7 Best Dog Agility Tunnels (UK) – Small, Large & Heavy Duty

This is our review of the best dog agility tunnel in 2022.

We’ve all seen the frantic agility competitions at Crufts and perhaps wondered would my dog enjoy tearing around an obstacle course?

Agility is becoming very popular and many dog owners are setting up their own courses in their gardens to have some fun with their canine companions. Of course, this will involve getting a tunnel at some point as it is an integral part of any good obstacle course.

Whilst it’s a tricky obstacle to master, most pet dogs should get there in the end with some training.

But what do you look for when buying a tunnel for dogs? What size should it be? Are cheaper options a false economy? Read on to find out which are the best agility tunnels for dogs currently available on the market.

In this article, we will be reviewing:

Our Best Dog Agility Tunnels

What makes a good agility tunnel? We have delved into the agility world and put together a comprehensive guide of the best options online right now. Whether you are training for a competition or just want to have some fun in the garden, an agility tunnel is a great buy and below are some of the best

dibea Dog Tunnel Play Tunnel Dog Cave Agility Tunnel

With over 500 5 star reviews, this affordable pet agility tunnel comes in 3 sizes and is constructed from tear-resistant fabric that is easily wiped down after use. Easy to assemble, the pegs keep it secure when in use and it can be folded away and stored in the handy carry bag.

Perfect for use either in the garden or the local dog park it’s an ideal choice for beginners in dog training.


  • Lightweight Material
  • Easily cleaned with a damp cloth
  • Quickly folds


  • Some reviews have mentioned the metal ring may come through the fabric.

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Trixie Dog Activity Agility Basic Tunnel, 60 cm ラ 5 m, Blue

Agility is a fantastic way to give your dog mental stimulation alongside their daily exercise and is great fu; this agility dog tunnel is from the Trixie range and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use; made of durable polyester, it can be used straight or bent into a U shape.

It comes with a handy carry bag for easy storage and this option has a 60cm diameter and is 5 metres long, making it suitable for most breeds. So if you have a German Shepherd needing to get rid of pent-up energy or a Springer Spaniel you’re sharing a new hobby with, this is ideal.


  • Easy to set up and dismantle
  • Comes with carrying case
  • Regulation size


  • Not the cheapest option

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MASTERTOP Pet Dog Agility Training Tunnel

If you want to start agility training or just have some fun with your furry friend, a tunnel is a great starting point. This one is made of 210 denier Oxford Cloth which is weatherproof and tear-resistant, making it long-lasting.

This open tunnel has a diameter of 24 inches and is 5 metres in length, and comes with a handy bag for easy storage and a free frisbee for both you and your pooch to have fun with. You can combine the tunnel with some weave poles and jumps to make your own back garden obstacle course.


  • Tunnel tube is made from tear-resistant fabric
  • Suitable for most dog breeds
  • Quickly folded


  • Some customers say the pegs could be stronger

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MelkTemn Dog Agility Tunnel – Pet Dog Agility Equipment

Enjoy endless hours of fun with this large tunnel perfect for training, obedience or as part of an agility course. Made from durable polyester, it can be used in any weather and has 8 ground nails to keep it secure. In addition, it comes with a carry bag making it extremely portable and can be conveniently stored when not in use.

It expands quickly like a pop-up tent, can be used inside or outdoors and has a wide opening of 60cm, making it suitable for most breeds.


  • Carefully crafted from 420d Oxford cloth
  • Perfect for dog sports
  • Comes with a carrying bag


  • Some dog owners have said 8 pegs aren’t enough for the length.

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NAYLOR Play tunnel for dogs: Pop up agility tunnel for dogs

These medium weight PVC tunnels are not the cheapest online but are worth the extra money as they boast key features not found on other tunnels, they are waterproof, weather-resistant and flame retardant. Easy to clean you just need to wipe with a damp cloth after use. Sandbag straps can be purchased separately to keep the tunnel secure.

The tunnel is made in the UK by Naylor Agility, a specialist company renowned for making premium quality tunnels. It can be used either indoors or in the garden for daily fun with your pet.


  • Flame Retardent Kit
  • Made in the UK
  • 60 cm diameter


  • Not the cheapest option

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Pet Mania – Dog Agility Training Tunnel with Storage Bag

This super-long black tunnel is made from durable Oxford cloth and comes with 8 ground pegs to keep it in place. It is extremely portable it can be used just about anywhere, in the house, at the beach, on holiday,y or in the garden. It also comes with 2 frisbees ensuring hours of fun and play for your furry friend.

