The UK’s Best Coats for Large Dogs [The Top Big Boy Jackets]

This is our review of the best large dog coats in 2022.

When you search for a dog coat online, there are countless options tailored for smaller pooches, but it seems that big dogs like Mastiffs, Labs and Setters are sometimes under-represented when it comes to dog jackets. As an owner of Boxers, I know that they don’t like the cold or getting wet either, which led me to find the best coats for larger dogs.

I started reviewing some of the offerings online and found some excellent options for hefty hounds, precisely what I was looking for. So whether you have Otterhounds or Great Danes, check out the coats below to keep your pup warm and dry.

Our number #1 choice was the Ancol Muddy Paws Stormguard coat. The 2XL size fits dogs with a girth of up to 40 inches, making it suitable for larger breeds like German Shepherds and Rhodesian Ridgebacks. The cosy fleece lining will keep your dog warm and the waterproof outer layer protects them in inclement weather.

In this guide, we will review:

Coats for dogs are really popular and have become a bit of a fashion statement with all sorts of patterns and styles to choose from. They certainly make our look four-legged friends look super cute but do dogs really need a coat, especially big breeds?

Some large dogs, for example, Newfoundlands and Huskies, can withstand cold temperatures and can do without a coat. However, if you have a short-haired breed like a Dalmatian, your pooch is getting on in years or suffers from health issues, they can be susceptible to the cold.

Now dog raincoats are a different matter; all dogs can benefit from these; not only will they keep Fido dry and comfortable, but they will also prevent your car seats and soft furnishings from becoming soaked after a muddy walk.

Keep reading if you own large or giant breeds to see which coat fits the bill and the dog!

Our Best Coat for Large Dogs Reviewed

Ancol Muddy Paws Stormguard Coat

Ancol Muddy Paws Stormguard Dog Coat is a lovely warm coat, which is certainly going to keep your canine companion cosy and dry even in freezing temperatures. Constructed from a heavy Oxford nylon, the waterproof exterior is perfect for a rainy day and the chest panel gives extra protection so your pup won’t feel the chill.

Ther’s a handy lead attachment hole and the reflective strips ensure your dog’s visibility in low light conditions.

The Stormguard coat will fit snugly over your dog’s back and the XL fits a dog with a girth of up to 49 inches. This coat can be machine washed on a delicate cycle and for the price is amazing value for money.

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Zellar Dog Raincoat With Hood

A premium-quality raincoat, ideal for medium-sized dogs and larger breeds, it comes in three vibrant colours. It boasts a 100% waterproof outer layer along with a breathable mesh inner lining so your four-legged friend will stay comfortable and dry even in the heaviest of downpours.

The lightweight yet robust coat is really easy to put on and take off thanks to the adjustable neck and chest straps which ensure a snug fit.

It can be worn over your dog’s harness as it has a handy slot for the lead and reflective piping along the back, perfect for evening winter walks; there’s also a pocket for poo bags.

We loved the fact it’s machine washable and it comes with an 18-month warranty. The 6XL size is 30 inches long and will fit dogs with a chest girth of between 37 and 40 inches.

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Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket

Although it comes in a range of sizes, the XL option of this stylish reversible jacket by Kurgo is excellent for large dogs and its unique cut, which fits around the middle snugly and protects the belly, leaves your dog freedom to move around unencumbered.

Like many coats, this reflective jacket is machine washable, water repellent and comes in a variety colours; it’s also reversible.

We loved this jacket because it does the job – it keeps your furry friend warm when the weather gets chilly with good insulation and adds those extra layers when the elements become too much; the water-resistant shell is ideal on rainy days. According to the reviews, it fits breeds with a large chest, which can be notoriously tricky to find.

Best of all, Kurgo offers a lifetime warranty on their products as long as they are purchased from an authorised seller.

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RUFFWEAR Cloud Chaser Jacket

Ruffwear is renowned for their premium quality dog gear and make some of the best jackets out there. Like the Ruffwear Vert jacket, the Cloud Chaser coat is designed to keep your pup warm and cosy, whatever the weather.

This new jacket is windproof, perfect when hiking in the hills and mountains during the winter months and it goes on extremely easily with two holes for the front legs and a full-length zip.

The top panel of the jacket is made from a standard softshell and the fleece-lined bottom panel offers added warmth and protection from deep snow and the reflective trim provides low-light visibility.

The XL size featured here will accommodate breeds with a chest circumference of up to 42 inches. This isn’t the cheapest option for a dog coat, but if you are looking for quality and own active dogs who enjoy long winter hikes, it’s definitely a winner.

