without taking up too much room.

It comes with a dividing panel that allows you to purchase a large dog crate but use it as your puppy grows to ensure no money is wasted on buying ten different crates because they grew out of each one!

These dog crates also include an all-steel leak-proof pan, providing no accidents within the crate, plus a year’s warranty against the manufacturer’s defects.

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Amazon Basics Folding Soft Dog Crate 36 Inch

This is one of the best dog crates in the UK, ideal for small dogs like a French Bulldog. The soft dog crate with rounded corners has two doors for easy access, and if needed, you can purchase additional covers to keep more than one pet at home happy.

Thanks to its lightweight frame that weighs only 17kg, even an older person could move it around.

The sides of these soft crates are made from tough polyester and PVC fabric and the plastic tray base won’t rot or rust. The crate folds flat when not in use and the top handle and shoulder strap mean it can also be used as a pet carrier.

There are pockets where you can pop a food bag, treats or toys and a cosy fleece bed space for treat and toy storage, a fleece bed.

If you’re looking for a long-term solution, this dog crate might not be the best option, but if you want something cheap and cheerful for short-term use until your puppy is house trained or fully grown, it’s perfect! This fabric crate is also fantastic if you regularly travel with small dogs.

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Ellie-Bo Dog Puppy Cage Folding 2 Door Crate 30 Inch

Ellie-Bo Dog Cage is a simple, durable folding dog cage suitable for travelling with your pet or using as a dog bed. The metal frame is strong and the removable metal tray makes for easy cleaning.

The tray at the bottom of the cage is easy to remove and clean, making this one of the best cages for puppies and there are two doors for easy access, each with two heavy-duty latches to keep your dog safe.

Customer reviews mention how easy this wire crate is to assemble and each standard dog crate comes with a training guide to make house training your pooch a breeze. Afterwards, they can use this metal crate as their sanctuary.

The only downside to this crate is that it doesn’t come with a carry handle. Otherwise, the Ellie-Bo Dog Cage is an excellent option for adult dogs at an affordable price.

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Petsfit Indoor Dog House Soft Fabric Dog Crate

Introducing the Petsfit indoor dog house soft dog crate, a perfect choice for those who want to give the privacy and comfort that every dog needs. It has an easy assembly process, which you can do within minutes.

It is made from high-quality material and the mesh windows provide enough ventilation. It has a removable tray that can be washed with soap or water for an easy clean-up process.

One drawback may include its small size (24 x 16 x 20 inches), which might not fit bigger dogs; it’s only suitable for smaller dog breeds like a Miniature Pinscher, Scottish Terrier or Pug.

At least one customer had issues assembling this product, but most were happy with the purchase.

Overall, Petsfit Indoor Dog House Soft Dog Crate is a perfect crate for small dogs and it will provide your dog with privacy and comfort while being inside. The easy assembly process and removable base tray make it one of the best dog crates to buy in the UK.

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Bunny Business Metal Dog Crate 36″

The Bunny Business dog crate is a simple, durable and cost-effective wire dog crate. The Dog Cage has two doors, with the front door opening for feeding time or playtime access, while the top of the cage can be used as an open-top shelf to keep your small pet’s favourite toys within easy reach.

It comes in three different sizes – medium (36″), large (42″) & extra-large (48″), making it suitable for both small and large dogs from a Welsh Terrier up to Alaskan Malamutes!

There’s also a handle to utilise this crate as a pet carrier and the removable tray makes it easy to keep clean.

We like this travel crate’s free, comfy bed provided, unlike most dog crates. The Bunny Business metal dog crate 36″ is an excellent value heavy-duty crate for budget customers.

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AVC Metal Transport Crate

This AVC metal transport crate is one of the most popular dog crates for pet owners in the UK, whether you have a Welsh Springer Spaniel or a Golden Retriever and it does come with some nice features that you won’t find on other standard dog cages and kennels.

These include the ability of the metal frame to fold flat for easy storage and a carry handle making the ideal dog crate to take on holiday or shows.

Another great feature of these dog crates is their durable powder-coated stainless steel construction, which looks stylish and will last a long time even under constant use from large dogs such as Dobermans and German Shepherds. plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

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FurDreams Double Door Crate

If you are looking for a durable and spacious dog crate, the FurDreams Double Door Crate is a great option. It is made of heavy-duty metal with two doors – one on each side – that make it easy to get your pet in and out.

The crate also has a divider panel so you can adjust the size as your pet grows and at 42 inches long, 28 inches wide, and 31 inches high, this crate offers plenty of room for your furry friend.

The FurDreams Double Door Crate comes with four removable caster wheels that make it easy to move from room to room, and it also includes a carrying handle for convenience.

Plus, this model has an attractive black finish that will look good in any home. So whether you have a small dog or a Great Dane, Furdreams has the right size dog crate.

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Ellie-Bo Sloping 30-Inch Crate

The Ellie-Bo Sloping 30-Inch Dog Crate is a sturdy and durable crate with extra thick bars. It has an easy-to-clean metal tray at the bottom, which can be taken out when you want to clean it thoroughly. This way, your dog’s area will stay hygienic all year round, plus there’s a cosy fleece included too.

