The UK’s Best Dog Guards for Cars [Universal & Mesh)

This is our review of the best dog guard for car boots in 2022.

Keeping dogs safe on long car journeys should be a priority to prevent an accident and make them feel confident whilst travelling.

That’s where you’d normally consider a wire mesh barrier or car dog guards that attach to the boot floor to make sure your car interiors and pup are kept safe and secure!

In this buying guide, we’re going to take a look at everything you need to know about what to look for in the top car dog guard systems on the market right now. These products might be a perfect fit.

In this article, we are going to be reviewing the following dog car guards:

Our Best Dog Guard for Cars in the UK

The five following dog guard choices all have a few different features, which appeal to specific dog owners and drivers; from the cheap up to deluxe options, I have recommended the ones I have used for George and Henry on dog walks. Take a look through, as we look at a few pros and cons for each.

Looking for peace of mind on journeys with your pooch? It might be time to get a barrier or boot dog guard put in place.

Heavy Duty Pet Guard

This super durable dog barrier is ideal for a bigger car that needs a little more in heavy-duty resilience. Simply clamp it to your headrests, and no pooch will be clambering into the back seat causing problems. It’s sturdy and weighs a little more than you might expect, ideal for a bigger dog.

It’s completely metallic, which means it’s going to take a bit of damage. If you have a big car and need a big dog guard, this is a great option to look into right off the bat.


  • Powder-coated and safe for your dog
  • Fits easily
  • No need to screw into the floor


  • May not be the best for smaller vehicles

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Xtremeauto Fully Adjustable Guard for Boot

This is an extendable, versatile mesh solution that is just as flexible as it is affordable. There’s absolutely no need for you to drill anything into the boot; the hooks just attach to the headrest posts. This means it’s a solid fit for plenty of different vehicles.

The minimum width is 36″, and the maximum width is 51″, making it suitable for many vehicles no matter the make or model.


  • Really easy to put together
  • Extends if needed
  • Reasonably cheap price


  • May not be as good quality as some of the metal items but does the job

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AllRight Universal Wall Dog Grill Barrier

If your dog’s likely to cause a fuss when you’re on the road, you might need to set up a barrier frame type system. This universal steel installation can be used front and back, and what’s more, they are some of the most resistant, hard-wearing bars we’ve come across.

This option has a minimum height of 0.79m and a maximum height of 1.28m, is easily removed and keeps your canine companion secure while you are driving


  • Versatile for front seats or back
  • Perfect for a wide variety of small cars
  • Great price


  • May be a little fiddly to set up and install

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PawHut Adjustable Ventilated Mesh Wire Guard

Again, heavy-duty and a great choice if you’re going to need plenty of resistance and little to no gap. What’s great about this pet barrier piece is the fact that it’s not only secure, it’s extendable, too. and gives your hound plenty of space to relax

This is a good catch-all option, though, again, you might need something to actually fix into your trunk if you have a particularly energetic dog. This is a solid option that will help your pup stay happy during even the longest road trips.


  • Very easy to fit
  • Fully extended width fits smaller cars easily
  • One of the top value options on our list


  • None that are obvious!

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Travall Guard TDG1063

Travall dog guards, like Saunders dog guards, are made to fit specific makes of vehicle such as a Range Rover, SUV, hatchback or in this case, the Landrover Freelander 2; this unique feature means they are always the perfect fit and are easy to install just choose your vehicle and model year.

Other Travall products include the VEHICLE SPECIFIC RUBBER BOOT LINER, the perfect companion to the Travall dog guard.


  • Dog guard designed for a particular model
  • Car barrier is rattle free, so no jangling
  • Doesn’t take up too much boot space


  • May not be the cheapest option

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Hang On – Do I Really Need Car Dog Guards?

It might not be something you think too much about, but there are plenty of reasons why dog guards make for a smart investment for any family vehicle.

For one thing, it’s always recommended that you try and keep dogs as restrained as possible when driving with them while still having easy access if needed.

