The UK’s Best Dog Coats for Great Danes

This is our review of the best dog coats for Great Danes in 2022.

The Great Dane is one of the most gentle giants around, but even a healthy adult may find it challenging to handle a long walk during winter as they have a single short coat that offers little protection from harsh weather and this is much worse if you have an elderly dog or a puppy.

However, finding the right winter coat can be like looking for a needle in a haystack because of its immense size. We have narrowed down some of the biggest dog jackets online to give you a head start.

Our top pick in the search for a Great Dane winter coat is the Hurtta Drizzle, Raincoat Raven. It isn’t cheap but offers the best fit and uses innovative technology not often seen in dog clothing. We love the features of this jacket and the fact it protects your dog’s neck as well as their body.

In this guide, we will be reviewing.


Do Great Danes need jackets in cold weather? These massive canines seem extremely strong, enduring, muscular and pretty healthy, so surely they can cope with a bit of rain or snow? You may be surprised to learn this breed needs protection for winter walkies.

They do not have a lot of body fat and their fur is short, so it doesn’t offer much protection from the elements.

Keep reading to see which Great Dane dog coats will keep your pet comfy as the nights draw in and the temperature drops.

Our Best Dog Coat for Great Danes

Hurtta Drizzle Raincoat Raven

The Drizzle raincoat is an essential waterproof coat for every dog in rainy, windy or muddy weather. The coat has a reflective foil lining that reflects your dog’s body heat, making this coat great in cooler temperatures!

There are 3M reflectors throughout the fabric for extra safety when walking your dog at night and the vertical seams stay fully waterproof.

The 35-inch size has a back length of 33-37 inches and a chest circumference of 33-43 inches, making it an ideal Great Dane winter coat to wear when the weather begins to get chilly.

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Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket

Touted as the perfect solution for active dogs. This reversible, quilted jacket keeps his core warm and dry without constricting movement-and; it’s made from rugged Microtomic Ripstop material with Polytech fill to keep him warm in any situation!

The waterproof shell also has two adjustable side straps and a two-way zipper that allows you to access his collar or harness underneath and attach a leash.

The reflective piping makes your dog more visible during inclement weather conditions. The XL size fits a dog with a chest measurement of 35-45 inches, although it may be a bit short in length at only 27 inches.

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Bwiv Warm Dog Coat

This winter jacket for dogs is water-repellent and made of high quality soft fleecy material that will not irritate their skin. It has an insulation layer in it to keep them warm during colder days, so you can take your dog on walks in the snow without worrying about him getting too cold!

Perfect for any dog, the adjustable straps around the dog’s belly and neck ensure a snug fit and easy to put on, take off features make it great in the winter months when you are out walking with your pet.

You can attach a lead to the harness through the leash open hole on the neck and the 6XL size has a length of 30.7 inches and a chest circumference of 37.8-41 inches.

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The waterproof fabric will protect your pooch from getting wet and the warm lining will keep him comfy even in cold weather, making this coat ideal for your pet when walking in a cold climate.

The reflective trim means motorists can see your pooch even in low light conditions or bad weather and the widened and lengthened Velcro offers a broader adjustable range to fit dogs of different breeds better.

We recommend the 4XL for a Great Dane, but you may be better with the next size up if you have a large male dog.

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RUFFWEAR Overcoat Fuse Dog Coat

Ruffwear is one of the most popular brands for dog accessories and their Fuse coat gets excellent reviews. Yes, it’s a bit pricey, but it’s one of the dog coats Great Dane owners love.

The integrated harness has two leash attachment points for dog owners with strong pullers and the side-release buckles make it incredibly easy to get on and off.

A waterproof and abrasion-resistant outer fabric stops your dog from getting wet and the cosy fleece lining keeps them warm and comfy inside. We love this classy cedar green colour and there are even pockets in which to carry poo bags or treats when out walking. The XL has a chest measurement of 36-42 inches, but no back length measurement was available.

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Buddypuppy Dog Jacket

This German-made 2 in 1 coat and harness is fantastic value; it’s made from premium quality materials and is both water and windproof with a thick padded collar.

The back zipper makes it easy to put on and take off and the chest panel has a lockable buckle as well as velcro straps for extra safety.

The 5XL coat has a chest measurement of 38-44 inches, but again the back is shorter at 26.7-30.7 inches, so it won’t give your Dane’s body full coverage and may not be the best choice for extreme temperatures.