Like all Ellie Bo dog crates, there are two doors at each end of this cage and they both open into separate compartments for safety reasons.

Specifically designed for car use, this crate provides a secure and comfortable way for your dog to travel. Designed to fit most cars but please check measurements before purchasing.

Ellie Bo also does a range of accessories for their cages, including bowls, cage covers, mats and beds.

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AllPetSolutions Home or Travel Crate

This tiny crate is excellent for both home and travel use. It’s made of sturdy Zinc-coated metal to protect against corrosion with a black finish so that it will look good in any setting.

The crate collapses down to a small size for easy transport, and the included carrying case makes it even easier to take with you on the go. Plus, it’s effortless to assemble with no tools required.

This crate comes with two doors meaning it will fit in any space in your home. This is perfect for growing puppies or if you have multiple dogs who need their own space.

We have reviewed the most petite size here, but if you have a larger breed like a Border Collie, they have crates for them too!

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Petsfit Lightweight Dog Crate

This is the best dog crate if you need to travel with your dog. It comes in four different sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your dog’s needs, and it’s on wheels too!

The overall design of this crate allows enough ventilation through its side windows without sacrificing security. Additionally, it doesn’t take up much space either, perfect for those who live in small apartments or houses where space may be limited.

Conveniently, there are no tools required during assembly as many similar crates require. It also stops dogs from chewing at the bars, which can cause a lot of damage if they’re metal.

The fabric is effortless to clean up after accidents (which happen during potty training), and it does not absorb odours or fluids like many others. It also has four rubber feet at each corner that helps reduce sliding on carpets and floors.

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What Type of Dog Crates are There?

There are four main types; you can choose from

Metal cages & crates

Wire or metal crates tend to be the most popular because they give your pet some visibility and ventilation while it is in its den. A metal crate can’t be chewed and can also fold down for easy storage when you aren’t using them.

Trolley cages

These are also made of metal but have wheels on the bottom; these are usually used by owners who regularly travel to dog shows as they can be moved around easily.

Plastic crates

Your furry friend can have his own den with a plastic crate! These crates are made with sturdy materials and feature ventilation windows, so your four-legged friend remains cool. Plus, they’re perfect for travelling because they fit in most vehicles.

Wooden dog crates

A wooden dog crate is best for people who want an aesthetically pleasing option that matches their furniture. They tend to be more expensive than standard crates as they are often handmade and not transportable due to their design and weight.

Soft dog cages

A soft crate is very lightweight and portable, better suited to smaller dogs; they are fantastic for camping trips, holidays and travelling in vehicles.

Plus, they’re easy to store away when not in use. They usually have a removable plastic tray in case of any accidents and are often more comfortable than wire crates.

What are the Different Uses for Dog Crates?

Crates can be used to keep your pet confined safely when you cannot monitor his behaviour, or he is not allowed free roam of your home, such as while you’re away at work all day.

They also tend to help house train new puppies faster since they will want to avoid soiling their den area and learn that it’s ok to go outside of their crate after eating and drinking water (a good tip here would be to use a puppy pad inside the crate on top of newspaper if desired).

A travel crate is beneficial for car trips. Just be aware they may make them more prone to car sickness (if they find themselves in an enclosed space while carsick); on the other hand, they may feel less stressed by motion if they have a safe place to retreat.

If you have a show dog, a crate is a must-have! Most exhibitors go for trolley cages which can be easily moved about no matter the size of the dog contained.

Crates are also invaluable if your dog is injured or recovering from surgery. It can be a nightmare to stop your dog from playing and jumping around the home but having a crate will keep them calm and relaxed, enabling them to rest and recover.

One last use for crates is safety in your home; many dogs who tend to get into cabinets or destroy items when left unsupervised will be more likely not to do so if kept in a crate during time away from their owner(s).

Benefits of Using Crates and Cages

  • A crate or cage can provide your dog with a sense of security and comfort.
  • It can be a place for your dog to escape from other animals or children in the home.
  • Dogs prone to chewing or destructive behaviour can be crated when you cannot supervise them.
  • Crates and cages can help housetrain puppies more quickly.
  • They can serve as a place for your pet to rest, eat, and drink away from the main areas of the house.
  • They are ideal if your dog is injured or recovering from surgery
  • A crate can provide a safe space for your dog to travel in the car.
  • They help prevent damage from chewing, scratching and digging.

How to Choose a Dog Crate?

When choosing a dog crate, there are a few things you need to take into account. The first is the size of your dog. You want to ensure that the crate is big enough for them to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably.

The second thing to consider is whether you want an open or closed crate. An open crate allows your dog more freedom but can also be less secure. A closed crate provides more security but can feel restrictive for some dogs.

Finally, consider the material the crate is made from; plastic crates are easy to clean but may not be as sturdy as metal crates. Metal crates are more durable but may be harder to transport than plastic alternatives.

