The UK’s Best Dog Car Seat & Booster Choices in 2022

This is our review of the best dog car seat in 2022

Sick of watching your dog bounce around the car, constantly whining? If you are regularly taking Fido for a ride in the car, a dog’s leash or vehicle seat belt is not enough.

Investing in a crash-tested dog car seat will keep your dog safe and save your sanity!

Dogs should be trained to travel by car, but they still need to be secured with a dog car seat. Dogs can be a huge distraction while driving and allowing them to move freely is a bad idea.

This is why we put together another well-researched article about the top dog car seats. So both you and Fido can enjoy the journey. If you’ve never had one yet, these are game-changers.

In our search for the best car seat for dogs, we reviewed different makes and models and researched what people said about their purchases and experiences.

If you are in a hurry and want to know the best travel seat for dogs in 2022, then we are going for the Kurgo Booster Seat for Dogs this year.

This small dog seat for car rides is perfect for small dogs. It comes in 6 different colours, has a lifetime guarantee and arrives ready assembled.

In this post, we will be reviewing the following list of dog car seats.

Those which go on in the back of your car, ones held in place by your car’s seatbelt, ones with removable linings and pockets for storage.

Our in-depth guide has analysed each of the car seat products below: Each of the dog car booster seats we picked was reviewed through materials, quality, best value and safety to give you a complete overview when choosing! The key benefit of a dog car seat is how much protection it can offer your pet.

Our Best Dog Car Seats for 2022

A pet’s car seat makes driving with your dog much more manageable. They are perfect for smaller dogs and excitable puppies, stopping them from being a distraction while driving and can help prevent car sickness by providing Rover with a window view.

Here, we find out why you should consider a dog safety seat, the advantages for you and your canine companion, and what you should look for when choosing and reviewing the safest car seats available.

Best for small dogs – Kurgo Booster Seat for Dogs

Our winner of the best dog car seats, this car seat boasts over 130 5* reviews. This collapsible bucket booster seat by Kurgo is for small to medium dogs up to 30lbs and has a soft padded base and interior that can be removed for a machine or hand wash.

The comfortable dog car seat includes a tether compatible with the Kurgo Tru-fit smart harness, ensuring a safe and comfortable car ride for your pet while protecting the covers.

Pros & Features

  • Excellent quality materials
  • Perfect for anxious small dogs
  • This dog seat is washable and makes for easy cleaning


  • The car seat is no good for a larger dog or multiple dogs

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Our top pick double – Petsfit Lookout Seat

Petsfit is a company that designs products for almost every type of pet. They have an excellent reputation for some of the best dog car seats in the UK.

This Petsfit large booster seat for two dogs is made from quality soft Oxford cloth; it comes in black, pink or grey and can be installed in the front or back seat.

It fits around the car headrests. has two handy pockets for storage and comes with removable car seat covers. The dog seatbelt tether adds a layer of extra security.

Pros & Features

  • The washable liner of the car seat makes it easy to clean
  • Handy pockets to store toys or dog treats
  • Soft and comfortable


  • N/A

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Best for large and medium-sized dogs – PetSafe Solvit Jumbo

An excellent car safety seat for bigger dogs. This roomy and soft dog car seat by Solvit utilises a rigid structure for extra stability. This keeps your dog secured with a safety strap that has been crash-tested up to 2000lbs.

Easy to install, the dog car seat can take up to 30 pounds in weight and lets your dog safely travel in the backseat.

Pros & Features

  • Excellent quality seat
  • Strong safety seat belt tether
  • Safe-T-CoreTM Technology


  • Not suitable for sports or bucket seats

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#1 Luxury pet safety seat – Me & My Pets Booster

Transport your pet in comfort with this soft dog car booster seat, a perfect small dog car seat by Me and My Pets. Available in 2 sizes for small and medium-sized dogs. It has plenty of padding, a comfy cushion fleece liner interior and beautiful outside seat covers. This dog car seat rests on the seat, unlike some that loop around the car headrests.

Pros & Features

  • An easy to install seat
  • This dog booster comes in two sizes
  • Washable easy to clean seat


  • No tether

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A cool pink option – GENORTH Car Seat

One of the best car seats for smaller dogs. This dog booster with a waterproof exterior by Genorth is the perfect way to keep many car seats clean while keeping your dog secure.

It can be installed in either the front or rear seats and the two straps will hold dogs weighing up to 30bs.

Compatible with most vehicle models, this cute dog seat offers great protection and air circulation and has handy zippered pockets for treats etc.

Pros & Features

  • Collapsible car seat for easy storage
  • Cool in the summer
  • Lightweight metal frame


  • Not suitable for large size dogs

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Great for puppies – FRISTONE Car Seat Removable

This stylish pet bed for cars may not be a car seat as such. Yet it is ideal for transporting dogs in your vehicle. It may only be small but is comfortable with raised sides to make your dog feel secure. The adjustable buckles make it suitable for most vehicles and the handy side pockets are great for wipes, poo bags etc.

