Best Dog Car Harness (UK) – Easy Seat Belt Attachment

This is our review of the best dog car harness in 2022

Whether you are embarking on a road trip or just nipping to the vets, it’s essential Fido is buckled up to ensure his safety and yours. So, today we thought we’d have an in-depth look at the best car harness for dogs and which ones fit the bill.

In this article, we will be reviewing

Our Best Dog Car Harnesses

There are multiple things that make for a great dog car harness,

When buying a car harness, you will want a safe product that’s easy to secure, above all else. This is a piece of equipment upon which you are relying to keep your dog safe at all times on the road

With that in mind, here’s a selection of some of the best harnesses for dogs on the market, with all kinds of needs and budgets in mind.

SlowTon Dog Car Harness Seatbelt Set, Pet Vest Harness with Safety Seat Belt

The first of our dog car harnesses is ideal if you are on a budget. It costs less than £15 and comes with a strong harness and belt cord. 

On the back of the harness, In this design made from quality hardware, you will find two leash attachment points for a stronger hold on your dog. 

The harness is simple to use and needs to be placed over your dog’s head, then tied with the two strong buckles on either side of your dog’s rib cage. 

The front chest pad is also padded and made with a breathable mesh fabric.


  • It provides excellent comfort for your dog due to the nylon webbing
  • Reasonably priced,
  • Easy to use


  • Maybe not the fanciest

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Top Crash Tested Dog Harness – Kurgo Dog Harness

Dog owners love this harness brand. The Kurgo dog car harness must be put over your dog’s head and fastened with very strong buckles on the side. 

However, the Kurgo Tru fit smart harness has one strong D ring on the back, and a front leash ring, for better control over your dog during your walks, as it encourages your pup to stop pulling. 

This crash-tested dog harness also comes with a seat belt tether that easily attaches to the harness and any seat belt.

Always fasten the tether to a harness, not your dog’s collar


  • Seat belt buckle
  • Great as a walking harness
  • Crash test certified


  • Not ideal for smaller dogs

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DEXDOG Chest Plate Harness Auto Car Safety Harness

This good car harness comes with a long chest pad lined with mesh. It costs less than £15!

It has two simple straps that are fully adjustable and tied with two buckles. This means the harness will open around your dog’s neck, making it very easy to put on.

The straps are also lined with reflective stitching, making it an excellent regular walking harness. 


  • Easy to fit around a dog’s body,
  • Affordable,
  • Comfy nylon mesh with good construction for your dog’s chest


  • No car seat belt system

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The Company of Animals Clix Carsafe In-Car Safety Harness For Dogs, Medium

This next harness is made of the same materials as your car seat belt. Therefore, it’s one of the best dog car harnesses for pure strength; others are not as durable.

You have the choice of either plugging the harness into the seat belt buckle or looping the car seat belt through the harness tether. 

This dog harness has a padded front to protect your dog’s chest and neoprene padding under the bottom straps. It is suitable for dogs from sizes XS to L.


  • Value for money dog car harness
  • Easy to fit to seat belts,
  • Range of sizes


  • Some customers mention the lead attachment may not be the best.

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Easy Rider Crash Tested Car Harness (Large) 61-96cm Girth.

This Easy Rider car harness is suitable for dogs from sizes XS to XL. It’s crash-tested for extra reassurance.

It’s a step-in harness, making it very easy to put on, especially for nervous dogs who do not like having things over their heads. 

The chest piece is padded, and the straps have adjustment points to keep your furry friend safe and comfortable. 

The Easy Rider car harness does not come with the seatbelt tether, but the seat belt buckle can be put through the harness for maximum safety. 


  • Padded chest strap,
  • Ideal for nervous pets
  • The Easy rider car harness is crash tested


  • No tether for belts

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PetSafe 3 in 1 Harness and Car Restraint

This seat belt harness comes with a back handle for better control during your walks and to keep your dog safe in the car. 

The harness is made entirely of strong straps and comes with a front leash ring to encourage your dog to stop pulling. 

The straps have a small amount of padding around them, making them more comfortable for your pet. 

The harness is just straps with no full coverage making this an appropriate harness for walks on hot days, as it will not be too heavy or hot for your dog to wear. 


  • Easy to clip together,
  • Great for pullers,
  • Sturdy


  • It doesn’t seem to be crash-tested

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CarSafe Crash Tested Dog Safety Harness, Crash Tested to 32Kg/70lbs

CarSafe has clearly made a piece of equipment with pet safety in mind, even outside the car. It’s one of the best dog car harnesses for hopping into the vehicle after a long walk and is suitable for small dogs and larger breeds.

This harness comes with high-strength, easy-to-use buckles to tie the harness off. 

Outstanding features of this model include that it’s lightweight, even right down to the chest pad. The padding is soft and breathable, making it comfortable for your dog to wear, even on long trips. The chest pad is also very reflective. 

There are two leash rings for optimal control in cars and on walks.


  • Has the vital crash test certified badge
  • Very strong,
  • Comfy to wear


  • It May be a bit ‘chunky’ for some dog owners

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Which Dog Breed Needs a Car Harness?

Dog car seat harnesses are a must for any pet owner. If you own a car and care for a pet, you’ll likely want to take them out for a drive. Ensuring your pup’s safety in the car isn’t just a good idea; it’s the law.

Yours and the dog’s safety

Dog car harnesses are just as essential for safety as seatbelts are to you and me and are far better than a dog collar.