11 Great Crate Training Tips

  1. Start with a small crate that will comfortably accommodate your dog when he is fully grown.
  2. Do not buy a crate that is too large, as your dog may use one end as his bed and the other as a toilet.
  3. If you use the crate for house training, keep your puppy inside when you cannot supervise them.
  4. When choosing a size, allow room for your dog to stand up and turn around in the crate.
  5. Your dog should be able to comfortably lie down in the crate with his head resting on the side of the kennel. If he can’t do this, then it’s too small.
  6. Remember that your dog will need a certain amount of space for his bedding.
  7. The crate should be big enough for your dog to stretch out comfortably when lying down.
  8. Don’t forget that you will also need to store your dog’s supplies in the crate.
  9. If you use the crate for car travel, ensure it is adequately secured.
  10. It is also essential to ensure that your dog crate meets all safety standards before you buy it.
  11. Another factor you will need to think about when buying a dog crate or cage is whether it’s portable enough for use around the home. If not, you may consider buying two crates (one for inside and one for outside).

This video shows how to crate train a puppy

Dog Breeds That Do Well With Crates

Most small dogs do well in crates as it gives them a sense of security and a place to escape daily life’s hustle and bustle. Below are some larger dogs that also benefit from a crate.

Labrador Retriever

They are one of the best dog breeds for crating. Crate training is a breeze with this breed and they will love their crate.

Golden Retriever

Another great dog for crate training, the Golden Retriever, will be happy to have a place to call its own.


The Poodle is another breed that does well with crate training. They are intelligent and will learn quickly what is expected of them.


Bulldogs may be known for being lazy, but they are pretty agile when it comes to learning new things. Bulldogs love their crates and will be content in them.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a loyal breed that will love having its own crate. They are quick to learn and will be happy in their crate.

Shih Tzu

These small dogs like a place where they can retreat to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a dog crate?

There are many reasons why you might want to use a dog crate. Some people like to use crates as part of their training regime, while others find them helpful in containing their dogs when they’re not at home.

Crates can also be helpful for travelling with your pet – they provide a safe and comfortable place for your dog to rest during the journey.

Are dog crates cruel?

No, a dog crate can provide a safe haven for your pooch to retreat to when they are nervous or want to get away from children in the house.

How do I choose the right size crate for my dog?

It’s essential to choose the right size crate for your dog. Not only should it be big enough for them to stand up in, turn around and lie down comfortably, but it also needs not to feel too cramped when they are inside of it.

If you buy a crate that is too small, your dog will find it harder to relax, while if it’s too large, they may have accidents on one side before choosing somewhere else where they can go instead!

Your pet should be able to stretch out their front legs without hitting the sides of the cage or extending their back legs fully without touching either end of the kennel. You can use these dimensions as a guide:

What is a dog crate divider?

A dog crate divider is an accessory used to section off a portion of a dog crate, making it smaller for puppies or older dogs. This is a great way to save money on purchasing multiple crates as your pet grows.

It also makes training easier since you can give your pup his own space without having to confine him to a small area. Not all crates come with dividers, so if this is something you’re interested in, be sure to check the product description before buying.

Where to set up a dog crate?

To get all the benefits of a dog crate, you need to put it in a suitable place. Dog crates are great for houses with young children, as they can be used to contain your pet when he is being overexcited or boisterous.

They have also been known to help potty train puppies by placing them into their new “den” whenever they go inside and having somewhere safe while at home alone.

It’s not practical, though, if there isn’t anywhere appropriate where you would like your puppy to sleep or be crate trained – some owners say this makes housetraining harder! If there is already an established sleeping area, that should work perfectly fine.

Are dog crates stackable?

Most can be stacked, but we would recommend choosing purpose-built stackable crates if you need one on top of another.

Should a Crate Be Used as a Dog Bed?

You may wonder if a crate should also serve as your pet’s bed. The answer to this question depends on your dog’s personality and needs.

Some dogs love sleeping in their crates, while others only use them for travel or when they need to be confined.

If your dog seems happy spending time in his crate, then it can definitely double as his bed. However, if he hates being confined or doesn’t seem to like sleeping there, it’s best to provide him with a separate bedding area. You can find plenty of great options for canine beds online or at pet stores.

Make sure that whatever you choose is comfortable and large enough for your pup to stretch out.

Last Word

A dog crate is a great way to provide your pet with a sense of safety and security while you’re away from home or when travelling.

There are various types of crates, including plastic, metal, wood, and soft crates. -Each type has its benefits and drawbacks, so choosing the one that best suits your needs and your dog’s personality is essential.

Our top choice is the MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Crate. It has some excellent feedback and ticks all the boxes.

A dog cage can also be used for other purposes, such as recovering from an injury or housebreaking your pet.

When buying a dog crate, there are several factors you should consider, including the size of the crate, the type of material it is made out of, and how sturdy it is.

If you’re looking for the best dog crate or cage in the UK, then this list is perfect for you. We’ve researched and compiled our top 10 best dog crate options available to buy right now.

We hope this article has helped narrow down your search process!

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