The 5 Best Dog Dental Chews & Treats For Healthier Teeth

Don’t have time to read through this full guide to the best dental chews for dogs? Our top pick was the Whimzees Natural Dental Dog Chew. This was our top find amongst all of the leading brands and dental chews that dogs love online.

Just as it’s important for people to look after their teeth through regular brushing, rinsing and flossing, when it comes to our dogs, things start to get a bit tricky. Did you know that a dog is just as likely to develop plaque as we are? While you shouldn’t be giving your dog any sugary treats or sweets which are likely to develop plaque over time, it makes sense that if they go without any kind of dental or teeth care for a long period, they are going to end up with some pretty gnarly teeth and gums.

Not only that, but – have you ever truly smelt a dog’s breath before? If it’s particularly bad, there’s a chance your dog’s teeth are pretty grim, too. But let’s face it – your dog is never going to willingly pick up a toothbrush, so you need to give them a bit of help along the way.

Of course, regular trips to the vet will ensure that your dog’s teeth are kept in great condition. However, it’s also well worth investing in dental chews for your dog. These are super convenient, super tasty, and will save you from having to handle those cavities and all that plaque later on down the line. What’s more, it means your dog never has to worry about painful toothache, either – which is a major bonus for them!

In this buying guide we will be looking at the following products:

Why Should I Give My Dogs Dental Chews?

Dog dental chews and dental chew treats are designed to help take away the hassle of manual brushing. While it’s perfectly reasonable for us to brush our own teeth and rinse each morning and night, doing the same for your dog can be a bit tricky.

Therefore, it makes sense to invest in a dog dental sticks brand which offers tasty flavours and chewy resistance so that your pet can really get stuck in. Rather than rely on a dog tooth cleaner 24-7, dogs’ dental sticks are great for keeping your pup occupied, as well as making sure that they get rid of all that dirt and build-up which is likely to be causing them tooth pain.

There are plenty of products out there which claim to get rid of dog plaque better than others, of course. That’s why this guide exists – to make sure that you know which dog chews are likely to give fresh breath, reduce plaque and tartar, and which dog dental brands are likely to get the ‘paws up’ from hungry pets.

Do Dental Chews Really Work for Dogs?

Dental chews work by rubbing bits of food and debris off teeth and gums.

You will find that a dog dental stick is not only freshly flavoured with a generally nice smell, but it is also ridged and shaped so that it can get in and scrape off all that nuisance plaque and tartar dogs are known to build up over time. It might seem a bit weird that dog chews can be used to remove plaque and even strengthen gums.

However, this is often the case. You can find dog dental chews in a variety of flavours, shapes and styles, too. Therefore, if your dog is particularly fussy and prefers a certain type of dental chew, you can ensure their oral health for years to come by investing in tasty chews that won’t touch the sides.

Before you go ahead and invest in any of the big chews brands and packets, however, take a moment to look through dog chews and chews brands that are available online. Keep reading, and I’ll let you know what you need to be looking for to boost your dog’s oral health for the better.

Can I Brush My Dog’s Teeth Normally?

You can certainly brush dog teeth manually without treats, and you may wish to invest in a tooth cleaner for dogs. However, as you can imagine, most dogs will prefer chews rather than any kind of intrusive dental treatment, and can you really blame them?

That said, you may need a specialist dog teeth cleaner if dog chews aren’t really cutting through the plaque and tartar. In some cases, you may even need to book in with a veterinary oral health expert. A dog with sore gums and toothache is not going to be very happy, no matter how many treats or dog dental chews you put in front of them.

You can brush dog teeth normally outside of dental chews and treats, however, getting a pet to sit still long enough to behave might be a bit of a challenge. You can use a generic toothbrush made for dog teeth, or you can even by thimble-style attachments which you can put on your fingers to get in and brush. Naturally, there is also going to be dog toothpaste that you can buy, too – this is often meat flavoured, so none of that minty freshness you’d expect from your own tube!

If you ask me, providing you opt for a dental chews brand you can trust, chews are the most convenient way forward when looking after your dog’s teeth. Dogs love chews – case in point!

How Often Should My Dog Chew a Dental Stick or Treat?

This can vary from chews to chews, for example, Greenies – a popular dental chews brand – advises that dogs should chew their goodies every day.

My advice, speaking from experience, would be to speak to your vet. The danger of giving your dog too many chews or treats is that it could lead to weight gain. However, providing you offer dogs dental chews regularly – maybe a few times a week, there won’t likely be a problem.

However, please don’t take my word on this side of things, as all dogs are different! Look for chews that appeal to you, and make sure to ask your vet or canine dental specialist for information on when best to treat them. You can’t really overdo oral health, but you’re going to want to limit the treat factor.

