The UK’s Best Dog Coats for Schnauzers – 7 Waterproof Jackets

This is our review of the best dog coats for Schnauzers in 2022.

It’s wintertime, and you have to keep your Schnauzer safe and comfortable in freezing temperatures. You may be asking yourself: How cold is too cold for them to go outside? Should you use a dog vest or put on boots before stepping out into slushy puddles or icy rain.

Schnauzers are quite well equipped for cold weather; they have a thick double coat and originated from Germany, where they were used as farm dogs to protect livestock, with the Miniature Schnauzer being an excellent ratter. Of course, these days, they are more used to living in homes with central heating, so they may need some extra insulation in extreme cold or wet weather.

Our top pick for a dog coat for Schnauzers is the Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket. Many dog owners love this reversible dog coat; it’s warm yet breathable, hardwearing and comes in a range of colours to suit any Schnauzer, whatever their size.

If you’re looking for a good dog coat to keep your Schnauzer warm this winter, there are many options available. The following products may be the perfect fit and provide an excellent place to start when shopping around!

In this guide, we will be reviewing.


Schnauzers can cope with cold weather relatively well as they come from a cold climate and have a double coat that keeps them well insulated. However, most in this country have their coats clipped short, losing some of that insulation and, of course, as your dog gets older or if they suffer from health issues such as arthritis getting cold and damp on a long walk in the snow or rain isn’t ideal.

Keep reading to discover some potential options for Schnauzer coats and what to look for when choosing winter coats for either Miniature, Standard or Giant Schnauzers.

Our Best Dog Coat for Schnauzers

Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket

The Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket is a must-have and is the best coat we reviewed. This coat will keep your pup dry and warm in any weather condition with its water -resistance, ripstop material and insulated design.

It allows a full range of motion so your pet doesn’t feel confined and the reflective piping makes sure vehicles can see your four-legged friend when it’s dark.

You can attach the leash directly to the harness via the zippered slot and of course, it’s reversible, so you almost get two coats for the price of one. This waterproof coat also comes in a range of sizes.

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EzyDog Element Dog Jacket

While not as thick as some options in our round-up, this premium quality jacket features a robust 600D polyester fabric outer layer with an anti-pilling fleece lining to keep your dog’s body warm.

 This makes it one of the most hardwearing jackets on our list, ideal if you have a playful Miniature Schnauzer or a working Giant Schnauzer. It offers outstanding protection from wind, rain and snow, plus a unique Neo-Xpand™ material neck opening which is great as not all dogs like things going over their heads.

There are reflective strips for visibility in gloomy conditions and a waterproof zipper on top so you can attach a leash to a harness underneath.

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RC GearPro Waterproof Fleece

These high-quality, affordable and stylish vests for your canine companion are perfect to wear in any condition. Made from water-resistant polyester with a soft polar fleece inner layer that will keep them warm whatever the weather conditions. The vest has an adjustable velcro strap so that it will fit just right every single time.

The high neck design prevents icy rain from dripping down the collar and highly visible reflective accents are a good safety feature for dark evenings.

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SlowTon Dog Winter Jacket

We love these winter coats and they feature in several of our guides. Whether you own a Miniature Schnauzer or a bigger version, you will find the right size and this affordable item is jam-packed with features.

The water repellent material on the outer shell will protect dogs in heavy downpours and at the same time, the soft lining will keep them warm in the snow. It can also be detached, so your pup doesn’t get too hot when walking on milder days.

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RUFFWEAR Fuse 2-in-1 Dog Coat

The Fuse 2-in 1 Jacket is a waterproof, windproof and breathable jacket designed for winter conditions. Inspired by mountain guides who work in extreme environments, this garment offers protection from the elements while keeping either your Miniature or Giant Schnauzer cosy during work or play.

A lead can be attached to the attachment points, allowing it to be used as a harness with side release buckles that can undo separately then buckle up again when needed. The reflective trim keeps Fido visible in the dark and there are two convenient pockets to carry poo bags or treats.

