The UK’s Best Dog Coats for Rottweilers – 7 Waterproof Options

This is our review of the best dog coats for Rottweilers in 2022

Rottweilers are large dogs originally bred for herding and droving cattle in Germany, but they are mostly kept as family pets nowadays.

They are a bold and confident breed trained to do many other tasks, including search and rescue, police work, herding and competitive obedience.

Being herding dogs, the Rottweiler was bred to spend long days outside, whatever the weather. However, they have a short coat that doesn’t provide much protection from the rain and extreme cold.

As a result, it’s essential to buy some kind of weatherproof dog coat for Rottweilers for cold temperatures. This is especially so for older pooches or ones prone to health issues or joint problems.

It can be tricky to get the right winter coat for a Rottweiler because they have a broad chest. When buying a coat for a Rottweiler, it’s vital to get the correct fit.

We love dogs, and we understand that sometimes your pet needs a little bit of help to keep warm. Our top pick is the Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket which ticks all the boxes, comes in a range of colours and is reasonably priced.

In this article, we will be reviewing:

To help our furry friends stay comfortable in the winter, we have compiled a list of Rottweiller coats for your furry family members.

Our Best Dog Coat for Rottweilers

Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket 

Stay safe in style with the Kurgo Loft Jacket for dogs. This waterproof coat repels moisture and will protect your Rottweiler on rainy days and keep them cosy while having fun.

This coat is perfect for active pups, making it a must-have in any dog owner’s wardrobe. Made with lightweight material – this waterproof jacket is easy to put on over their harness or collar and is the perfect accessory for a winter’s walk.

As if all these features weren’t enough alone already; reflectors help mark out your canine friend in the dark, thanks to an array of bright colours

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Zellar Dog Raincoat with Hood

Get a bargain with this high-quality dog rain jacket! It’s available for medium to large breeds and comes in four sizes from 3XL – 6XL, so your sure to get one that fits your dog’s body, even if your Rottweiler has a weight problem.

The fabric is waterproof yet breathable and sturdy fastenings at the neck and chest mean it’s quick to put on or remove with no hassle!

There’s also an inner pocket where you keep all those essential items like poop bags and treats. The 18-month warranty ensures this purchase will last through any snow days ahead;

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Scruffs Quilted Thermal Dog Coat

Scruffs is a luxury bedding company from Manchester that specializes in designing high-end pet products. Scruffs’ line includes everything from self-heating fabrics to orthopaedic memory foam pet beds made from 100% recycled materials such as plastic bottles!

This high-quality water-resistant dog coat retains your dog’s body heat and insulation, perfect for cold weather and snow. The soft shell exterior of this winter coat protects your Rottie’s fur from getting wet but still allows air flow where needed.

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SlowTon Dog Winter Jacket

With the Slowton winter dog coat, your pup will be warm and dry all season long. The high-quality outer layer is made from both wind-resistant polyester that keeps water out in wet conditions and the detachable fleece lining is ideal for wearing in extreme cold

It features an adjustable elastic waistband and the length of this dog jacket covers the entire length of your dog from shoulders to tail.

The reflective strips are ideal for walks in the dark. The large option has a back length of 22.4 inches and fits pups with chest measurements between 24-28.7 inches.

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RUFFWEAR Overcoat Fuse 2-in-1 Dog Coat

The Ruffwear Overcoat Fuse Jacket is a sleek, weather-resistant jacket perfect for walking your Rottweiler in the cold winter months. This convenient harness and outer garment combo allows you to slip on one piece, and there are two leash attachments.

The front pouch features two zippered pockets that can hold small essentials like snacks or poo bags and it’s made from 100% waterproof fabric.

It’s quite pricey for a Rottweiler coat, but as with all Ruffwear gear, you get what you pay for

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Embark Pets Wax Dog Jacket

This designer dog coat is perfect for any large breed that wants to be stylish in cold weather. Made from 75% waxed cotton with 25% polyester insulation in a waterproof material that protects against light rain showers but not heavy rain (we found)

This Embark wax coat is a thick, durable jacket that will keep Fido warm whatever the weather. Although this doesn’t have all the features others offer (a hole for leash and it needs to be hand-washed), it makes up for those downsides in quality and design.