Not all our furry friends are well behaved enough to sit in place with a seatbelt and what if you have a car full on a family day out. Car dog guards, be they a wire mesh universal dog guard or metal are very handy if you want to bring your pets on long journeys and make sure they are happy and safe.

But what exactly should you be looking for in a car pet dog guard? Let’s consider some of the differences.

What Are the Different Types of Dog Car Guard?

When looking around for the best dog grill for car boots, you might find it a little confusing as to which types of cargo barriers are likely to suit your needs the most. Everyone knows about a dog harness, dog crate and the safest pet car seat but not many people have the safest dog guards. See which of the best dog guards are most popular:

Which Dog Guard Is Best?

Net Car Guards

Net guards tend to be less protective than most. However, they still offer protection for pups that are well trained or smaller dogs. They are made from cloth or plastic, meaning that they are never very heavy duty.

Net dog guard options are easy to fit and are some of the lowest in price, so maybe this will sway things for you when considering both options.

Mesh Pet Guards

Mesh dog guard options tend to be the most popular for the boot; these tend to carry a low price and offer a good protection level.

Mesh guards tend to work best for smaller dogs you want to keep in the back. However, some people prefer to look for other options due to the noise you might experience with mesh. Providing you fit your guard properly to the back of your car, there shouldn’t be much rattling.

Barrier Options

In addition to the above, you will also find that there are options in the form of solid, floor mountable barriers. These tend to be great choices if you have multiple dogs you regularly take out in the car or want a sturdier solution.

However, these options may not always come at the lowest price, so make sure to shop around.

Can’t I Just Keep My Pooch on the Back Seats?

Providing you can easily control your dog with a harness or belt in the back of your car, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t. Some people prefer to keep their pets in full sight or even think that a dog car guard and boot enclosure is cruel. However, this really isn’t the case!

Some dogs are prone to feeling very anxious about travelling at all, which is why a dog guard will normally give them the ability to look around and still hear your voice.

As always, general dog car safety must always apply. You should NEVER leave your pup alone in your car on a warm day – whether or not you have a dog guard in place or if they have water available. Extreme heat can prove fatal very quickly.

Will Dog Guard Systems Fit Most Cars?

In most cases, you’ll find that dog guard fittings are universal. However, the type of car you run, such as a hatchback or a people carrier, might narrow down your choice a little.

There may be some dog guard barrier options that are likely to suit vans and bigger vehicles and SAUNDERS DOG GUARDS, for example, are designed for specific vehicles. Generally, you may find that a barrier will work better than a mesh guard in these cases. However, this isn’t always the case – so again, get ready to shop around.

Luckily for you, we’ve lined up five of the best car dog guards that protects your pooch and your car’s interior on our list.

Is it law to have a dog guard in a car?

Section 57 of the Highway Code states that animals travelling in a vehicle should be suitably restrained either by a well-fitting harness, cage or dog barrier. Find out if dogs need seat belts in cars or whether they can be left to move about as they please.  So it is up to you which you choose, but customers wanting a secure area that still allows your pup to move around and take in the views often opt for quality pet guards.

The Last Word

It’s safe to say that if you want to keep your pet safe in your car, you’re going to need some form of pet car dog guard. Whether you opt for a rosewood dog car guard or something a little simpler, make sure to invest in an option that will keep Fido happy.

Our personal recommendation for dog lovers would be the Heavy Duty Pet Guard. It offers great value for money and is ideal for any sized canine; Travall products are great options for certain models like SUVs and a great wire mesh alternative at a great price is the Pawhut option.

It’s important to remember never to leave your dog unattended in your car on a hot day, even with the air conditioning on. Always make sure Fido has plenty to drink on long journeys and frequently stop for toilet breaks.

The products we’ve picked for this list should all be straightforward to set up and offer a lot of resilience. Take a closer look and see what other users have to say, too. Train your dog to keep those paws off the leather while keeping your pets happy!

John Devlin

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