The UK’s Best Dog Cooling Mat Reviews in 2022

This is our review of the best dog cooling mat in 2022

Summertime is everyone’s favourite time of year, right? Well, not so much for our furry friends.

While we’re all busy enjoying the warm weather and long days, dogs can start to feel the heat, especially brachycephalic breeds, those kept outside or living in a warm climate.

Dogs can overheat rapidly and need a way to cool down quickly too; that’s why it’s crucial to have a cooling pad for your pet to help keep them comfortable during the summer months.

Here at Dogsbarn, our team of experts review every dog product thoroughly. We know what makes a good dog cooling mat and as pet owners ourselves, we know what features matter.

Our number #1 choice is the Pecute Dog Cooling Mat, Extra Large. It’s durable, versatile, easy to clean and backed up by superb reviews.

In this post, we will be reviewing.

As well as our dog cool mat reviews, in this post, we’ll show you how to choose the best cool pad for dogs and the benefits using one may have for your pet.

So read on if you want to keep your furry friend safe and comfortable this summer!

Our Best Cooling Mats

Choosing the right cooling mat for your pet can be tricky! Should you worry about cooling gel or water-based? Memory foam or nylon? Does the recharging time really matter for pressure-activated dog cooling mats?

We’re here to clear up any confusion and help you find the best dog cooling mat for your needs; let’s start with our top-choice cooling pad!

Pecute Dog Cooling Mat Extra Large

Our top choice for the best dog cooling mat is this extra-large, highly durable Pecute product; it’s effortless to use and provides unrivalled cooling relief even on the hottest days.

We love this pressure-activated dog cooling pad because it requires no added water or freezing to keep your pets cool.

The non-toxic gel technology works to regulate your dog’s body temperature by absorbing any excess heat and allowing it to evaporate from the unused areas of the cooling bed safely. It’s great for long days out and busy pet owners.

This gel cooling pad is easy to clean and store, entirely scratch-resistant and great at keeping your dog cool in hot weather!

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 K&H Cool Pet Bed for Dog

This K H cool bed for dogs provides a tremendous cooling effect by using water to regulate your dog’s body heat.

Simply fill the cool bed with water, seal the filler cap, and the temperature difference between your hot dog and their surroundings will work to bring your pet’s body heat down!

We’ve found that the absorbent core in the cool bed iii holds a surprising amount of water, helping this cooling mat work efficiently and effectively for several hours. It’s not quite as effective in direct sunlight, so we advise dog owners on the move to set up this cooling mat in a nice shaded area.

This is an excellent choice for short trips, keeping your pet cool around the house or in the car; this K H cool bed iii definitely provides good value for money.

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The Green Pet Shop Self Cooling Pet Pad

A durable and effective self-cooling mat with non-toxic gel-infused memory foam, we love the pressure-activated design of these large pet beds by the Green pet shop. The super comfy memory foam also helps to relieve any joint pain that older dogs may suffer from.

With an incredibly sturdy design that can fold easily with no creases, you’ll find this pet cooling mat perfect for travelling in the car or moving around the house. It can keep your pet cool for up to three hours and is one of the best dog cooling mats for larger dogs, thanks to its impressive 35″ x 23.6″ size.

This is a perfect choice for owners of pups that suffer from joint pain and arthritis. It’s super easy to use and great at bringing your pet’s body heat down to an ambient temperature on hot summer days.

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Arf Pets Self Cooling Mat Pad

Another highly effective self-cooling dog bed, with non-toxic gel and a very durable design.

This Arf Pets dog cooling pad can provide cool relief for your pet for approximately three hours before needing a quick recharge of 15-20 minutes. Making it the fastest recharging time of all the cooling dog beds we’ve covered.

The weight-activated gel pad absorbs your dog’s body heat and uses thermal energy to bring them to a safe ambient temperature. The Arf Pets gel cooling pad for dogs is one of the best dog cooling mats for owners on the move as it’s light, portable and perfect for any adventures on a hot day!

We found the nylon exterior incredibly easy to clean, with only a damp cloth needed to remove any dirt or grime that may build up.

The gel mat held its shape incredibly well after being folded for transport, so we think this cool mat will be great for owners who love to travel with their pets!

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Noticeably cheaper than the other dog cooling mat options we’ve covered, this one uses a combination of non-toxic gel and super supportive memory foam.

The pad stays cool in an even distribution that helps ensure your pup is comfortable and protected from the heat. An outer protective layer of this cooling pad is surprisingly durable and will withstand a fair amount of scratching and friction without showing any signs of damage or wear.

It’s an excellent choice for dogs that are a little heavy-handed when popping themselves down on the cool mat!

The continuous cool sensation will last for a good few hours without needing to recharge, and thankfully, that recharging is done without any electricity. This is one of the best cooling dog pad options for owners on a budget!