The cover is machine washable and your dog can comfortably sit and watch the world go by, attached by an adjustable strap.

Pros & Features

  • Machine Washable seat
  • Great for small dogs and puppies
  • Anti-skid


  • Some reviews mention the strap could be secured better

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Most comfortable – Snoozer Luxury Console Car Seat

This Snoozer luxury high-back console dog car seat has a deluxe microsuede cover and is a popular choice for pet safety on car rides. The removable pillow is lined with snuggly sherpa and unlike most dog car seats, it attaches securely to your vehicle’s console, not the back seat, so that Fido can ride shotgun

Snoozer is a popular choice for comfort that will keep your pet safe; this deluxe booster seat gets fabulous dog car seat reviews and is one of our favourites.

Pros & Features

  • Cosy interior seat
  • Security strap included
  • Ideal for smaller sizes as a console seat.


  • Very small

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The Best Types of Car Restraints for Dogs

Here are 3 of the most commonly used car restraint options.

1) Lookout seats

Developed for smaller dogs, a lookout dog car seat is one of the best on the market. They do exactly what it says, don’t take up too much space and let your dog enjoy the fantastic view when travelling in a pet booster seat.

2) Booster seats

A raised pet dog booster seat is basically the same as a lookout dog car seat – it is used for either 1 or 2 smaller dogs, so they can see what’s happening outside the car.

Usually made of foam and covered with fabric, a new booster seat is held in place by the car’s seat belt. They can help reduce anxiety and keep your pup safe and secure when travelling. They are also great at serving as a dog seat protector, so your French Bulldog or Jack Russell puts mud everywhere.

3) Seat belts and dog harnesses

While standard dog car seats are great for small and medium-sized dogs, larger dogs should have an Isofix car seat belt or a proper dog harness for car and walking. A dog safety belt connects to the car’s belt.

There are a few different designs, some have a loop that allows you to pull the seat belt through, and some have a clip that directly plugs into the car seat belt.

If your dog is a medium breed, check out a dog car booster seat with attachments.

The Dangers of Not Restraining Pets in Cars

Slamming on the brakes or being involved in a collision, even a small one, could cause serious injury to your dog; they could also potentially be thrown through the windscreen, which would likely be fatal. Even a minor car accident in which no one is harmed can cause your dog stress; they could run away in fear when the doors open or become afraid to get in the motor.

The best pet booster seat will have cosy interiors like dog beds meaning your dog will happily curl up and have a snooze on long journeys.

Another benefit is; that they will prevent stains, mud and pet hair from going all over your vehicle’s interior and protect your car seat cover. Although if you have one of the non-moulting breeds, you won’t have to worry so much. 

Your dog doesn’t want to spend hours stuck in the back seat of the car without being able to see out of the windows. They will likely start to fidget and stand up to look out, so a booster or car seat will keep him safe and entertained and prevent him from distracting the driver.

The best dog car seats have an attachment for your dog’s lead or to prevent him from roaming around the car. These small car seats can be used in the rear or front and have washable covers.

As with the lookout dog car seat, there should be a leash or dog’s harness attachment to prevent injury in the event of a crash or accident.

Did you know

“A 10lb dog can generate 500lbs of projectile force” Source Melanie Montiero, author of The Safe Dog Handbook. 

So, your pup must be restrained in a dog car seat whenever they are in the car to keep them and the driver safe.

In the event of sudden braking or an accident, the force should pull across the back and chest rather than the neck; it should also be short enough to prevent your dog from crashing into the dashboard or the seat in front.

A dog should always be restrained in a seat when in a car. Not only does it reduce the chance of them experiencing motion sickness, but it also keeps them safe and let’s face it, no one wants an 80-lb dog trying to climb into their lap while driving.

Do Dogs Need Restrained? – Answers and Advice

It is actually against the law in the UK to take a road trip with an unrestrained dog in the car, which can see you getting a fixed fine of £100 and 3 points on your licence, so a dog car seat is worth it!

Not just that, a survey by Kurgo found that 65% of US dog owners were distracted by their dogs whilst driving. Dangerous and scary thought, eh?