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Geyecete 1/2 Leg Trouser Suit

If your Miniature Schnauzer is getting on in years or suffers from sore joints or arthritis, this all-in-one trouser suit is just the thing as it provides full coverage with water resistance.

There are tunnel drawstrings on the legs and neck for a comfortable fit and the zip closing makes it really easy to put and remove. The jumpsuit is also machine washable for convenience, plus as it keeps your pooch cleaner, there will be fewer baths and less mess when you arrive home after a muddy walk.

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Ancol Muddy Paws Stormguard Coat

When you search for the best jackets online, Ancol coats are generally near the top of the list, they are suitable for both large dogs and small and a feature many pet parents like is the chest panel which offers added protection for the chest area.

These all-weather traditional style jackets just slip over your dogs head; you just need to adjust the velcro belly strap and your good to go.

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What Should Owners Look for in Dog Coats for Miniature Schnauzers and Their Bigger Cousins?

Below are a few features to check when choosing a Miniature Schnauzer coat or one for a Giant Schnauzer. Some dogs may need a coat because they have a health condition that makes them more vulnerable to cold conditions, so always speak to your vet if you’re unsure.

Any outfit you choose for a Giant, Standard or Miniature Schnauzer should be hardwearing as these playful dogs get up to all sorts of mischief. Look for a tough waterproof outer layer and make sure the stitching is secure. Also, check the quality of the fastenings and if there is a zipper, make sure it can’t get caught in your pet’s hair.

Sizing is critical

Buying clothes that are too tight can cause skin irritation or even wounds. However, a snug fit will ensure comfort as no moisture, or cold air can sneak in, so make sure you take accurate measurements and follow the manufacturer guidelines before buying clothing or accessories.

Is it Adjustable?

Adjustability is one feature that can’t be ignored; you need to ensure you can customise the fit as this breed comes in all shapes and sizes. If they are strange size then find bigger or smaller options with our other dog jackets by breed.

The rights materials

The materials you choose for your dog’s coat are important and really depend on how you will use the jacket. A lightweight raincoat for spring may not be the best option for a snowy walk when fleece liners and windproofing may be more suitable to keep your pooch both insulated and dry.

Is it waterproof?

It’s a good idea to look for waterproof warm dog coats; A Schnauzer can cope pretty well in dry cold weather but being cold and damp will have him shivering.

Machine washable?

It’s essential to find a coat that is washable either by hand or machine as Schnauzers are a high energy breed that loves to run and play, so their coats are guaranteed to get dirty.

Average cost: What to expect

Dog coat prices range from around £10 to upwards of £100, depending on the style and brand you choose. However, you should find a good quality option for between £20-£40

Types of Schnauzer Jackets

  • Waterproof raincoats
  • Fleece dog vests
  • Cooling jackets
  • Coats with legs
  • Traditional style jackets
  • Coats with harnesses

Our Recommendation for Schnauzer Puppies

Our favourite option for pups is the SlowTon Dog Winter Jacket. What makes it so special? It has all the features of our other recommendations, but the deciding factors were the price and the detachable fleece lining, meaning it can be used throughout the year.


Do mini Schnauzers need coats?

A Miniature Schnauzer may or may not need a winter coat; they cope well in the cold, but like any dog, they benefit from protection from the rain and snow tends to cling to their fur and, of course, more vulnerable older dogs will always need to be kept warmer.

Conclusion & Top Pick

A Miniature Schnauzer coat or one for larger dogs is a personal choice rather than a necessity as they can have fun and play in the snow with no serious consequences. However, if the weather is horrible, you have an older canine or one who suffers from medical conditions, a coat can be beneficial.

Our top choice is the Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket. It ticks all the boxes, is built to last and looks extremely smart.

We hope you’ve found this post helpful in your search for the best dog winterwear; feel free to get in touch via social media with pictures of your Schnauzers in their winter outfits!

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