The UK’s Best Waterproof Dog Coat with Legs For Full Coverage

This is our review of the best waterproof dog coat with legs in 2022

It’s not that easy to keep your dog dry when living in the UK; any dog owner will know that many walks will end up with your pooch soaked to the skin.

A Waterproof dog coat or raincoats with legs are designed to keep your best friend warm and dry when walking in the rain or snow. A dog with a coat may seem unnecessary, but they have one significant advantage. After a wet walk, you have a relatively clean and dry dog that you can let back into the car or house without spending ages cleaning off mud or towelling them dry.

The winner in our round-up was the Lovelonglong Dog Hooded Raincoat. If you are looking for a waterproof dog coat with legs in the UK, this one is hard to beat. Affordable, it comes in various colours and sizes and has special options for more chunky dogs like bulldogs.

We love how easy it is to use, the protection it gives against wind and rain and it also boasts some superb reviews from other pet parents.

In this guide, we will review:

Our Best Dog Coat with Legs

A wet, muddy dog not only pongs but can also ruin your car’s interior, shake the excess off around your home and generally make a mess. Also, for some breeds remaining cold and wet for long periods can cause serious health issues.

The answer: A raincoat for dogs with legs; unlike other waterproof dog coat options, these offer underbelly protection and keep legs dry too, keeping your dog dry and cosy whatever the weather.  

Keep reading to see which dog coats with legs are worth a second look for rainy day walkies.

Lovelonglong Dog Hooded Raincoat

These hooded waterproof dog coats with leg coverings give protection from the elements to the front and back as well as your dog’s body. The windproof design is made from breathable polyester and the hood is great for keeping their head and ears dry.

This waterproof dog coat comes in many colours so that Fido will be stepping out in style and neither you nor he will need to worry if the heavens open. This premium coat is the perfect addition to your pup’s winter wardrobe. The chest, neck, feet and girth are all fully adjustable for a snug fit and the entire body cover saves your pup from getting a muddy belly.

Going up to a colossal 5XL, it’s suitable for almost all breeds, with some fantastic reviews; this waterproof coat is definitely our favourite.

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Kerbl Raincoat

A Durable hoodless waterproof dog coat for rainy days. The Manchester coat by Kerbl is both windproof and waterproof, with covers that go over the dog’s leg and can be tightened with the elasticated drawstring. The chest and belly area is closed for full coverage, protecting them from muddy splashes and snow.

It boasts removable throat protection and a tunnel drawstring in the belly and neck area for a “pawfect” fit and there’s a waterproof zip fastener on the back, making it incredibly easy to put on and take off.

This cute all-in-one comes in two colours, stylish black and a more vibrant charcoal grey and orange number; just be sure to measure your pooch correctly before ordering.

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PET ARTIST Dog Winter Coat

Perfect for little dogs, this rather trendy puffer jacket by Pet Artist is ideal for winter. It is windproof, snowproof, waterproof, and thick insulated padding will keep your pet incredibly warm and dry.

A harness hole at the back of the hood can be used to keep Fidos’ head and ears protected or fastened back if they are not keen on their head being covered. We just wish it was available in bigger sizes as it’s so cute.

The company offers a full refund or replacement if you are unhappy with the product and provide excellent customer service.

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Morezi Waterproof Coat

Ideal for bigger dogs, the two layers of this classic look raincoat will keep Fido cosy on a wet and muddy walk. The magic tape design around the belly and neck save time putting it on and taking it off; this waterproof dog coat also has a handy harness hole and a thick fleece lining for extra warmth.

With over 1000 5-star reviews, pet owners seem to love these waterproof dog coats. They come in a range of sizes, so you are sure to find the perfect fit and the reflective trim ensures safety on early morning or evening winter walks.

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Cosipet 1/2 Leg Trouser Suit

This cute onesie is perfect for pups with little limbs and excellent protection from the elements. Made from showerproof nylon, it will keep small dogs dry when out in the rain and is great for breeds such as Shih Tzus and breeds with long coats that can be a nightmare on the ride home or to dry after a wet walk.

According to the size guide, this 16-inch option is ideal for Cocker Spaniels or Corgis, it covers all the body except the head and the half-length leg coverings are ideal for pups with short legs and small paws.

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Geyecete Dog Raincoat

If your dog likes to stay dry, this raincoat could be the answer. It’s a great alternative to drying coats; it’s made from lightweight waterproof fabric; the elastic leg opening and adjustable drawstring collar for the neck ensure a comfortable fit. There are reflective strips ideal for evening or winter walks.

This affordable coat comes in a range of sizes to suit most breeds and the total cover prevents the tummy and front and back legs from becoming damp when running in soaking grass.

There is also an opening to attach your dog’s leash to their harness. The coat is lightweight, machine washable and comes in several colours and a range of sizes to suit all breeds.