Some distractions during car travel include:

  1. Using arms (which should be on the wheel) to stop your dog from clambering over the seats
  2. Feeding treats
  3. Petting your dog to comfort him
  4. Playing with your dog
  5. Taking a photo
  6. Holding onto your dog when breaking or going round a roundabout
  7. Driving with Fido on you
  • Always keep the dog restrained when in a car. Unless you have a large four-by-four with a huge boot where you can put a crate or use a pet guard, belts and a seat are the most common products designed for this purpose.
  • A belt will keep your pooch restrained, but a car seat offers more benefits, Boosters will enable him to have a view. A car seat also be more comfortable and prevent him from slipping and sliding around If you come to a sudden stop.
  • Never feed before going on long car journeys. Most dogs will be much more likely to suffer from motion sickness; instead, provide a small meal 3-4 hours before starting out.
  • If you are travelling a long distance, it will be necessary to stop every couple of hours for your dog to stretch his legs and go to the toilet, don’t leave it until the last minute!
  • A dog first aid kit is essential when travelling with your four-legged friend. This should include bandages, scissors, tweezers, antiseptic spray, and gauze. Also, include any medications your dog takes, including car sickness tablets.

How to Install a Pet Seat Properly

Installing a dog car seat is not difficult. But a proper fit is essential for a booster seat.

Nearly every rear seat has adjustable straps which fit around the body of the seat and or headrest. Choosing the right dog car seat for your make and model will make it much more manageable.

Here are a few things that you need to know;

  1. Thread the car’s seat belt through the chair, and attach it to the other end; this will hold it in position. Meaning the belt will be holding it securely in place.
  2. Booster seats for dogs are often attached with a strap that goes around the headrest; in fact, some can only be used in cars with a headrest, so check that the chair is compatible before purchase.
  3. The quick connector can attach to your dog’s harness ring. A dog seat belt harness is far safer than a dog’s collar because it can prevent choking your pooch if he attempts to get out or if there is an accident. You can make this loose or tight but remember, the tighter it is, the more secure your pup will be, although you will want to give them enough leeway that they can lie down and be comfortable.

These are just general guidelines on installing dog car seats and may only apply to specific car seat models. It is essential to thoroughly read the instructions of your chosen dog seat before installation. See this video for more help on seat installation:

Dog car seats are fantastic for small dogs, but large dog seats for cars are not ideal. For a big dog, a harness is the best option. This excellent car harness by Ruffwear has been tested rigorously and fits breeds such as Labradors, Rottweilers etc. 

If your canine companion feels secure in a seat, they will likely nod off or enjoy the view while you concentrate on the road ahead. No more sliding across the dog seat when you come to a roundabout or trying to launch themselves through the window when they spy a cat…

It’s important to remember that even the best booster seat needs to be secured to the car seat in case you brake suddenly. A dog car seat will offer little protection to keep a dog safe if the worst happens, so fitting them with a crash-tested harness is essential.

This buying guide will hopefully narrow down your options and help you decide which is the most crucial feature the best car dog seats carry.

Do you want a bucket booster seat? One that sits in the rear passenger seats, or does Fido prefer to sit in the front? Most dog car seats are designed for smaller dogs. If you have a Great Dane or a Pyrenees Mountain Dog, you may want to choose a harness or grill instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you seat a dog in a car?

A: There is no legislation about where your four-legged friend should be when travelling and whether these dog car seats are necessary, but the Highway Code states they should be suitably restrained so a car seat is advisable.

Q: Are dogs allowed in front seat of car?

A: Yes, a dog is one of the animals allowed to sit in the front seat of a car. However, they should be restrained once in the seat. The airbag must also be disabled as it can pose a real threat to your dog’s safety in the event of a crash. Here, you can read our guide on what the law says about dogs in cars.

Q: Is a dog allowed in a car with seats down?

A: Yes, if there is a barrier between the front seats, however, this is not as safe for your pet as being properly restrained as if the worst happens, they could be seriously injured.

Q: Do dogs need seat belts in cars?

A: Yes, dogs do need seatbelts to keep a dog safe. Not only does it ensure the safety of the dog and driver, but if an accident does occur and your pooch is not properly restrained, you could lose your licence and the insurance company would be within its rights not to pay out. It really isn’t worth the risk; ideally, you should have a travel dog seat secured by the car’s seatbelt and an extra seat belt tether.

However, if your dog is in the car a lot, it may be easier to place a blanket in there to prevent hair, odour and stains.

Last Word

At the centre of pet safety should be the best dog car seats, as they are great for keeping your pet safe and comfortable while driving. Not only will it restrain your four-legged friend so they will not distract the driver, but they will also be able to feel comfortable and secure and with a pet seat, small pups will be able to see more.

Our choice is the Kurgo Booster Seat for Dogs. It’s a medium-sized dog car seat that can also work fine for smaller dogs.

If you travel journeys with your best friend, then it needs to be safe for owners, pups or any passenger on board. Whether it’s a dog booster seat or a specially designed safety belt that keeps Fido off you then this product purchase will be a good buy.

We hope this article has helped you choose the best dog seats, whether it be a pet carrier or booster seat for all the long road trips to come.

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