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Kuoser Dog Winter Coat 

This reversible, plaid dog jacket offers style at an affordable price and it’s best for walking in light showers or snow because of its water-resistant properties. But make no mistake: this lightweight flannel still provides your pup with some protection from those chilly winds!

Made from premium quality materials, it boasts no less than 3 Layers of fleece lining and Polyester filler to keep Fido warm, Perfect for cold winters.

It has over 12,000 five star reviews on Amazon; the 3XL size once again has a chest measurement to suit Great Danes, but the back length is short at only 26.4 inches.

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What Should you Look for in Good Great Dane Coats?

When you search for a quality Great Dane winter coat, there are a few factors to think about:

Great Danes are a strong (and slightly clumsy) breed of dog, so any clothes you buy should be hardwearing and tough; the seams should be well sewn and the material robust. Also, check the fastenings and buckles are heavy-duty.


Dog owners sometimes think if they get the correct size, you don’t need to worry about adjustments, but they’re wrong. Every dog is different; some have longer legs, others carry a few extra pounds, so being able to adjust your Great Dane winter coat is a big bonus.

Materials to keep warm and dry

What type of jacket will keep your pup warm in the cold? There are many options, including Nylon and polyester. These materials provide a water-resistant outer layer that can be worn alone or with an additional fleece inside for warmth when it’s really chilly outside!

Is it waterproof?

When you live in the UK, any new coat you buy for your pooch should be at the very least water-resistant. The good news: there are some great quality raincoats available, even if your dog is on the large side.

Is machine washable?

Dogs have a natural affinity for dirt. To keep their jackets looking clean, look out for a coat that can be machine washed so you can throw it in the machine and have it look like new again in no time.

The typical price of GD’s winter dog coats?

Overcoats for Great Dane dogs are obviously larger than most. This is usually reflected in the price; however, you can expect to pick up a basic option for between £20-£40, more if you go for a premium option like the Hurtta or Ruffwear coat ranges.

Types of Coats

Due to their size, there is less choice when it comes to coats for Great Dane dogs, although there are sites that specialise in specific or giant breeds

  • Waterproof raincoats
  • Fleece-lined jackets
  • Thermal coats

What Size Coat?

Each canine coat maker may have slightly different sizing specifications for winter dog jackets, so make sure you measure your pooch before purchasing.

Most of the time, you’ll need two measurements: the length from their neck to tail and the rib cage circumference (that’s just behind the front legs) to find one that’s just right!

Outerwear should fit snug but not too tight- restricting circulation or range of motion, which could cause discomfort during wear. Some of the ones in our round-up have the correct chest measurements for a Dane but may be a bit short in the back length, so always check before ordering.

This short video from Kurgo shows how to measure your dog for a coat

Our Recommendation for Great Dane Puppies

For puppies, we really liked the Bwiv Warm Dog Coat. It’s lightweight, easy to put on and remove, a feature that is especially useful with pups and the leash opening can be used to clip a lead to a harness during training; plus, it’s also a fantastic price!


How do Great Danes handle cold weather?

Maybe surprisingly, this breed doesn’t do too well when the temperatures drop; they are a lean breed with not much fat and their short fur does little to protect them, which is why most dogs appreciate a snuggly polar fleece or raincoat to stop them from getting cold and wet during the winter.

How cold is too cold outside for a Great Dane?

Generally, when the temperature drops below 15 degrees, it’s time to start thinking about wrapping your best friend up in some warm clothes.

Are they good in snow?

This big dog’s body can’t cope with freezing temperatures; they will be OK on a short walk with the extra protection of a winter coat but shouldn’t be left outside for prolonged periods, especially in the snow.

Conclusion & Top Pick

Finding the right winter coat for your dog shouldn’t be difficult. After all, there are hundreds to choose from, but if you have a massive pooch like a Great Dane getting the right size can be a challenge.

Our personal favourite has to be the Hurtta Drizzle, Raincoat Raven. It has the longest back length of any coat we reviewed and is jam-packed with features to make winter walks more pleasurable, including being completely waterproof and an innovative foil lining to keep your dog warm.

What did you think of our selection? It’s here to the rest of the types of dogs we cover.

Are there any others you would have added? We love hearing from our readers, so feel free to connect via our social media channels.

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