The UK’s Best Dog Coats for Labradors in 2023

This is our review of the best dog coats for labradors in 2023.

Whether it’s chucking it down with rain or if it’s nasty and cold outside, keeping your dog dry and warm can be difficult. As all labrador owners know, this breed is pretty boisterous at the best of times, too – so keeping them out of trouble in the wet is easier said than done.

You might already be thinking of buying dog winter apparel for your labrador with the colder months coming up. But what if you’ve already tried a few of the dog coats, and your dog just isn’t playing ball?

In this article, we’re going to look at the following dog coats for labradors:

Our Best Dog Coat for Labradors

Going for long walks with your Lab in the colder months? A top winter coat may be an option. Labs are usually quite happy in the cold and rain.

If they get older, have joint problems, or don’t like getting wet (Are they even a Labrador?), buying a warm dog coat may be a good investment.

Here are our top picks for the top dog coats for labs available online

Best Overall – Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket

Are you looking for a new jacket for your dog? The Kurgo Loft Jacket is the perfect choice. It’s lightweight and has an adjustable fit, so it will always feel comfortable on your pup. Plus, it comes with reflective piping to easily spot them in low light conditions.

Kurgo dog clothing often tops our reviews for the best dog coats and for good reason, this waterproof dog coat is excellent quality. It can withstand harsh weather conditions plus, it comes in a range of vibrant colours, plus there’s a lifetime warranty.

It’s much cheaper than some other waterproof dog coats, such as the Ruffwear vert jacket and the extra-large dog coat fits pups with a neck circumference of 26 inches, chest 35-45 inches and the back length is 27 inches.

  • Available Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Chest Girth: 89-114 cm
  • Back Length: 69cm
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Harness Slot Yes

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Top for Extra Large Labs – Decdeal 5XL Reflective Pet Dog Rain Coat

Walk out in style; this kind of dog coat is not only likely to give your pooch added warmth but also keeps their body added protection from rain and sleet during chilly winter walks and will keep them well-seen in low light conditions. Increasing dogs’ visibility with ease thanks to the reflective design, you’ll also find this dog coat style handy for attaching a leash.

There’s also a small pocket on this dog top coat; this is easy to access and shouldn’t concern your pup. This is probably a good place to store poop sacks or snacks, in complete honesty.

This is also one of the most effortless waterproof dog coats to get on and off, at least on our list. We especially like the fact that you get a good quality fabric. These waterproof dog coats are excellent value for money, great for cold weather in terms of locking in the heat, but never too awkward for your dog.

  • Available Sizes: 5XL, 6XL
  • Chest Girth: 92cm
  • Back Length: 70cm
  • Machine Washable: Unclear
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Harness Slot

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Best Raincoat with Hood – Zellar Dog Raincoat with Hood

People love this natty pooch winter undercoat because it is an excellent choice if you’re going to be taking your dogs out in torrential weather conditions. Available in several colours, with reflective strips for low light visibility, it’s a pretty stylish look, but then, it’s the performance that counts.

The dog coat reviewed here is in the 5XL size, which should be more than big enough for most labs in the Winter season. It’s completely machine washable, and it’s also got an adjustable strap to make it extra simple for you to get your dogs in and out. It can be worn either with or without the hood

  • Available Sizes: 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL
  • Chest Girth: Not Listed
  • Back Length: Not Listed
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  •  Slot to attach the lead

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#1 Labrador Winter Coat – Pro Plums Dog Raincoat

This is one of the best labrador coats, largely thanks to the four sizes. It’s easy to assume that a lab will need a bigger fit, and these have an adjustable collar attachment.

Offering good water resistance as well as breathable fabric, this particular selection of winter coats works well in most weather, meaning that if you want to take your furry friend out for a jog on a rainy summer day, you should get a fair amount of water resistance and style. Many customers peg this as the best winter jacket for dogs as it offers everything.

  • Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL
  • Chest Girth: Not Listed
  • Back Length: Not Listed
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Harness Slot

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Our First Choice Waterproof Coat – IREENUO Dog Raincoat

This spectacular anorak offers qualities unlike others and should be an excellent fit for bigger labs, with sizes going right the way up to 5XL for large breeds. You’ll benefit from a soft and waterproof breathable fabric, too. Before you buy, it is worth remembering that you won’t be able to pop this one in the wash like similar types– it’s hand clean only.

Available in a selection of colours and styles, this warm jacket is also notable for being windproof, meaning that it will maintain warmth in the worst of the elements. What’s more, it is designed to be extremely warm and soft while lightweight and leaving plenty of freedom in the legs

  • Available Sizes: L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL
  • Chest Girth: Not listed
  • Back Length: Not listed
  • Machine Washable: No
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Slot to attach the lead

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Great Puppy Jacket – Ancol Muddy Paws Stormguard Dog Coat

This impressive-looking all-weather dog winter coat with fleece inside does offer more than a little water resistance. It also keeps your dog cosy, so it is great for older dogs in cold weather. These dog coats benefit from the specifically tailored waterproof surfacing, meaning the rain and sleet will roll right off the coat on your dog’s back.

