The UK’s Best Dog Coats for Poodles – Top 7 Waterproof Picks

This is our review of the best dog coats for Poodles in 2022.

When sleet and snow are forecasted, even short potty breaks can be miserable. While Toy and Miniature Poodles may spend more time indoors, larger Standard Poodles enjoy going on outdoor adventures! They often accompany their humans when they’re hiking as well as taking part in events like skijoring or canicross

Poodles are known for their beautiful coats, but the thin hair is not always enough in cold weather to keep them warm. If you live in the UK, you should definitely consider a winter dog coat.

Our top pick is the Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket. It is a stylish and premium quality option that won’t break the bank.

In this guide, we will be reviewing.

Will a Poodle Need a Winter Coat?

For Poodles, the winter months can be challenging. They typically do well in spring and summer with their single coat, but once it starts getting cooler, you may want to consider some outerwear options for your dog; they may even need some protection for their paws.

There is a wide variety of pet jackets for all types of dogs on today’s market, with many options to choose from, it can be difficult to pick out which one works best.

Keep reading to see which outdoor dog coats are best for Standard Poodles, which Toy Poodle coats tick all the boxes and what to look for when choosing Poodle clothing.

Our Best Dog Coat for Poodles

Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket

This coat is designed to keep your pup warm and dry during wintery conditions, but it doesn’t stop there. The waterproof ripstop material won’t tear and they can utilise this stylish jacket on its own – or combine it with their favourite sweater for extra insulation in those colder months!

Reflective piping ensures your pup will stay visible no matter how low light intensity gets outside, these reversible jackets are also machine washable and there is a leash hole where you can attach the lead to a harness.

When it comes to keeping your best friend protected against the elements, this is possibly the best coat you’ll find.

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Hurtta Downpour Suit

The Hurrta Summit Dog Parka is a very canine-friendly garment that will stand up to any winter conditions. Designed for single coated or short-haired canines, The Material fabric of the suit is durable and water-resistant, perfect for any adventure.

With sizes from 8″ to 35″, there’s sure to be something to suit in store! In addition, if needed, you can customise these jackets with adjustments on the waist, collar legs and neck, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

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RUFFWEAR – Powder Hound Cold Weather Coat

If you’re looking for a solution that will keep your pup warm and comfortable during icy winter weather, then the Ruffwear Powder Hound Insulated Water-Resistant Jacket is top of our list.

With breathable fabrics and water-resistant properties, this jacket offers protection against rain or snow while allowing them enough mobility when needed most and is ideal for active dogs.

Sleeved style jackets will keep Fido nice and warm in any situation and the reflective strips keep Fido safe in gloomy conditions. It isn’t the cheapest option around but is of fantastic quality and will keep your four-legged friend snug and comfortable when walking.

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Ellie Dog Raincoat

The Ellie Dog Wear Zip-up Raincoat is a stylish and functional light waterproof coat for your pooch that comes in five different colours.

The double-layered material of this dog rain slicker keeps them dry during unexpected showers or heavy downpours, not to mention it has a hood that protects their head and ears from getting wet (this can be removed if you prefer) There are also pockets big enough just about to fit treats or poo bags.

Harness users will appreciate the leash portal and as dog jackets go, this one is great value for money and with sizes ranging from XXS to XL, it will accommodate the smaller versions of this breed as well as large dogs.

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Handfly Small Dog Coat dog

We loved the faux sheepskin design of this little jacket, which is ideal for Toy poodles, the soft fabric will keep Fido warm on chilly days and although it isn’t waterproof, you can always add a raincoat on top.

There are three buttons on the front, making this cute jacket incredibly easy to put on and take off and it’s great value for money. Yes, we know it isn’t bursting with features. It is not the canine equivalent to a North Face coat, but it looks incredibly stylish.

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Danish Design 2 In 1 Light Reflective Coat 

Get your dog ready for the weather with this Danish Design 2 in 1 Dog Coat that’s lightweight, water repellent and breathable, ideal for protecting them from summer showers.

When the temperature starts to drop, simply attach the removable thick polar fleece liner. The jacket provides complete chest protection. and features reflective materials to keep your pooch safe on early morning or dark evening walks. The high neck design stops raindrops from seeping down the collar.

We love these stylish pet raincoats and they’re the perfect gift idea too!

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HUGO & HUDSON Dog Puffer Jacket

These guys are based in England and know a thing or two about our four-legged friends. They make high-quality leashes, collars and harnesses, but what we love most from them are jackets for when it gets cold.

These are a must-have for winter outdoor adventures. They’re water-resistant, keeping your pet cosy in any climate and come equipped with an opening to feed your lead through!

They come in five trendy reversible colours and ten sizes, so you are sure to find something to suit whatever size of Poodle you have.

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What Should Dog Owners Look for in Good Poodle Dog Coats?

The quality of any apparel you buy for pets should be your top concern. Sherpa and soft cotton fleece linings are often used for warmth and the outer layer should be made from a robust, hardwearing fabric.

The correct sizing

These beautiful, intelligent dogs come in three sizes, Standard, Miniature and Toy Poodles and it would be fantastic if the clothes they wear did the same. However, sizes vary massively from brand to brand, so always measure before ordering.

Adjustable coats?

Depending on your canines haircut, their shape and whether they are carrying a few extra pounds, you will want to adjust the coat to customise the fit.

Materials that keep your dog warm and dry

Keeping out the moisture is essential if you want to protect your pup from the cold; luckily, there are plenty of raincoats on the list with a cosy fleece lining for extra warmth.

Is it waterproof?

As mentioned above, when exercising Poodles, keeping your furry friend dry when walking outdoors is half the battle and whilst most dogs will be fine with a sweater or hoodie style top on dry days, to protect them in the winter, you really need a water-resistant option.

Machine washable?

Having a washable overcoat will save you money and also help protect your dog’s skin from any lingering bacteria.

Costs: What to Expect

Depending on which site you visit, prices for Poodle jackets can vary significantly; obviously, designer brands cost more, but the average price is between £20-£75


Types of Dog Coats

  • Waterproof raincoats
  • Fleece dog vests
  • Overcoats with legs
  • Traditional style dog overcoats

What Size To Go For?

Your dog may be one of three sizes, either Toy, Miniature or Standard, so you may need sizes ranging from XS to large. We always recommend measuring your dog’s neck and chest before beginning your search and following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Our Recommendation for Poodle Puppies

Our top choice for Poodle puppies is the Handfly Small Dog Coat. It’s excellent value for money, the smallest size is teeny, making it ideal for babies and it looks super cute.


How cold is too cold for a Poodle?

When the frost is on the ground and the temperature drops below about 15-20 degrees celsius, your pooch will probably be feeling the cold and appreciate some extra warmth from an overcoat.

Is it cruel to put a coat on a dog?

Not all dogs need a winter coat, but they may benefit from protection against cold and wet weather under the right conditions.

Conclusion & Top Pick

The Poodle breed is known for its wagging tails and shiny coats, but they also need winter protection. They can’t wait until the warmer months come around again where they’ll be able to enjoy walks outside without fear of frostbite!.

Our number #1 choice is the Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket. You can use it as a Toy Poodle coat or get a bigger size for medium and larger dogs. It will keep their skin dry, is hardwearing and comes in a range of colours and sizes.

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