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K9-Pursuits All Seasons Orthopedic Reversible Memory Foam Bed

The most versatile dog cooling mat that we’ve covered, this K9-Pursuits cool pad can be used as both a cooling dog mat in the summer months and a warming heat pad during the winter!

With one side of the mat filled with a cooling gel, and the other featuring an extra insulted warm surface, this multi-purpose product offers great value for money.

Alongside the cooling bed and the cosy winter warming pad, we loved the super soft and supportive memory foam padding that provides excellent orthopaedic relief to dogs that experience any degree of joint or bone issues.

With an easy-to-remove outer layer that can be slipped off and cleaned in the washing machine, this versatile gel pad is a great bet for an all-rounder that can provide your dog with a safe and comfy space, no matter the weather!

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Crufts – Pet Cooling Mat

The Crufts cooling mat for dogs is a simple, no-nonsense product at an incredibly reasonable price point. The gel pad, a weight-activated mechanism, provides long-lasting cool relief to dogs of all shapes and sizes in the summer heat.

This cooling mat for dogs is a little thin, so it’s best used with younger, smaller pups as the padding won’t provide as much support as some of the other options covered in this guide.

We also found that the recharge time for this cooling mat was noticeably more extended than that of the other self-cooling dog mats we’ve spoken about, something to keep in mind for longer car journeys!

All in all, this is a relatively robust and durable little gel pad, reasonably priced and handy to have tucked away for small to medium-sized dogs when the sun comes out!

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Best Choice Products Raised Mesh Cot Cooling Dog Bed

This Raised Mesh Cot Cooling Dog Bed isn’t cheap but is perfect for those who spoil their pet a little (don’t we all?) and is a great way to protect your pet from the hot sun.

The revolutionary elevated design allows airflow to keep your pet cool and the included canopy provides shade. 

The travel bag and lightweight design make it super portable, and it is built to last with a durable construction, crafted with a long-lasting steel frame and breathable mesh fabric.

The overall dimensions are 30″  x 24″ x 28″.  This size can easily accommodate a dog weighing up to 66 lbs. This bed does not have gel like the others in our round-up. Still,  it relieves joint pressure and is ideal for older dogs. 

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What are Dog Cooling Mats and How Do They Work?

A dog cooling mat is a handy device that helps to keep your dog cool during hot weather and warm temperatures. Dogs can’t regulate their body temperature the same way humans can; they rely on panting and breathing to cool themselves down on a hot day which is why you often see fast breathing in dogs after exercise.

This can put your pup in a tricky spot during hot conditions, as they won’t be able to keep themselves cool enough when enjoying their necessary walks and exercise!

Thankfully, there are several kinds of dog cooling mats and cooling beds available that can help to keep Fido safe in the heat.

A gel-type cooling pad usually contains alginic acid, carboxymethyl cellulose and polyacrylamide.

All of these are perfectly safe and when combined, they can withstand freezing temperatures and offer cooling properties that provide relief from high temperatures for your pet. 

Different Kinds of Cooling Mats

Water Filled Mats

Water-filled pads are the simplest to understand; most will feature an easy-to-seal water inlet valve and a protected inner section for the cold water.

These cooling dog mats work by allowing the cold water to draw the heat from your dog and safely transfer the warmth out through the unused sections of the cool mat.

The downside of these cool pads is the limited cooling power of the water. On a hot day, the water in the cooling pads will quickly warm up, so you may find yourself topping up this cooling dog bed a few times.

Pressure Activated

Pressure-activated dog cooling pads are the most user-friendly, with no prep work or topping up required to keep your dog cool. These handy devices feature a cooling gel that fills the inside of the mat and will draw the heat from your dog when your pet sits on the surface.

These cooling gel dog mats will keep your dog cool for around 3 hours; after this, they’ll generally need between 30mins to an hour to recharge. They don’t require any water or ice and don’t need any electricity to operate, so they’re convenient to take on day trips and adventures.

Ice Pack Style

An ice pack-style dog cold pad works exactly like an ice pack that you may use yourself!

It features a cooling, gel-like material that fills the inside of the pad and can be frozen at home to produce a long-lasting cooling effect.

This style of cooling dog mat will provide around 3-5 hours of cooling ability before the ice packs need re-freezing, though this time may be shortened if the mat is in direct sunlight.

The ice pack-style cooling dog mat is excellent for day trips, though the need for re-freezing this type of dog bed can limit their usefulness for longer outings!

How To Choose the Best Dog Cooling Mats


Perhaps the most critical factor to look out for is the size of the cooling dog bed. A tiny cooling pad won’t do much to help a large breed in the summer heat, so always check the manufacturer’s sizing guide before deciding!

If you’re choosing a pressure-activated dog cooling mat, you should be aware that the mat needs space around your dog to allow the transferred heat to escape.