We tested the chocolate colour of the waterproof dog jacket in this range, and it really does look good; plus, the reflective trim offers increased safety in low light visibility. This dog coat is constructed from high-quality fabric that can withstand some wear and tear with tape around the edge for additional strength.

  • Available Sizes: S, L, XL, XXL
  • Chest Girth: 80cm to 104cm
  • Back Length: 70cm
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Slot for lead -Yes

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Top Pick Labrador Drying Coat – Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Coat

Not all Labs benefit from dog coats, as a furry coat can make them feel too hot. However, they will benefit from this quality drying coat in the winter weather, especially if they love the water like most dogs.

Veterinary approved and with thousands of 5-star reviews, this plush, super-absorbent doggie dressing gown is ideal for rubbing your dog down after a swim, muddy walk or bath.

The drying coat comes in different sizes and has a velcro fastening for a comfortable fit. It’s made from double-thickness towelling that can protect from chills, making it suitable for medical issues such as arthritis. The coat is so cosy that it’s even suitable for keeping dogs calm when they’re feeling nervous!

Say goodbye to muddy paws all over the back seat, keep your dog’s body warm on the way home after a trip to the beach or simply wipe them down after a walk in bad weather.

  • Available Sizes: XXXS-XL plus breed specific sizes
  • Chest Girth: N/A
  • Back Length: 64-71 cm
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Waterproof: No
  • Slot for lead -No

Bonus – Underbelly Protection

Looking for dog coats to keep your dog warm and stay clean check out the Idepet Dog Raincoat with a water-resistant shell; this dog coat has a hood plus legs and offers underbelly protection

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What Should You Look for in Good Labrador Dog Coats?

First of all, it’s pretty safe to say that any jackets you buy for your labrador are probably going to be on the larger side, preferably with an adjustable collar. Hence, there is no pressure around the neck area.

You’re never going to get a warm winter in the UK, so here’s a quick rundown of what you should look for in a labrador coat:

Ease of fitting

Look closely at the fittings and the design of the dog clothes you want to buy. Is it likely your dog or dogs will put up a fight? Some dogs aren’t keen on a labrador’s coat that goes over the head, while others don’t mind a neck fastening. Labs usually like to have their legs unconstrained.

It’s also worth trusting verified buyer reviews on this, as just about all dog coats providers will tell you that their products are the easiest to fit on the market.

Will it keep your dog warm?

If you have an elderly dog or one with health conditions like arthritis, they need protection from extreme cold as it will make the pain worse. If this sounds like your pup, we recommend one with a removable polar fleece lining like the Ancol Muddy Paws coat. Unlike some other coats, the fleece lining can be used when the temperatures plummet and can be removed to keep your dog cool in warmer weather.

What size dog coat does a Labrador need?

As mentioned, a labrador coat will typically be on the larger side. The dog coats we reviewed go to 6XL, so this shouldn’t be a problem when taking your dog outdoors. Whether you’re buying Labrador puppies or an older dog will ultimately decide the correct size.

Labs tend to be pretty broad in the chest as your average dog breed goes, so it’s a good idea to carefully check the chest girth on your dog coat before you buy.

You need a high-quality dog coat.

Naturally, the quality of the pet coat you buy really does matter, too. If your pooch is likely to kick up a fuss when it comes to getting their anorak on, you could risk one or two tears. Labs are a strong dog breed that love a bit of ruff and tumble, so fastenings need to be robust and the fabric should not just keep out the cold and wet but also be able to withstand being snagged as they run through woodland on dog adventures.

Is it a waterproof dog coat?

Labs handle extreme cold pretty well due to their thick double coats, so you won’t necessarily need a polar fleece dog coat for them. However, they do love the mud, so a waterproof jacket is a good idea in the winter to protect them from sleet and snow and wind and keep them and your home or car clean. The best dog jackets for Labs should have at least a water-resistant outer layer.

Conclusion and My Personal Top Pick

Out of the full set of the best dog coats for Labs and bigger dogs I’ve looked at for this list, our recommended pick for a winter coat for Labs is the Kurgo Loft Jacket, as it ticks all of the right boxes.

This dog coat is comfortable to wear, breathable, waterproof, has style, and will help keep your dogs seen. On top of all of that, it’s one of the best-priced options for the standard you receive, making it a brilliant value choice.

Labs topcoats come in a range of sizes; as you’ve seen, some have a fleece lining, some have hoods and some jackets even have legs, but the best coats for labs are going to need to be durable, made of top quality material, waterproof (Well, we do live in the UK) and always reflective so they can be worn on dark walks.

The labrador coats listed above really will serve the labrador breed well on a wild and windy day. Breathable, waterproof and warm with a fleece lining, they will stylishly protect your pet from the elements.

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