What Should I Look For When Buying Dog Dental Chews?

There are plenty of things you should really be keeping in mind when it comes to any kind of dog dental treatment, especially chews. Dental chews are made to be healthy, but at the same time, your dog should also find them tasty, and nice and tough to gnaw on.

We can’t ask our dogs outright regarding what they really want – so we need to do a lot of the dogs’ dental chews shopping on our own. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking to take care of your dog’s teeth via the ‘chews route’.

Consider the Size of Your Dog

Believe it or not, there are going to be dental dog chews out there which are better for smaller pets than larger ones. It stands to reason – while all dogs can suffer from plaque and tartar, smaller dogs are going to have smaller teeth. Bigger dogs, of course, are going to need bigger chews.

There is no point in offering up dog dental chews to a chihuahua when they can barely get their teeth around them! Similarly, giving your Irish Wolfhound a pup-sized snack means it’s getting swallowed in one gulp!

Your best option is to look carefully at whether or not the chews you want to buy are right for your specific dog’s teeth. The best dental chews will clearly tell you which dogs are likely to get the most out of tucking into their dog treats.

Again, if you really want to make sure you reduce plaque without any hassle, get your dog’s teeth checked out by a vet, and ask them which range of chews you should be looking for.

Chews and Strength

You will also find that dog dental chews can be split up into strength, too. This is because some dogs prefer tougher treats to softer chews. However, you are also going to need to consider which options are best for your dog in the long run.

The general consensus is, plaque or not, if your dog normally takes their time munching through food and treats, you should look for a pretty chewy option. If they prefer to chow down and swallow, go for softer chews. Dogs really do differ on this side of things – it might seem a little strange!

Improve That Breath!

You will also likely find that there are dog dental chews which tell you they will improve dog’s breath. All dogs have meaty breath as a result of their diets – it is to be expected! This isn’t always as a result of plaque. However, if you are concerned, there are plenty of dental chews for dogs out there which will freshen breath and help to neutralise bad smells emanating from your pet.

Plaque and tartar can’t be completely held to blame for dog’s breath, however, it’s still worth looking for dog dental chews with natural ingredients and a minty smell which you can use to help improve the general smell of the room!

Things you might want to look for in the best dog dental chews for fresher breath include baking soda – though in my personal opinion, there are plenty of great dental chews out there which will do the trick without the need for anything but natural bits and pieces!


This is a no brainer. If your dog really can’t stand the taste of chicken, there is no point in buying up 15 bags of chicken based dental chew treats. If you’re lucky enough to have one of few dogs who will show no fussiness when it comes to flavours and tastes, then your best opportunity will likely be to invest in a dental chew pack that has lots of different options.

Popular dental chew flavours cover the normal bases. For example, you will likely find chicken, beef, lamb and turkey at the very least. All will reduce plaque and tartar, and providing you buy chews with a meaty taste and flavour, there’s every chance your pet will want to chow down again and again.

Look for Natural Ingredients

Just as you should be looking for natural ingredients in dogs’ food, you should certainly be looking for natural ingredients in dog dental chews, too. Believe it or not, there are some dog chews brands which might promise fresh breath and tasty flavours, but at the same time, they are crammed full of additives and all kinds of nastiness.

Therefore, try to shop around for dental chews which promote real, natural ingredients. The best dental chews brands should have nothing to hide when it comes to dog treats ingredients. If you’d not consider putting it near your own teeth, then it certainly shouldn’t be going anywhere near your dogs’ gnashers, either.


While it’s easy enough to assume that most dogs won’t be affected by allergens or be too badly affected by anything such as wheat or gluten, it may surprise you to learn that there are plenty of pets out there who struggle with allergies beyond their control.

Therefore, again, make sure to discuss your dog’s or dogs’ needs with a vet. Before you buy any dental chews which aren’t free from allergens, ask your vet to run a full health check on your dog and to let you know what you should be avoiding in the average dental chew. Believe it or not, there are a few dental chew options out there which are free from meat and wheat!

What Are the Best Dog Dental Chews?

Dogs love any chews and treats they can get their chops around, but when it comes to being a discerning dog owner, you’re going to need to look a little deeper than just a tasty treat that might taste of meat.

I’ve tested – though not personally (!) – the following dental chew ranges and have also checked out what other owners and pet lovers have to think. These are fantastic choices for dogs of various sizes, and will be sure to help get that nuisance plaque up and moving once and for all.

Top Natural Dental Treats for Dogs – Whimzees Long-Lasting Variety Box

If you really want to go fully natural, these are some of the best dog dental chews to invest in with completely natural ingredients. They arrive with none of the bad stuff, and what’s more, you’ll be sure to remove plaque, tartar and all of the nasty tooth and gum debris that you’re otherwise trying to avoid.