The thermal energy typically occurs under where your pet sits; the mat will then take this heat and release it through the rest of the surface.


The best pet cooling mat is robust and durable; we all know that our pups can be pretty heavy-handed, so a cooling mat with a thick outer casing is best to avoid any damage or leaks.

Although a dog cooling mat is great for keeping your pup cool at home, they’re most useful when taken on trips. This means they’re likely to be folded up and packed away quite often, so a tough and durable mat will be best to ensure that you get the most out of your purchase.

Cooling Efficiency

If your new cooling mat is destined for lots of use, you’d better ensure its top-notch cooling efficiency. It’s good to have a cooling pad that promises to stay frozen for hours, but if it doesn’t efficiently bring your dog’s body temperature down, it won’t be beneficial for long!

Check to see how the cooling mat functions. Does it use a cooling gel to draw heat from your dog? Or does it hold cold water to cool your pup by touch? It’s always a good idea to check the online reviews to see what other dog owners say.


Our furry friend’s health is always the top priority when it comes to doggy products. Dogs love to sniff and chew their surroundings, so ensuring that your new cooling mat contains no harmful chemicals is a must for all dog owners.

The best pet cooling mat will contain non-toxic gel and make this clear in the product listings. If you don’t see this mentioned, it’s best to move on to another choice!

How Easy Is It To Clean?

It’s a good job that we love our dogs so much because we all know how messy they can get in the blink of an eye!

As we’re sure you may have considered, the ability to wipe down and clean your cooling mat quickly will be an essential factor in choosing the right cooling mat.

Look for water-resistant nylon fabrics and outer casings that can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Some cooling mat options will feature a removable cover for machine washing or scrubbing, but we think the wipe-down varieties are your best bet!


As mentioned previously, a dog cooling mat is best used when taken on adventures and travels. They’re a handy and straightforward way to keep your pet cool, provided they’re not a pain to cart around all day!

We recommend looking for a dog cooling mat that can be easily folded and won’t crease. A thick cooling mat may be great for use around the house, but they’ll take up more room than you and your dog if you try to fit them in the car.

Positioning the Cooling Mat 

The best place to position a dog cooling mat is in a shaded area, out of direct sunlight. It should be placed on an even base with no sharp stones or objects underneath.

Encourage your dog to lie on the mat using positive reinforcement and they will soon learn that it provides cooling relief. If the mat is not somewhere your pet likes to relax, they won’t use it.

Be sure to move the mat around when the sun’s position changes to keep your dog cool and comfortable.

The Benefits of Cooling Mats

Prevents Heatstroke

Dogs are particularly susceptible to heatstroke as they find it difficult to keep themselves cool in the heat. It’s imperative that all dog owners know the signs of heatstroke to prevent their pups from coming to harm.

Symptoms include excessive panting, drooling, reddened gums and vomiting, but heatstroke can be avoided with a bit of planning and care.

If you’re taking your dog out for even a few hours in warm weather, make sure that they have plenty of water, access to shade and a good quality pet cooling mat!

Dogs that are susceptible to heatstroke 

While all dogs are susceptible to heatstroke, certain breeds are more vulnerable than others. Brachycephalic breeds like Pugs and Bulldogs have squashed faces and shorter nasal passages, which makes it difficult for them to regulate their body temperature.

Dog breeds with thick, heavy coats can also be at risk, as they may overheat more quickly. Puppies are also more likely to experience heatstroke, as they can’t regulate their body temperature as well as adult dogs.

If a dog’s body temperature rises past 104°, he’s in grave danger. Heatstroke can occur if the body temperature continues to rise above 106°; by being aware of the signs of heatstroke and taking precautions to prevent it, you can help keep your dog safe during hot weather. 

This video shows 5 signs of heatstroke pet owners need to know


Similarly to how a cooling mat offers relief to skin irritation, pain and swelling in dogs, it can also provide great relief to dogs suffering from the symptoms of allergies.

Many allergic reactions cause skin irritation, swelling and sore patches on our dogs, so the soothing effects of a good quality cooling mat can treat the irritation and reduce any pain they may be suffering from.

Senior Dogs

As your pup gets older, they’re more likely to develop joint issues and general aches and pains, this is all part of the ageing process, but we can do a lot to help minimise any problems they may face.

A good quality cooling mat, especially one with orthopaedic foam, can help alleviate any pain or swelling your senior pup may be experiencing. This is especially useful when taking your older dog out for adventures in the heat.

Providing your senior dog with a safe space to rest their tired bones will help to reduce any dangerous swelling and protect their joints from issues like arthritis.

Skin Conditions

If you’ve ever experienced a nasty rash or skin condition, you’ll know how relieving it can be to place a cool object on the irritated area!

This is the same for our pups, but dogs with persistent skin conditions and rashes can’t seek that relief for themselves.

A good quality cooling mat can help your dog ease irritation and prevent them from scratching or further injuring the affected area.

