The Best Dog Beds for Labradors in 2021

If you’re running short on time and want to know what the best dog beds for labradors is, our top pick is the PetFusion Large Bed with Memory Foam. This is our favourite lab bed across all of the best-rated products online right now!

Is your labrador struggling to sleep at night? Are you finding that they turn their nose up at even the best dog bed you’ve invested in so far?

We’ve been there. The fact is, all dogs love their creature comforts, and you’re going to need to offer your pet a top dog bed that competes with your sofa or even your own bed.

Put it this way – if you were a lab, would you want to sleep on the cold, hard floor? When there’s much comfier options available to you, probably not! You’re going to need to meet your dogs in the middle on this one.

Like any dog, labradors need comfort. They also need to get in a fair bit of sleep! These boisterous pups are going to need somewhere comfortable and supportive for a good night’s rest.

That’s why it’s so important to look for a pet bed that’s ideal for your labrador. Above all, a lab is likely to be a pretty large dog – so bed size is something you should obviously focus on.

The best dog bed for labs aren’t necessarily going to be the best bed for all dogs. A Jack Russell, for example, is likely going to need a different type of support.

We’ve taken the time to look for pet bed choices and brands which genuinely support labs and the dog lovers who own them.

Got your eye on an orthopedic dog bed? Not sure what all the fuss is about when it comes to gel memory foam mattress?

In this buying guide, we will be taking a look at the following dog beds for labs:

What to Look for in Good Dog Bed for a Labrador?

If you’ve already taken a look through our top five picks for the best dog bed for labs online, you may have noticed a few common factors and features. Here are the essential bits and pieces you should consider when shopping for any kind of dog bed for labs!


The material of your dog bed matters to some extent, at least when it comes to durability and ease of cleaning. You may find some with a faux fur cover or two or a suede cover which look great – but which are a nightmare to clean down and wash. You might also find that fancier materials are easier to tear and chew on! Our advice would be to look for something simple and washable, such as 100% cotton, which you can just strip off the bed and plop in the wash.


It’s easy to assume that all the best dog beds are going to stay put in one place, but you really should look for anti-slip and non-skid models. These are especially worth buying if your lab is of a certain age, or if you place your pet bed somewhere that’s likely to be slippy in the first place. Again, user reviews from verified buyers are always going to be a massive help here.


One of the main reasons you should get a dog bed at all for your labrador is for the support. Just because a bed looks comfy doesn’t always guarantee a good night’s sleep. Look for an orthopedic dog bed – one which offer complete support across the whole body, and which will allow your pets to comfortable get up and down again without any kind of complaint or fuss. No matter the age of your lab, you’re going to need to offer them a bed that supports their joints.


No matter the style of pet bed you look for, size matters. As mentioned, labs grow to be pretty chunky canines on the whole, no matter how small they are as pups. Therefore, buy beds that they can grow into. Again, it’s worth asking your vet, or checking out verified buyer opinions, for more details on this. You can be sure to buy any of the bed designs listed in this guide with confidence.


In some cases, you’ll find solid dog bed options which come with extensive protection and guarantees. A bed with a 10 year guarantee is going to be perfect – but how common is it, really? It’s more common you will find a couple of years’ protection, on the whole. Even something as simple as a 12 month warranty is worth signing up for, and do make sure you know what you’re protected against.


Of course, the look of a dog’s bed matters a lot! Is a denim cover really going to look good alongside your existing furniture? That’s not to say a denim cover isn’t a bad thing – but for this kind of long term purchase, it makes sense to look for something that appeals to your aesthetics over the years to come. The best of both worlds might be a fleece cover, which not only looks the part, it’s also extremely warm and comfy for your dog, too. You need to balance comfort and look!

Do also keep in mind that there are some beds which come with extra features, too. Choose a bed with walls for added security, for example. You might want to invest in cooling beds if your pup has trouble with warmth and needs help cooling down. Or, you might choose a low riding bed for older dogs with joint pain. There’s a lot to consider – don’t just assume that one bed is going to do the business for you!

Reviews & Buyers Guide

Here are the five best bed choices we found for labradors online right now. These are all great dog beds for labs in that they are well sized with plenty of comfort and support!

Best Dog Bed for Labrador Puppies: Rosewood Large dog bed for large dogs

Not long after you welcome a lab puppy into your home, you’ll soon realise that this is a breed of dog which will grow and grow! Therefore, all labrador owners should be careful to look for a comfortable dog bed or bedding option that they can grow into!

This soft and comfy dog bed comes with a cream plush interior and offers raised sides, making it secure and protective even for little sleepers. While the bigger versions of this bed might appear a little too big for your pup right now, as your labrador grows, you will likely find that the bigger sizes are going to be better value for money. Also, you will want a little room for their doy toys!