Although not as tough as a competitive tunnel, it’s a great addition to the garden for puppy training and daily mental stimulation and is large enough for even bigger breeds like Dalmations and German Shepherds to run through easily.


  • Includes 2 Frisbees
  • Can be bent into fun shapes
  • One of the best tunnels for affordability


  • As with some of the other longer tunnels, customers mention 8 pegs may not be enough.

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PawHut Pet Agility Training Equipment

Not just a tunnel with this option, Pawhut provide a complete obstacle course including a hoop jump, weave poles, pause box and hurdle. The 3 metre tunnel is the collapsable kind instead of an open tube and the lightweight set is recommended for smaller dogs.

Fantastic for those just starting out in agility or training younger dogs it can be used indoors or secured in place in the garden. Like all the products in this list, it is easy to set up and can be packed away in the carry bag when not in use.


  • Lightweight and good stability
  • Complete dog agility set
  • Made by a trusted brand


  • Some reviews mention it may be a bit flimsy

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What to Look For in a Dog Agility Tunnel

Agility tunnels should be hard-wearing especially if they’re going to have a dog running through them numerous times a day, Look out for thick PVC or heavy-duty Dacron fabrics, which are easy to keep clean and hard-wearing. A few mention in the reviews that the 5-metre tunnels need more pegs to keep them secure. This issue is solved in some options by sandbag straps, these work by weighing down the tunnel at each end without constricting the diameter.

The best agility tunnels can be bent into different shapes, this is important as Fido may be happy running through a straight tube but may panic if he can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Lastly, the tunnel needs to be portable; very few people have a permanent set-up in their gardens, so most agility tunnels fold up and are stored in a bag when not in use. This means you can use them at the local dog park, at the beach or when you go on holiday. After all, if Rover is going to become a champion, you need to practice practice practice!

Why Are Dog Agility Tunnels Included in The Course?

Agility tunnels are one of the most tricky obstacles for your pooch to master; running into a confined dark space is not a natural behavior for dogs so tackling this piece of equipment requires a bond between handler and dog and a certain level of trust.

Usially 3 to 5 metres in length the goal is to direct your pup into one end and meet them at the other. When you see agility tunnel in competitions, they can be straight or curved to present a bit more of a challenge; some even have a collapsable chute at one end. So if you are trying to get into agility its important you get your pooch used to different tunnels so they can practice and be prepared for the challenges on the course. Start your puppies training early on to get an advantage on others.

Dog Agility Training Tips

Training an agility dog gives you a great sense of achievement and it’s not as difficult as you may think, why not take a look at the agility equipment for big dogs.

Training your Dog to Go Through a Tunnel

This is something that requires gradual training as dog tunnels can make a dog nervous at first, but after a while they do gain confidence. It is not natural for them to head into a confined space without an incentive. Both you and your furry friend need to take it slow and its perhaps a good idea to start with shorter agility dog tunnels rather than the 5-metre options. If the tunnels big enough, you can try sliding inside with your dog and giving them a reward alternatively place treats along the inside of the tunnel and give tons of praise if they make it through.


Do dogs like tunnels?

Tunnels are not naturally places dogs would explore, but with some training and a good deal of praise, they can be persuaded to go through them and have fun.

What’s the best tunnel for large dogs?

People often ask questions such as what diameter do I need the tunnel to be for large dogs? Make sure the tunnel is at least 60cm in diameter as this is the regulation size for the American Kennel Club and the UK Kennel Club and is sufficient for a large Border Collie or Labrador to pass through.

What size should a dog agility tunnel be?

Dog Tunnels in competitions can be anything upwards of 3 metres, although when training a young dog, this might be a bit long, so maybe buy a shorter option, or even a child play tunnel to get them used to it.

Conclusion and Top Pick

Any agility dog will need to master the tunnel, so it’s going to be something you need to invest in if you’re serious about this fun hobby. In our opinion, the best agility dog tunnel is the Dibea Dog Tunnel. It has everything you need with many key features including durable fabric and a handy carrying case, like-minded owners feel the same as it has tons of 5-star reviews so don’t just take our word for it. It is only for small pets, though, as the diameter is only 40cms, so if you have a bigger breed, you may prefer a larger alternative.

The best dog agility tunnels will be sturdy, portable and easy to keep clean; check before each use there are no sharp edges or anything Fido could get tangled on.

Agility is becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why; you only have to watch it on TV to see how much some dog’s love this activity and their humans don’t look like they’re having a bad time either.

Whether it’s in the backyard, at the beach or competing at the highest level, finding the best dog tunnel and the correct dog play equipment will bring loads of fun whilst improving your pets overall health.

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