Dogs are even more likely to suffer from skin conditions in the heat, so a nice cooling mat is always a good call for your pup!


Post-surgery can be difficult for dogs; they won’t quite understand why they’re not feeling their best, and if they have stitches or exposed sore areas, they may feel compelled to mess with them.

Providing your pup with a comfortable and supportive cooling pad can help to alleviate some of their pain and prevent them from scratching any vulnerable areas.

The support of a cooling pad can aid physical recovery and provide relief from pain and swelling, a great help to any poor post-op pup.

Seizures And Epilepsy

Seizures and epileptic fits can be terrifying for both you and your dog, so it’s vital that you know how to handle these conditions safely should they ever affect your dog.

If your dog is actively fitting, you shouldn’t touch them, but remove any items from their vicinity and turn off any lights, music or other stimulating things.

Once the fit has subsided, a cooling mat can help. Fitting causes a rise in temperature as your dog’s muscles work in overdrive.

Once the seizure has stopped, place your dog onto a cooling mat to help reduce their temperature as they recover from the fit.

In The Car

We all know the dangers a hot car can present for your dog (NEVER leave your pet in the car on a hot day unattended)

But a cooling mat can be placed on the rear seats and is one of the best ways to ensure your dog is more comfortable on car rides during warmer weather.  

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is common in many breeds of dogs and can cause pain and swelling around their hip joints. If your pup suffers from this painful joint condition, a cooling pad can provide much-needed relief and help reduce swelling.

A Cooling mat is a non-invasive method of treating the pain caused by any joint condition that dogs are likely to suffer from, including hip dysplasia, so we recommend investing in a cooling pad, especially as your dog reaches their senior years.

Cushing’s Disease

Cushing’s disease is a severe health condition caused by an over-production of cortisol in the adrenal glands. The symptoms of Cushing’s include an increased appetite, excessive thirst, muscle weakness and hair loss.

You should contact your vet if you notice any drastic changes in your dog’s appearance or behaviour, but if your pup is diagnosed with Cushing’s, there are ways to treat it.

A dog cooling mat can greatly aid dogs suffering from this condition, as the mat’s cooling effects can relieve the affected areas of lost or thinning hair that your pup may experience.


Unfortunately, cancer can affect our dogs just as it can affect our loved ones. It’s a horrible diagnosis and a scary experience, but ensuring that your dog has regular checkups can help catch it early. Treatments like chemotherapy can help your dog fight this awful disease.

If your pup is receiving chemotherapy, a cooling mat can offer soothing relief to the pain and discomfort that this treatment can cause.

We want to extend to any readers with dogs experiencing this therapy our best wishes, and we hope that your pup makes a speedy recovery.


Do Cooling Mats For Dogs Work?

Yes, cooling mats do work to keep your pup’s temperature down in warm weather. The results may vary depending on the quality of the mat, but by using the tips in this guide, we think you’ll be able to find a cooling mat that works!

How Long Do Cooling Mats Last?

Generally speaking, a decent quality cooling mat should last between 3-5 years. Choosing a durable product that fits your purposes should help you get the most use out of your cooling mat.

Do You Put Dog Cooling Mats In The Fridge?

Cooling water or gel-based mats can be put in the fridge to cool, but never put an unclean cooling mat near any food humans consume.

Most gel-based cooling mats will work by naturally drawing the heat from your dog, so they won’t need to be cooled to work.

Can I Put A Wet Towel On My Dog To Cool Him Down?

A damp towel can be an excellent makeshift item to cool down your dog in warm weather. Still, we recommend using a dedicated cooling mat over this method as a damp towel will not be as reliable or efficient.

Are Dog Cooling Mats Safe? 

Because they use either water or a no toxic cooling gel, pet cooling pads are perfectly safe for your dog to lie on for extended periods.

That being said, your pet shouldn’t be left unattended if they are a chewer, as anything ingested can cause problems, including a cooling pad! 

Dog cooling mats are a lifesaver for any pet owner in the summer. Whether you have an outdoor or indoor dog, these cooling dog pad products can keep your pup cool and comfortable even when scorching outside.

They are handy when going on trips or in the car when your pet may not be able to retreat to a shady place. 

We’ve reviewed some of our favourite cooling pad options to help you find the best one for your pup and the best one we reviewed was the Pecute Dog Cooling Mat.

This cooling gel mat is ideal for hot summer days; different sizes mean it accommodates most dogs, and the pressure-activated gel technology helps regulate your dog’s body temperature.

There are many benefits to using a dog cooling mat and some safety precautions to consider before purchasing one. Check out these features when looking at buying your next cooling mat so that you can find the perfect product for your pup!

We hope you enjoyed our review of the best cooling mats for dogs. If you liked this blog post, please share it on social media or with friends and family that might be interested in this topic.

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