What’s the Best Dog Agility Equipment in 2022

This is our review of the best dog agility equipment sets in 2022.

We’ve taken the time to look through the best dog agility training aids on the web right now, and we’ve lined up a buying guide to help you find the right fit for your pet, be it a tire jump or weave pole set.

Training your dog at anything is no easy task; we can vouch for that. Dog agility training is tricky but certainly doable and great exercise– and something you should dive right into.

You may want to invest in dog agility kits or a set to help get your pup up and moving. Cool runners and Pawhut do some fantastic training equipment for agility.

Ever thought about investing in weave poles or a hoop jump? Dog agility kits come in all shapes and sizes

In this article, we are going to be reviewing the following dog agility training equipment:

It’s not just the show dogs who entertain us at Crufts; many of us love to watch the agility with pooches weaving in and out and jumping two feet over obstacles. It sure looks like fun!

There are many choices when it comes to dog training equipment – so take a good look below at what’s available in terms of affordable agility for you and your pooch.

Our Top Dog Agility Equipment Sets

PawHut Pet Agility Training Equipment

Are you looking for a portable agility kit ideal for a young dog? PawHut’s solid starter kit made from furniture-grade PVC will likely acquaint you with all the bits and bobs you’d typically find in other, more advanced agility training kits.


  • Very easy to pack up when not in use and might be ideal for taking with you to the local dog park
  • One of the lightest yet sturdiest dog agility set systems available due to the materials
  • This is genuinely affordable dog training equipment for the absolute novice


  • Might not be the most advanced agility equipment for dog training

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PawHut Dog Agility Training Obedience Jump Hurdle 

PawHut again, and this time around, we’re focusing on dog agility equipment for obedience training and fitness, whatever your skill level.

This fantastic dog agility with weave pole set is made from high-quality plastic with simple height adjustment attachments on the hurdle and plenty of weave poles to wiggle in and out.

This is one of the best dog agility equipment kits for getting started.


  • This is a surprisingly sturdy dog agility kit
  • An excellent all-in-one package – easily convert jumping bars into weave poles
  • Carry Bag- meaning you could easily set this dog agility set up down at the local dog park if you wish


  • The weave poles could use a spacer for a more accurate dog agility course

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Goods & Gadgets Dogs Agility Tube

Once you graduate from the agility starter kit, you might start thinking competitively! This agility kit will likely appeal to dog owners looking to get their canines navigating tunnels while getting some exercise.

As you may already know, this set will be a standard fixture at most competition courses.


  • One of the lightest sets online – easy to pack away and take with you thanks to a carrying bag.
  • You can easily and flexibly set this up on a complex or straightforward basis – great for a novice dog or more experienced dog.
  • There are three different sizes available.


  • However, be aware that this set is not ideal for training larger dogs – it is worth looking for bigger, heavy-duty agility equipment for bulkier dog breeds such as a border collie.

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Trixie Dog Activity Agility Seesaw

Who doesn’t like a good seesaw, tippy board or teeter-totter? Add dogs into that equation, too! Experienced dog owners might want to add a great seesaw alongside a weave pole set and pause box to finish off the perfect dog agility equipment course.


  • Looking for agility equipment for larger dogs? Look no further
  • One of the most durable dog training sea saws you’ll find online
  • One of the best-made dog agility equipment options on our list


  • There’s a fair amount of assembly required – put some time aside

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Pet Brands Agility Hood Jump

What dog agility equipment set is complete without a brilliant training jump hoop? This is a tyre hoop with brilliantly low shipping weight and a great alternative to a solid bar jump; it should help to get those paws off the ground in no time.


  • Perfect for a starter kit – some of the easiest agility equipment to set up and gain some confidence starting out
  • Value for money training jump
  • Light shipping weight means you can easily set up this dog agility equipment almost anywhere.


  • The spikes provided in the carrying bag may not be the sturdiest

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What to Look For in Good Dog Agility Training Equipment

There are loads of types of dog agility equipment. It is best to start with basic dog agility jumps and move on to the more challenging obstacles. Still, some excellent agility starter kits are available, including the dog poles and hoops.

1) Jumps

Dog agility jumps come in various styles, including simple bar, double and triple combinations, hoop jumps that can arrive in plastic, or even tyres, which the pup has to jump through – and there are long doggy jumps, too.

A dog breed with the propensity to leap high or long boundaries will cope well with these. However, always check out the description and features of any dog ability equipment you consider buying. 

All these should be fully adjustable depending on the height of the puppy. You can find the Kennel Club recommended height options Here.

2) Weave poles

A popular piece of pet dog agility equipment, a weave pole stands in a row that your four-legged friend weaves in and out of. These improve speed, agility and balance.

Ideally, there should be a distance of 60cm between each weave pole, with the minimum number of poles being five and the maximum allowed in a competition being 12.

Most affordable agility training sets you find online or at a dog agility shop have six poles. They are a fantastic way of improving your dog’s flexibility.

Your dog might not be the fleetest of the foot, but at the same time, enhancing your dog’s agility is all about challenging them to new things like a weave pole.

Weave poles are great additions to all dog agility equipment kits; therefore, we certainly think you should look for them in the best dog starter kit products online. A good agility dog must be nippy on the ground and in the air.

3) Contact A-frames and teeter-totters

Contact obstacles are generally not found in a dog agility equipment set as they can be bulky and awkward. They usually take the form of seesaws, walks or A-frames.

They involve walking on the apparatus, touching the correct areas, which are different colours and sometimes rubber or silica sand is added to the flat paint for a sure-footed grip.

Why not look for sea-saws and dog contact A-frames alongside the best dog agility training kits? If you’re serious about upping your dog’s agility, perhaps competing in dog shows, you should be keen to invest in some of the top dog agility items to be found in your dog agility shop or online.

Last Word

We hope you enjoyed the guide, and we believe the best agility training equipment has to be the PawHut starter kit. While it might not be the most advanced of agility kits online, it offers everything, including the basics that a starter dog and owner will look for when taking agility courses for the first time.

We hope we’ve been some help with your search for the top dog agility equipment kits. New to training agility in your pet? Don’t worry! Give it a try and see how you get on – who knows, you may be competing at the next Crufts – but if not, you are still guaranteed to have a lot of fun! Invest in the best canine kit or other great equipment for dogs that will get your dog moving for their health as much as their ongoing training.

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