You will already know the dangers that can occur to us if we don’t wear seatbelts, which are just as real to dogs. No matter where you place your dog in the car, they can easily fall into something or be thrown across the vehicle if you need to stop suddenly. 

If, for example, you need to swerve to avoid something, your dog could again just as easily fall or hit against something. You don’t need to be in a car accident for harm to come their way.

Even things that seem minor to us could significantly harm a dog not attached correctly in a car. 

Therefore, you shouldn’t take any chances – a no-pull dog harness on its own may not be enough, so look into specialist dog car harness brands.

What The Law Says

By law, animals must be suitably restrained during car rides for both your and your dog’s safety and ensure that they are not the cause of distractions for the driver. They are not allowed to sit on your lap whilst you drive and should be in the back rather than a passenger seat in the front. Research shows that 10% of people admit to having their pet on their lap whilst driving, which can not only cause a distraction but also lead to serious injury if the car crashes.

You can use a cage, dog guards in the boot, or pet carriers for smaller dogs. 

However, pet carriers, a booster seat and a dog crate are only suitable for very small dogs. Moreover, harnesses are far cheaper and easier to use than dog guards and cages. They can also be used in any car and should be placed next to the back seat passengers.

How Does a Dog Car Harness Work?

The best dog harness for car journeys works by keeping a dog in a sat-up position and taking its own seat during road journeys. 

Simply command your dog to sit on the seat while they use the car seat belt system to tie them in place. We say ‘simply’ – fussy pups may vary!

You can either use a tether to plug the harness into the seatbelt buckle directly, or you can put the seat belt through the harness and then tie the seat belt as you usually would. 

Car seat harnesses alongside crash tested dog car seats are the best assets to ensure car safety for dogs and their owners! 

What to Look For When Choosing a Motor Car Harness

As car-fitted harnesses are built to keep your dog safe during road journeys, there are a few things that you can expect from the quality and ease of use this equipment grants you.

As they are often used as walking harnesses, you should consider their efficiency in both activities. 

Crash testing

You will first want to ensure that the dog car seat harness has been crash tested. You would not want to sit in a car with unsure seatbelts, and you should not want that for your dog either!

To keep your furry friend safe, you must ensure that their equipment is reliable. You never know when you might need it! 

A good dog car safety harness will be noted as being crash-tested on the packaging, but it is always wise to check! 


Ensuring pet safety during car rides means having the right equipment. Even the best harness will be rendered useless if it is not the right size! 

You will need a harness that is not so big that your dog can easily wriggle out of it during the drive. It will also need to be tight enough to go around the shoulders and chest area and not allow your dog to move too far forwards or to the side in the event of an accident. 

However, it will also need to be large enough to not squeeze and suffocate your dog during the journey.

Adjustability and fit

Along with the size of the harness itself, you will also need a fully adjustable one. No matter your dog’s breed, it will have specific measurements that are not suitable for all kinds of dog gear. With that in mind, you will need a car harness for dogs that can adapt to your dog’s body, not the other way around. 

To ensure that it is not too tight, you should be able to place three fingers between the harness and the dog’s skin. It should also be tight enough for walk and car safety!

Easy to put on and take off

Whether you take your dog on many car rides or not, you will need a good car harness that is easy to get on and off.

You will not want to waste time playing with the different straps, and your dog is more likely to become bored and agitated if they have to wait for too long. 

That is why having something easy to administer, with solid buckles and multiple openings, is always a good idea! 

It also means that it will be easier to get your dog out of the car in the event of an accident.

Does it come with a seat belt restraint?

Many car harnesses today automatically come with a dog car seat belt restraint; for the most part, it is better to have them. 

Depending on how the harness has been designed, it may be more comfortable for the dog to have a seat belt restraint instead of putting a seat belt through the harness. 

The best dog seatbelts like the ones from Kurgo and Mighty Paw need to be strong enough to handle your dog’s weight at all times, especially if their weight is pushed away from it. 

You will also need to ensure that the buckle is suitable for the seats in your car! 


Can I use a walking harness in the car?

Some walking harnesses do work in cars and have specific attachments for the car seat belt. However, car harnesses are specifically designed to handle the possible force of accidents and with the right attachments for the safety seat belt.

Which is the best dog seat belt UK?

The best seat belt can attach to your vehicle precisely, which not all dog seat belts can! It should be made of strong material and easy to undo if necessary. You do not want a seat belt that could easily get stuck, especially if you need to get your dog out quickly.

Can my dog travel in the front seat?

Yes, but it is not safe to have a dog riding in the car’s front seat as the airbag can do serious damage should you have a bump; the back seat is a safer choice.

Can you use a Kurgo Tru Fit harness in a car?

Yes, a Kurgo Tru Fit dog harness has been specifically made for the car. It even has a seat belt attachment to ensure your dog is secure. However, always make sure you specifically have a dog car harness in the range!

Conclusion and Top Pick

Now you know just how vital car dog harnesses are for dogs’ safety and pet owners alike!

Sadly, they are pieces of equipment that many owners choose to avoid or do not even know about! However, they are vital and, in fact, a legal requirement. 

The SlowTon dog car harness is our top pick. One of the best dog car harnesses on the market. It is a low-cost, robust, and reliable piece of equipment that also works as a great walking harness.

Before you go on any car trips – as a responsible dog owner, please invest in a good harness and other dog training accessories if you need them.

Make sure you have protection for your pup so they don’t get thrown about on impact if a crash occurs.

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