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Ancol Muddy Paws Stormguard Coat 

The Ancol Muddy Paws Stormguard Dog Coat is a lovely warm coat to wear, which will undoubtedly keep your canine companion cosy when it’s cold. Constructed from heavy Oxford nylon, the chest protector panel securely fastens at the hook-and-loop closure on both sides.

It has reflective strips so that you can see your dog at night and the attachment hole makes attaching the leash a breeze.

The size is adjustable due to the velcro fastening and fits big dogs like a Rottie- up until 49 inches in circumference- which means this product will fit almost any dog out there.

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What Should you Look for in Good Rottweiler Dog Coats?

The quality of the coat is important as this is a big strong breed. It should be made of good quality materials and equipped with features such as sturdy buckles to hold it in place. The stitching needs to be strong enough to withstand any pulling and dragging from the dog’s activity.

Sizing is Important for Bigger Dog Breeds

Rottweilers are a giant breed, with males ranging from 24 to 27 inches at the withers and weighing 110-130 pounds. Females range from 22-25 inches in height and weigh between 90 and 110 pounds. Rottweilers need a large or extra-large coat to fit their broad shoulders and barrel chests.

You also need one that covers them from shoulder to tail. Sizes vary by brand; check each brand’s sizing chart for more specific measurements.

This short video shows how to measure your dog for a coat


Adjustability is an important feature in dog jackets because it is crucial for the coat to fit your dog well. A Rottweiler with a coat that is too tight may suffer discomfort and skin irritation; Whereas a coat that is too loose may slip or catch on something and tear it during your walk.

Materials for both cold and wet weather

In the winter months, a lining is needed to provide extra warmth and comfort to your Rottweiler in the cold. This should be coupled with a waterproof outer layer that can repel moisture and protect them in a downpour.

You may want to consider selecting a breathable outer material. This ensures your Rottweiler will remain cool on warmer days.

Machine Washable

There are several benefits to buying washable dog apparel for Rottweilers. One of the biggest is the amount of money you will save over time by not replacing them as often.

If your dog gets muddy or wet, simply clean the coat and put it back on your dog.

Average Price

The cost of a Rottweiller would depend on the size, quality and type of coat you are looking for. Most coats for a Rottweiller would be around £15-£50, although some cost more.

If you are looking for a cheap dog coat, then be careful. You get what you pay for and some of the very cheap coats can prove to be false economies as they will not last long. It is best to buy from a reputable seller offering value for money rather than cost alone.

Types of Coats Suitable for Rotties

  • Waterproof raincoat
  • Fleece coat
  • Cooling jacket
  • Dog coats with legs
  • Designer Rottweiler coats
  • Coats designed for extremely cold weather

Getting the Right Size Coat

Your Rottweiler doesn’t just need a coat that keeps your dog’s fur dry they need one that fits correctly. Too tight could lead to major skin irritations and may hinder your Rottweiler’s mobility.

Too loose and the coat may slide around and not stay in place; it could also get caught in things.

Our Recommendation for Rottweiler Puppies

Our favourite Rottweiler puppy coat is the Slowton winter jacket because it can be used with or without the fleece lining. It will protect your Rottie from the rain, fits well and is competitively priced.

Conclusion & Top Pick

There are a few different types of dog coats available for Rottweilers and each has its own benefits. The most important thing is choosing a coat that fits your Rottie best, so it’s important to measure them before you go shopping.

By now, you should understand why a Rottie needs a coat and the benefits Rottweiler clothes can bring, especially if your pooch is prone to joint problems. Our favourite is the Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket which is of excellent value, looks smart and is hardwearing.

In addition to this valuable knowledge, you now have a variety of coat types available to suit your dog’s needs. So feel free to purchase a new coat for your beloved canine companion.

Note – we do not provide veterinary advice. For coats for other breeds then that’s here.

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