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SlowTon Dog Winter Jacket

This is a good dog coat because of the detachable second lining, which you can do without in the warmer seasons. the lining can be then be attached in more extreme weather conditions to keep your pup toasty

The high-quality outer layer is made from both wind and water-resistant polyester, perfect for winter outdoor activities. The elasticated leg loops secure the coat around the hind legs, so it won’t slip even if Fido runs around.

Like most other coats in our round-up, this warm dog coat can be popped into the machine and washed on a cool cycle. The XL option has a back length of 28.7 inches and fits pups with a neck measurement of between 25-27 inches and a chest girth of 29.1-35.8 inches.

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Dog & Field 2 In 1 Dog Coat

The Dog & Field jacket is one of the best waterproof dog coats in the UK right now and it comes in sizes from extra small to xx-large, which will fit breeds with a back length of 31.5 inches.

The waterproof outer layer offers full coverage and it is lined with microfibre to keep your best friend warm and dry on a rainy day.

The robust velcro straps around the chest and middle ensure a comfortable fit and like all the other dog winter coats on our list, it can be popped into the washing machine when needed.

Dog and Field are a popular choice for owners of working dogs, they make premium quality products and this waterproof dog coat is no exception.

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Embark Pets Wax Dog Jacket

This has to be the most stylish jacket for canines we reviewed and we really liked the aesthetic of this designer dog coat. The XL size will easily fit large breeds with a back length of 24 inches and a chest measurement of 30-44 inches.

The waxed outer layer is manufactured from 75% waxed cotton and 25% polyester. Things to remember, Embark state that the waterproof material will keep your dog dry, but we found it wasn’t really great in heavy rain so would say it’s more showerproof.

It’s a thick coat that will keep Fido warm on chilly days as it is insulated with bonded cotton. Although it does lack some features of the other coats on Amazon (a hole for the leash and it can only be hand-washed), it certainly makes up for this in quality and design if you want your big pup to step out in style this winter the Embark wax jacket is a fantastic option.

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What to Look for in Large Waterproof Dog Coats


The first thing to consider is how you will be using the dog vest; if you have a dog who feels the chill but doesn’t walk too far, a cheaper fleece-lined option may suffice.

However, if you have a working dog or dogs that like long walks in the winter months, a more heavy-duty coat may be required.

Easy To Put On And Remove

Some coats are really easy to put on and remove with side release buckles or velcro straps, whereas others with sleeves and leg holes can be more complicated or if you have to go over the head and collar. If you have your hands full with multiple doggies, children or even a baby buggy, consider this before placing your order. 

Getting The Right Fit

It would be so easy if dog owners could take their pets to the local animal coat boutique and try on several options such as a waterproof coat, a large dog sweater, puffer jacket or other clothes; however, as most of us buy coats online, we have to depend on customer reviews and dog coat measurement guides to make our choice and those with a large dog breed will know these can vary immensely.

Quality Materials

As with any dog accessory, it’s essential to buy the best quality you can afford. A coat for giant breeds is likely to get more wear and tear than one for small dogs. You should look for premium water-resistant fabric on the outer layer, secure fastenings and strong stitching and full coverage, especially if you have a breed with a longer back.

Can It Be Popped In The Washing Machine?

Any dog coat should be washable to eliminate the dirt, mud and smell that will eventually accumulate after muddy walks. A coat you can throw in the washing machine makes life much easier, especially if you have a dog like mine that can’t pass by a muddy puddle.

A Fleece-Lined Dog Coat To Keep Your Dog Warm?

If you want to keep Fido warm in cold weather, then a dog coat with a cosy fleece lining is the perfect solution; some even have removable linings so you can use the coat in Summer showers too.

Is It Waterproof?

Whether you are a dog owner looking for a coat for a dog who likes to roll around in the snow or a Boxer who feels the cold, you will want a waterproof jacket; even the thickest coats can’t protect a dog from the cold if they are wet.

Getting the Right Size

Knowing your dog’s measurements will make choosing the right coat much easier. Place the tape around your dog’s neck, then around the thickest part of their chest, then measure the back length from neck to tail.

Here’s a short video that shows how to measure your dog for a coat

Last Word

So there you have it, a comprehensive round-up of the best dog jackets for large breeds. Out of all the best dog raincoats, we think the Ancol Muddy Paws Stormguard coat is the one to get. It gets tremendous reviews, dog parents love it, it’s waterproof, will protect your pup from the cold, looks stylish and best of all, fits large dog breeds.

Of course, you may have your own favourite, but one thing’s for sure keeping your big dog dry and warm makes life a lot easier, no more wet dog pong, no more shivering hounds in the snow. Make walking your pet no matter the weather something to look forward to when choosing a quality pet coat or waterproof jacket for your huge dog.

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