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Hurtta Dog Raincoat

The Hurtta Rain Blocker dog drying jacket with front leg protection is one of the best waterproof dog coats we found online, it has a high collar with a rain trap to prevent water trickling down the neck and the waterproof exterior is made from recycled plastic bottles.

The coat can easily be adjusted to fit your dog comfortably, whatever breed you own and the elastic band loops on the rear legs ensure it stays put. All the seams have been taped, and the collar and hem reflectors improve visibility in low light conditions.

It doesn’t have a leash slit and is more expensive than some other coats with legs on this list, but the high-quality materials and eco-friendly design more than make up for this.

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When the days are getting shorter and the air is getting colder, you may be starting to think about how to keep your best friend warm during walks in the park. This waterproof dog coat with legs from July’s Dog is made from quality materials, with a waterproof surface and a soft, thick wool lining. It also features reflective stitching, making it ideal for walks after dark.

Best of all, it’s easy to put on and take off, and it has an opening at the belly that allows boy dogs to go to the toilet without taking the whole coat off. It comes in pink or blue and the only real downside of this fashionable accessory is that it comes from the US, so delivery times are a little longer. 

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How a Waterproof Coat Works 

The water will simply run off these materials if your waterproof dog coat with legs is made from rubber or PVC. However, if you buy a high-end jacket like the one from Hurtta, this has a HoundTex membrane and these breathable coats receive a DWR (durable water repellent)  coating, the same as human waterproof jackets. 

This causes the microscopic fibres of the fabric of waterproof dog coats with legs to stand on end, which prevents the water droplets from sitting on the outer layer and penetrating the material. 

As they flatten and stick together over time, they will become less effective, which is why many dog owners find their waterproof dog coat starts to become less so. You can combat this by applying a waterproofing spray occasionally. 

What to Look For When Choosing Good Dog Coats That Cover Legs

The importance of fit

Ensure you measure your dog correctly and read the reviews, as many coats for dogs vary in size significantly. If it’s too small, it will be a struggle to get Fido into; if it’s too big, it may impede their movement and get caught on things. Others have said that sizing your dog before purchasing a waterproof dog coat could save you lots of money.

Is your dog still growing? Most dog raincoats that cover legs have adjustable straps, a velcro closure, and elasticated leg holes so you can guarantee a snug fit.

Does it keep your dog warm?

A good dog coat isn’t ideal if it doesn’t keep your dog warm; raincoats automatically keep your pup warmer as they are drier. However, some dogs may need extra insulation, so you’ll want to choose a waterproof dog coat with a warm inner lining made of fleece material.

Machine washable

You’ll probably need to wash a dog coat pretty often, so a machine-washable jacket is ideal for saving time and effort. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions; some waterproof dog coats with legs can only be washed on a cool cycle and many are not designed to go into a tumble dryer.


If you live in a place where it rains a lot like the good old UK, you will need to invest in the best quality waterproof dog coats with legs you can afford. The cost and amount of money you spend shouldn’t matter, as a waterproof dog jacket is designed to keep your pup happy and warm. The best waterproof dog coat usually covers the dog’s legs and thighs rather than just their top half.

Quality and durability

If the price seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t a fantastic quality dog coat. A top-notch product should last for a decent length of time, even if you have an energetic dog. All our featured waterproof dog coats with legs should last through to the warm weather and beyond.


Some of the best waterproof dog coats come with added features such as pockets to store poo bags and treats, a leash holder slit, removable hoods which can protect your dog’s ears and, of course, reflective elements to keep your dog visible in bad weather conditions or on nighttime walks. There are also different types of coats, including a winter jacket, rain jacket, Polartec fleece and even a dog snowsuit.

Waterproof Dog Coats Vs Water Resistant – What’s The Difference? 

These are two very different things and it’s essential to know the difference. Waterproof dog coats will not allow any water to penetrate and offer your dog the highest level of protection against the elements.

Water-resistant dog coats with legs will keep Fido dry in a light shower much better than a wool or fleece jacket but will be mostly ineffective in a heavy downpour. 

Dogs That Benefit Most from Waterproof Dog Coats With Legs

Most dog coats are a vest style or have very short “sleeves,” While they may keep your pet dog warm, they offer little if any protection for your dog’s legs.

Some dogs need additional coverage to cope with rain or freezing weather. A Dog coat with legs is perfect for such situations.

A winter dog coat with legs are essential for some dogs, including those below who meet the following criteria:

Size matters

It’s always important your dog stays warm and dry, but this is especially so for dogs weighing less than 10lbs. Tiny dogs radiate body heat quickly, so they need protection in the winter months.

A winter dog coat with legs or full body jacket such as the Pet Artist coat is ideal for breeds like Chihuahuas, Maltese, Papillons and those with single-digit body weights.

Long legs

Dalmatians, Vizlas and Weimaraners may benefit from a dog coat that protects their legs from the cold winter air. Your dog’s legs constantly let body heat escape, so if you want to keep your dog cosy, it’s crucial to give these types of dog breeds the added protection sleeves provide.