Even better is the fact that this dog bed is machine washable at a light temperature, meaning you can easily run it in a 30 degree cycle if it gets stained or wet. As we all know, puppies need a bit of training in this regard!

  • Dimensions: 81 x 63 x 18cm
  • Weight: 1.41kg
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Colour: Grey and Cream
  • Sizes Available: S, M and L

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Top Bed for Older Labs: The Dog’s Bed Premium Poly-Linen Orthopaedic Memory Foam Waterproof Dog Bed

The Dog’s Balls brand is a great choice for all kinds of products and breeds. However, this luxury, long-lasting memory foam dog bed is likely to be a great hit with your labrador, particularly if they are starting to get on in years. In fact, this bed is designed with medical grade arthritis support in mind.

This low down bed is likely to be immensely supportive for older dogs, with a full waterproof cover set included. It’s also hypoallergenic, boasting a further durability feature in its high density build. Need to plonk the covers in the washing machine? No problem – put it on a cold or gentle cycle and you’ll keep benefitting from mite resistance for years to come.

  • Dimensions: 111 x 86 x 10cm
  • Weight: 5.44kg
  • Machine Washable: Washable Removable Covers
  • Colour: Grey Linen; others available
  • Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL and XXL

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Best Machine Washable Bed for Labs: PetFusion Large Dog w/Solid 10 cm Memory Foam

Whenever you invest in a dog bed for your labrador, it is a good idea to think about protecting against little accidents. Young and older dogs, no matter their size, can have trouble holding their water – meaning you’ll need a bed like this that can easily wash through with no complaints.

Reviews for this high-quality bed are amazingly positive, with praise given for its fantastic waterproof lining as well as its comfy memory foam inner. A memory foam dog bed is just as supportive of labs as it is for human beings!

This dog bed is our top pick for washability for the fact that you get a nice cotton cover that zips off with a breeze. You can even get in touch with the brand if you need a new coat for your pup bed. You can either pop the cover in the wash or you can easily spot clean it with no lasting damage. It’s seriously easy to clean.

On top of all of this, it comes with lots of support and comfort to help tick the ‘non-slip’ box, as well as to help support dogs with joint problems – such as those labs with hip dysplasia. The ‘L’ bed made for labs here is big enough for much of the large breed, but there are smaller and even bigger models available that you can fill with dog toys. Take a look!

  • Dimensions: 91.4 x 71.1 x 22.9cm
  • Weight: 6.35kg
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Colour: Slate Grey
  • Sizes Available: S, L, XL and XXL Jumbo

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#1 Luxury Dog Bed for Labradors: AcornPets® B-1412 Ultimate Extra Large Grey 10 CM Solid Memory Foam Dog Sofa

Who says you shouldn’t offer your dog that little bit of extra comfort, luxury and class? Labradors like to rest as much as they do play, which is why it might be a good idea to look into this extra large dog bed and sofa to give them extra comfort and support.

This premium made dog bed is ideal for any pets below a 50kg weight, meaning labs should find this particularly comfy and supportive. This range of dog beds for labs benefits from top quality memory foam, making it one of the best dog beds for genuine support night after night. We’d generally recommend a memory foam dog bed for any owners with adult labradors, particularly as they get older and need help with joint pain.

This bed also arrives with anti-chew protection, making it even more likely to withstand years of use. If you do need to clean it down and maintain it along the way, all you ever need to do is give it a light brush.

  • Dimensions: 88 x 53.2 x 11.8cm
  • Weight: 3.64kg
  • Machine Washable: Washable Removable Covers
  • Colour: Grey
  • Sizes Available: L and XL

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Best Sofa Bed Option: JOYELF Large Memory Foam Dog Bed, Orthopedic Dog Bed & Sofa

This well-priced orthopedic dog bed is one of the best online in terms of variety and support. Boasting a removable cover that you can easily put through the wash, the large dog beds in this line should comfortably support most labrador retrievers. However, if you’re really not sure, you can always try a smaller size or even go all the way up to XXL.

This pet bed offers your lab a solid base made out of memory foam, and is built to be non slip and non skid. It’s designed with support for older dogs in mind, meaning that if your pup is suffering with joint and muscle pain, these beds should give your pets plenty of comfort and stability while sleeping.

You’ll also benefit from an inner to this dog bed which is fully waterproof. This also means that the memory foam is protected from bacteria across years of use. You’ll even get a free squeaky toy thrown in for the bargain, too!

  • Dimensions: 91.44 x 68.58 x 20.32cm
  • Weight: 3.45kg
  • Machine Washable: Washable Removable Covers
  • Colour: Cream
  • Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL, XXL

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Do labradors really need dog beds?

Why shouldn’t you treat your lab to their own pet bed? Not only do dog beds give your dogs somewhere comfy to sleep, they also help to establish firm boundaries and sleeping zones, too.

