The UK’s Best Coat for Chihuahuas in 2022

This is our review of the best coat for Chihuahuas in 2022.

Chihuahuas hail from Mexico, where they don’t need to worry about rain and snow, but here in the UK, these tiny dogs need some protection from the elements on walks

From waterproof fleece-lined coats, padded coats, raincoats and more. We have sourced and reviewed some wonderful products that we know your Chihuahua will look incredibly cute in and will also protect them during the cold winter months.

Our top pick for a winter coat for Chihuahuas is the Puppia New Mountaineer Coat. This premium quality coat offers excellent protection from both wind and rain, has an integrated harness and comes in a range of fashionable colours that your beloved pet will look dapper in.

In this guide, we will be reviewing.

Do Chihuahuas Need a Winter Coat?

The tiny Chihuahua has a very thin coat which is inadequate at protecting his delicate frame when the temperature drops below 20 degrees celsius, so yes, a winter coat is a must-have accessory for this miniature breed. It’s worth stocking up on some chihuahua sweaters too, to keep Fido warm indoors.

Our Best Chihuahua Dog Coats

Puppia New Mountaineer Coat

The Mountaineer II is perfect for walks in colder weather. It comes with an outer waterproof layer that keeps your pup warm and a soft fleece lining to keep them comfortable on chilly days or nights out there exploring!

The durable construction and premium quality materials make this coat harness value for money even though it’s not the cheapest on the list. The small size will fit a Chi or Chihuahua mix with a neck of 9.5 inches, chest measurement of 14.2 inches and back length of 7.9 inches.

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Kismaple Dog Coat

Keep your dog warm and dry this winter with this adorable coat that has great breathability for our furry friends. It’s perfect to wear while out in the cold weather and the button design makes putting it on a cinch and won’t catch the fur as some zippers do.

The coat is machine washable and comes in various colours, including pink, blue, red, orange and brown.

Size X-Small is 10.2 inches long and fits dogs with a chest circumference of 13.8 inches and a neck measurement of 10.2 inches, meaning it may only be suitable for larger adult dogs.

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Savlot Winter Dog Jacket

Made of top-quality fabric, your Chihuahua will be comfortable and warm when you dress them in this cute hooded parka with a harness.

He won’t need to worry about rain either as this jacket is completely waterproof and the button up design means it’s a breeze to put on and take off again.

Their smallest size will fit pooches with a back length of 7.8 inches, making it ideal for small dog breeds and it comes in four colours to suit any occasion.

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PET ARTIST Dog Winter Coat

Winter can bring cold temperatures but never fear because Pet Artist has the solution: This cute winter coat ensures your pop is dressed to impress as well as keeping them warm and cosy.

With an exterior, that’s windproof, waterproof and snowproof, plus a super cosy fleece lining inside of it–this jacket is sure to be a favourite coat to wear all year long.

There is a leash hole so you can clip it to a harness, a hood to keep your dog’s head warm and you can wash this option in the machine with their other Chihuahua clothes.

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Namsan Dog Winter Coat

Your pet will look extremely cute when wearing this canine PU leather jacket lined with thick fleece to keep your Chihuahua warm on chilly winter days.

The button closure won’t catch any fur and there is a classic faux fur collar for extra warmth. It’s easy to put on and remove and the small size is suitable for dogs between 2-5 lbs.

Like all Chi clothing, it’s advisable to measure your pooch before ordering.

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Gooby Dog Vest

Do you want to keep your little Chihuahua warm and dry? Then look no further! These lightweight, water-resistant jackets will keep them cosy on even the coldest days with their adorable looks intact! You can also attach a leash onto these fashionable items with the integrated harness.

Gooby jackets feature heavily in our guides as they offer high-quality workmanship and durability at an affordable price. There XS size has a back length of 8.25 inches and a chest circumference of 13 inches.

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Handfly Dog Coat

This lovely Chihuahua waterproof coat is very light but incredibly warm. The material is water-resistant too, so if you get caught in a shower, you don’t need to be worried about your best friend getting wet.

Most importantly, the seams around their tummies kept out any wind or cold air from making its way inside, where a soft cotton polar fleece lining keeps Fido cosy.

These Chihuahua jackets don’t cost the earth either, with prices starting at just over a tenner and the reviews are mostly positive.

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What Should you Look for When Buying Chihuahua Coats?

There is an overwhelming range of Chihuahua clothes and accessories online, from wedding outfits, snow boots and dresses to adorable fancy dress costumes and the obligatory Christmas sweater.

However, when looking for Chihuahua jackets, there are some more practical considerations.

A quality jacket

Just because Chihuahuas are tiny doesn’t mean you can skimp on quality, these dogs can be prone to allergies and you don’t want them to be uncomfortable. Any clothing you buy should be made from tough materials; the stitching and any fastenings should be secure.

Sizing is important for Chihuahua clothes.

Those who just opt for the extra small size when purchasing a sweater or coat for their Chihuahua may be surprised to learn that almost every size chart is different, so it’s always best to measure your dog before purchase to ensure the correct fit.

Adjustable dog coats

All the Chihuahua coat best-sellers are adjustable. You may feel this isn’t so much of an issue with small dogs, but you don’t want their skin being pinched or chafing if wearing for prolonged periods.

Materials to keep your dog warm and dry

When the weather gets colder, you should look for a coat that can be worn in both snow and rain, that means water-resistant nylon or polyester outer layer, preferably with a fleece interior to keep your Chihuahua warm

Is your dog coat waterproof?

You can put a sweater on your Chihuahua and whilst it may stop them from feeling the cold, it won’t protect them much if it rains. Chihuahuas are a delicate breed that doesn’t like getting wet, so a waterproof coat is definitely the way to go.

Machine washable?

Chihuahuas are close to the ground, which means that every muddy splatter on a walk will likely end up on whatever they’re wearing. While some coats can only be hand-washed, most can be popped into the machine.

Average price

The clothing price for Chihuahuas varies; taking into account the brand and quality, you can pick up cheap coats with decent reviews for around £10, but if you want something that will last longer and that fits your pooch well, the price increases.

Types of Coats

What Size Coat for a Chihuahua?

Like many small dogs, Chihuahuas come in different shapes and sizes; think teacup Chis and crossbreeds, so there is no one size fits all when it comes to choosing clothes for this breed.

The last thing you want is the coat to be so tight that it restricts their movement or so big they can slip out of it.

That’s why we always recommend getting the tape measure out before ordering, so you get the right size.

Our Recommendation for Chihuahua Puppies

The Handfly Dog Coat is our top pick for puppies; their smallest size is one of the most petite on the list at less than 8 inches back length, although it still may be too large for young puppies.


Should I put clothes on my Chihuahua?

Chihuahuas feel the cold, so yes, clothes to keep your Chihuahua warm are a great idea, you can also purchase boots for your Chi and special occasion outfits and they look really cute.

Do you need a raincoat for a Chihuahua?

Definitely, this tiny breed is prone to catching a chill if left cold and damp for too long.

Conclusion & Top Pick

With the cold season coming, it is vital to be sure your Chihuahua is kept warm. Like a lot of breeds that need a coat, they are highly vulnerable to harsh weather and don’t forget their feet either this breed definitely benefits from shoes when walking on icy pavement or in the snow.

Our top pick for winter coats is the Puppia New Mountaineer Coat. It’s packed with features, including an integrated harness loop and gives excellent protection whatever the weather. These are dog coats Chihuahua owners love going by the reviews and we like them too.

We hope this guide has been helpful; when you choose from the selection above, you will have peace of mind that your pup will be kept warm no matter what!

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