This dental chew and anti plaque range is amongst some of the most popular online, and for good reason. They are really well-priced, and whether you have a small or medium dog, Whimzees offers boxes of brilliant tooth-boosting goodies which your pup will be sure to love.


  • Some of the most natural dental dog treats on the market
  • Available for small and medium dogs
  • Tackles plaque, tartar and breath
  • Daily dental chew system


  • May not be the tastiest

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Best Chews For Bad Breath – Pedigree Dentastix Daily Care Treats

Bad breath is a key reason for buying up teeth products for your dog, and I think Pedigree gets this spot on. Really well priced and available for small to large dogs, these dental chews are designed to be enjoyed daily. Pedigree is a brand trusted by vets and dog lovers, too.

These are the classic Dentastix, and are uniquely blended to help bring that meaty breath down to earth. What’s more, it’s not just fresh breath you’ll benefit from, but healthier gums and stronger teeth on the whole.


  • Designed to keep teeth healthy daily
  • Tasty flavour all dogs love
  • Developed with vet support
  • Can help to seriously cut down on tartar


  • No specific flavours available

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Best Healthy Dog Chews – Moonchers Natural Long Lasting Treats

If you’ve got your dogs on a real health kick, Moonchers’ treats are likely to protect teeth and help keep them in shape. These are based on rawhide, making them mega chewy and great for dogs who are likely to really gnaw in deep into their chews.

These are organic treats made with cheese! Plenty of dogs enjoy the taste of cheese, and these will last longer than plenty of other dairy based dog snacks. These chews are grain free and gluten free, too, and as 100% organic, they are free from anything nasty or added in.


  • These chews last for ages!
  • Great for helping to build up healthy gums
  • Free from all kinds of nastiness
  • Full of protein


  • Can be pricey

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Best Grain Free Dog Chews – Lifelong Mini Dental Sticks

As I’ve covered in previous buying guides, grain is something that you’re generally going to need to avoid – for the good of your dog’s health. This particular set of dental chews for dogs is fantastic as it contains stacks of protein and antioxidant, and it’s really low in fat, too.

These dental chews are some of the best if you are looking to treat your smaller dog to something that will protect their teeth as well as protect your wallet. The Lifelong brand also serves up stacks of other doggy delights, too, which are well worth adding to basket.


  • Low fat, high protein recipe
  • Fruit and antixodiant content
  • Helps to keep teeth and gums healthy
  • Free from grain


  • Lacks Pedigree’s ‘rated by vets’ accolade

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Best Dental Sticks for Small Dogs – Logic Orozyme Dental Chew

This dental chew option carries something of a medical pedigree to it, particularly as it is listed as an antibacterial system. Therefore, it’s dental support first, and a treat second. This is likely to be a great choice for you to make if you really want to focus on getting those teeth looking and smelling great!

This dental chew system offers enzymes which work together to help keep your dog’s mouth healthy and free from anything nasty that’s likely to cause problems further down the line. If you want to focus more on the anti-bacterial side of things than the treat, this is a great option to take. It’s also really affordable, which is always a plus!


  • Vet grade chew system
  • Really great for getting plaque up and moving
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Ideal for smaller dogs


  • Maybe not the tastiest!

>> Check Price At Amazon <<


Many people see dental chews as just another treat. However, they actually do a lot in terms of helping to keep our pets’ teeth and gums looking and working as they should. The last thing you are going to need is to give your pet unnecessary toothache and gum disease – it’s true!

Therefore, do make sure to look for dental chews which not only carry a solid vet’s backing, but which are likely to really lighten up your dog’s day. This means that you’re going to need to do some serious comparison work when you’re shopping online!

However, trust me on this – just because there’s plenty of choices, doesn’t mean you have to be alarmed. It’s worth carefully considering what you need for your dog before you go ahead and opt for the budget choice. It’s your dog’s teeth and gums – they deserve respect! Our personal recommendation would be the Whimzees Natural Dental Dog Chew as they are long-lasting, mixed shapes and have triple care to remove plaque, avoid tartar and provide fresh breath.

That’s why, while the above products really are the best you can buy online in the UK right now, it is still always worth holding out and consulting your local vet to learn more about what you can give to your pet, and how often. If you are completely new to giving them any kind of dental treat, this is absolutely the best scenario to take!

Take a look through my top picks for the best chews for dental treatment now – and if you do feel that your dog needs a little more in the way of brushing and care, there are toothbrushes, paste and more that you can invest in for a deeper scrub. Isn’t it time you took care of those canine teeth and gums? Not your own – of course!

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