If you have problems with your lab always taking up too much space on the bed or the sofa, then you’re going to need to look for an extra large dog bed where they can comfortably plonk themselves down to chill out.

What’s more, your lab is likely going to need plenty of support. Labrador retrievers can suffer from joint pain and problems such as hip dysplasia, for example, as well as arthritis. That’s why it makes sense to look for orthopedic bed designs which won’t just comfortably house an extra large breed, but which will also support their necks, backs and joints for many years to come.

It’s easy to assume that pet beds are just another luxury for owners to buy. However, for breeds of dogs such as labs who many suffer with walking and getting up in later years, it makes sense to look for a bed that’s of high quality, and with genuine support built into the design.

Why buy luxury dog beds?

Again – why not? Your average dog owners probably wants to spoil their pets quite a bit – and let’s face it, providing your dog’s bed is easy to clean and blends in nicely with the rest of the decor, there’s no reason why you should avoid the luxury touch.

However, our advice would generally be to look at orthopedic dog bed options first. Look for beds for dogs which are not just designed with luxury material and finishing, but which are genuinely built to support their sleep and relaxation for months and years to come.

As a responsible dog owner you will likely be looking for the best comfort you can afford for your labs. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pay out for the fanciest options on the market. In fact, it’s probably a good idea to balance luxury and support in equal measure.

The fancier or more attractive beds are to labs (and other dog breeds), the less likely it is your dogs will want to get comfy on your furniture. If you’re struggling to keep your dogs off the finer furnishings, it’s time to find a bed that’s going to be worth their while.

What size dog bed does a Labrador need?

This really is a numbers game, as some labs grow to huge sizes while other breeds will be more slender, and will likely benefit from a smaller size of bed.

However, our advice here would be to go big or go home! The best bed size options for labs are those which are super spacious and comfy – and which help to support their legs if they have joint problems. The bigger the bed, the more room they will have to stretch out.

We’d advise against buying a smaller bed for a labrador puppy. These dogs grow very big very quickly, and while it may seem to be a waste of money to get a big dog bed right away, it’s actually going to be more cost effective to do things this way. Anyone who has ever owned large breed dogs will tell you that smaller beds won’t cut it after a few months of owning a pup.

Luckily, all of the top dog beds for labs we’ve listed here have clear sizing and weight recommendations. Therefore, it shouldn’t be too tricky for you to hunt down the best beds for your pets.

Beyond this, it’s worth keeping in mind that if you do change your mind, the best bed ranges will have different size options. Do also read up on reviews, too – especially those from verified buyers.

What is the best filling for a dog bed?

Generally, with the best dog beds foam tends to be a big winner with most dog owners and their labs.

Foam tends to offer a firmness as well as a lot of spongy comfort. Just as memory foam beds for people will help to ease aches and pains, and to support your body as it ‘learns’ your weight and shape, the same will apply to dogs, too, theoretically. Therefore, for the best night’s sleep, you will likely be looking at a foam bed for the best results.

You will generally find that labs as well as other dogs will sleep in all kinds of places and positions. However, hard or flat beds and surfaces really aren’t going to be ideal for their bones and joints in the long run.

Take a look at what experts have to say online, and always consult with your vet, too, if you are worried about what may or may not be right for your lab.

The Best Place To Buy Dog Beds Online

Amazon is above and beyond the best place for you to buy dog beds for your lab right now. There are more and more brands and manufacturers joining the website, meaning that regardless of breeds, dogs’ sizes or otherwise, there’s always going to be a category or two that will likely appeal to you. In fact, as you can see, Amazon covers all five of our top picks here.

However, do also make a point of checking out the best online and high street providers for dog beds in a specialist sense, too. Pets At Home, Pet Planet and Fetch all tend to offer some fantastic lab bed solutions, and all have strong online presences, too, meaning you can click and collect or order for delivery.

You might even find that some general retailers such as major supermarkets and even Argos may be able to help out, too! However, for our money, it’s generally best to stick to a specialist website or one you know well. Amazon, on the whole, is your best pick for buying dog beds online right now, no matter the dog breed. Let the customer reviews guide you.

Our Personal Recommendation

Of all the best dog beds we list in this guide, the PetFusion model impressed us best of all.

It’s not only nice, solid and supportive for your dog, it’s amazingly easy to take care of. You can easily unzip the covers and wash them at your leisure. Not just that, but it’s pretty water protective in the first instance.

This is a bed that covers most if not all of the bases we were looking for in the top lab beds. However, there are big perks and pros to the other four listed in our guide, too!

If there are any makes or brands of bed that you’ve really found helpful for both you and your lab, make sure to leave a comment below and let our fellow readers know what might work best for them.

Your lab deserves the genuine comfort and support that the best dog beds offer. It’s a harder life being a dog than you might think! Plus, you won’t want them up on the settee all the time – right?

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