Dogs with joint problems

More than any other dog, those with joint issues may benefit from more warmth, so a high-quality dog coat with sleeves is often an excellent idea. Keeping their elbows, knees and hips dry and warm will result in less pain and greater freedom of movement in cold weather. You could even pop them some dog pyjamas on when at home.

Long-haired breeds

I have a friend with two Afghan Hounds who will not let them out of the house in the rain unless they are covered from head to foot. Can you imagine tackling those coats after a heavy downpour?

Dogs with long hair can be a nightmare to dry, so would definitely benefit from a waterproof dog coat with legs. They also help to keep your dog’s coat clean.

Working dogs

Dogs work even during the winter months and can spend all day running through wet grass and getting soaked by the rain. A dog raincoat is a great way to keep them warm, dry and comfortable; there are even coats with a removable hood that would be ideal for protecting a spaniel’s ears on a long day out in the field.

Dogs who like to splash around

Some dogs, like mine, love to play in the snow or splash in every muddy puddle they come across and while this may be great fun, it causes their legs to become soaking wet, which can lead to them catching a chill.

Water-resistant dog coats with legs will allow your four-legged friend to play where he wants to while still keeping him dry.

How to Look After Your Waterproof Dog Coat

One of the most complaints in customer reviews is that after a while, their dog coat with legs starts letting in water or is not totally waterproof. Dog jackets can be expensive, so this is obviously an issue, but the good news is there’s something you can do about it. Looking after your pet’s waterproof coat can mean it’ll last for years. 
But did you know there’s a right and wrong way to wash a waterproof dog coat? It’s true! Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Turn the dog coat inside out. This will help protect the waterproof coating. 
  2. Use a detergent designed for sportswear. These detergents don’t leave any residue on the fabric. Alternatively, you can use a tiny amount of powdered detergent. Just make sure it’s non-biological (this contains enzymes which can severely damage the fabric of your dog coat) and doesn’t contain any surficants, fabric softeners, bleach, perfumes, or stain removers which again can affect the waterproof coating.
  3. Follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions or wash on a gentle cycle of 30 degrees. 
  4. Rinse thoroughly. I usually rinse it by hand after it’s been washed in the machine. 
  5. Drying the waterproof coat should ideally be done on low heat in the tumble dryer, as this reactivates the DWR coating. If you choose to dry it outside on the washing line, pop it in the dryer for 5 minutes first. 
  6. Re-apply the coating -this won’t need to be done after every wash, but if you notice your coat with legs isn’t performing as it should. You will know when it’s time to do this as water will stop beading on the outer layer. Once or twice a year is usually sufficient. Our favourite is the Nikwax Tx. Direct Spray On Spray On Waterproofer 

Looking after your waterproof dog coat with legs correctly will ensure it lasts and keeps the rain out for years to come. 


Should dogs wear coats in the rain?

Definitely, a waterproof dog coat is an excellent addition to your dog’s wardrobe; they are fantastic for long-haired breeds preventing a soaked, tangled and muddy coat; short-haired dog breeds would benefit from warm fleece lining as would older pooches. 

Another bonus is they keep your dog clean and prevent that awful wet dog smell.

At what temperature should a dog wear a coat?

Generally, dog breeds don’t cope too well with cold weather. Certain dogs need coats when the temperature falls below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. 

An older dog may also need protection from the cold, as they cannot generate body heat as well as a younger dog. Small dogs suffer from the cold more than larger breeds, as they have less body mass to keep them warm. 

Short-coated dog breeds may feel the cold more too, as they have less fur to protect them from the elements. If you are unsure whether your dog needs a coat, it is always best to err on the side of caution and put one on them.

Are these suitable for a large dog?

Some will be yes. However, most waterproof dog coats with legs are designed for smaller breeds. If you want to see the best options for big dogs, see all of our large dog coat reviews on our other page which are ideal for breeds such as labradors and greyhounds.

Last Word & Top Pick

There are hundreds of dog raincoats, onesies, and winter dog coat options out there, from the puffer style Pet Artist dog coat to the popular Kailian hooded coat with its faux suede exterior (not available on Amazon at the moment). Feel free to pick out the best from our round-up, whether you want a raincoat or warm dog coats with legs for tiny dog breeds.

We believe the best dog jacket with legs is the Lovelonglong Dog Hooded Raincoat. which ticks all the boxes for affordable protection from the elements, fits dogs up to Border Collie size and comes in 4 bright colours. 

There are products with fleece linings to keep your dog warm, lightweight showerproof macs, and full-on dog snowsuits with a velcro fastening that keep your furry friend protected from the elements from nose to tail.

Choose waterproof dog coats with legs and embrace the rain! Don’t forget to read our dog training equipment guides and learn whether you need other stuff to help with your pet.

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