The UK’s Best Dog Coats for Bullmastiffs in 2022

This is our review of the best coats for Bullmastiffs in 2022.

Dogs, like humans, come in all different shapes and sizes. And just like with people, some dogs need a little extra help staying warm during the colder months. This is especially true for heavy-set breeds like Mastiffs.

Bullmastiffs are a cross between Bulldogs and Mastiffs. They were used by gamekeepers in the 19th century who needed a quiet, large dog with no fear to track down poachers.

While they have a pretty high tolerance to frigid temperatures, they suffer from joint problems, which can worsen if subjected to extreme cold!

If you’re a Bullmastiff owner wondering if your pup needs a coat this winter, read on for our review of the best coats for Mastiffs in 2022.

We’ll discuss what to look for when shopping for a coat and share our top recommendations. So whether your Bullmastiff needs a heavy winter coat or something lightweight and waterproof, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we’ll be reviewing:

Our top pick is the Kurgo Loft Jacket. This reversible coat is ideal for large dogs; the reflective trim offers better visibility on evening walks, it keeps your pooch warm without overheating and is great for outdoor adventures.

Keep reading to see which coats are best for larger breed dogs and what to look for when choosing dog coats for Mastiffs.

Our Best Coats for Bullmastiffs in Cold Weather

Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket

When it comes to dog coats for mastiffs, this Kurgo dog jacket with a waterproof exterior is undoubtedly one of the best on the market.

Made from water-resistant materials to keep your pet warm and dry in bad weather, this affordable dog jacket features reflective trim to help your dog stay visible in low light conditions.

With a zippered opening for easy leash access and an insulating inner lining to provide extra warmth in the winter months, we think this is the best coat to help Bullmastiffs stay warm and dry on their walks throughout the year.

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Ginger Ted Shower Waterproof Dog Coat

A great dog coat for mastiffs, with waterproof and windproof qualities, this Ginger Ted dog coat features a fleece lining to provide your dog’s body with extra warmth, even in the cold winter weather and snow.

The two easy fastening straps make this dog coat incredibly easy to wear, and the reflective trim provides better visibility at night.

This dog coat is incredibly water-resistant and made from breathable materials, so it’s perfect for wearing during rainy walks and inclement weather. If you’re looking for a waterproof dog coat that’s easy to wear; we think this is the best dog coat for you.

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IREENUO Dog Coat Waterproof

For Bullmastiff winter coats designed specifically for pups, you can’t go wrong with this waterproof vert jacket from IREENUO.

It’s easy to wear, with three simple Velcro straps and fully water-resistant with an insulating fleece lining. This vest will protect your pooch from cold weather, snow and rain and is perfect for use during the winter months.

The outside layer is completely waterproof and can be easily wiped down from mud and dirt, with the soft inner fleece lining promising to keep your dog warm in extreme weather.

This is the best cold-weather coat for Bullmastiff puppies.

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RUFFWEAR Cooling Vest for Dogs

For walks in hot weather and long adventures in the summer sun, you’ll want to provide your dog with a suitable cooling jacket to protect them from the heat!

This RUFFWEAR dog jacket is one of the best dog coats for use in hot weather, with evaporative cooling abilities that help to mimic the human sweat response.

This dog coat will pull the heat from your dog and allow them to stay cooler for longer, making walks in the summer sun an absolute breeze.

It’s easy to wear, with a simple chest strap fastener, and made from soft materials to protect your dog’s skin.

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SlowTon Dog Winter Jacket

When searching for appropriate dog clothes, this SlowTon winter coat is an excellent option if you’re on a budget.

One of the best dog coats for when money is tight, this SlowTon product features a soft fleece lining for protection from the cold and a waterproof outer layer that can stand up to bad weather.

With the ability to change between one or two inner fleece linings, this jacket can be used as a casual windbreaker in the autumn and a full winter coat that protects from any snow and hail.

Perfect for use in cold weather, we recommend this coat for dog owners on a budget.

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Zellar Dog Bathrobe Towel 

If your bulldogs or Bullmasiffs love playing in the rain and puddles, this bathrobe style coat may be perfect for you.

This highly absorbent, microfibre fleece will dry your dog with ease and help prevent that wet dog smell from creeping into your home!

If your dog loves to barrel through the rain and snow, even during winter when it’s just too cold, this towel coat can be easily switched in from their walking coat to provide quick drying action and help them to stay warm.

It’s also perfect for larger dogs that find wearing a regular-sized jacket too uncomfortable.

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Zellar Dog Raincoat with Hood

If you live in an area that sees frequent cold rain, this waterproof, hooded dog coat may be just the thing to keep your pet warm and dry.

With a 100% waterproof outer layer and a breathable mesh lining on the inside of this coat, you can rest assured that your dog will be warm and dry, even during the winter rain.

The two simple straps around the neck and chest make this jacket incredibly easy to wear, and the featured hood helps to protect your dog from any rain and snow during bad weather.

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What Should You Look for When Choosing a Bullmastiff Dog Jacket?

How Easy Is It to Put On and Take Off?

Most dogs will struggle when first introduced to wearing a coat; eventually, they’ll get used to it, but it can help to make sure that the jacket you choose is easy to wear and can be quickly put on or removed.

Look for a coat with velcro straps or side release buckles that fit snugly to protect your dog from the elements.

Does It Keep Your Mastiff Warm?

Like all dogs, it’s essential to keep your Mastiff or Bulldog at the right temperature during their walks.

Bulldogs and Mastiffs have relatively thick coats, but extended walks in extremely cold and snowy conditions will be hard to manage.

Make sure that the coat you purchase has insulating qualities and a waterproof exterior; this way, you can be sure that your dog is happy and protected on their walks.

Quality of the Dog Coat

As with human clothes, when buying dog clothes, it’s usually best to spend a little more on a coat that will last.

Not all dogs are careful when enjoying their walks, so finding a coat that can withstand a little rough and tumble is recommended, especially with energetic Bulldogs and Mastiffs.

Check out the reviews and comments left by internet users on the products that you’re interested in. Look for a coat with positive reviews about its durability.

Does It Keep Your Dog Dry?

Dog’s can’t regulate their heat through their skin, so cold rain and water can easily cause them harm and discomfort.

Check that the coat you’re looking to purchase can withstand the rainfall in your area and provide your dog with some protection from the elements.

Has It got a Slot to Attach a Leash?

For comfortability and ease of use, it’s always best to find a dog coat with an easily located leash opening.

This will make it much easier to put the coat onto your dog and allow them to be let off the leash during their walk easily.

Most jackets will have a collar opening located around the back of the neck, but be cautious around collared leads with a dog that pulls on their leash, as this can cause neck problems and health issues later in life.

Different Kinds of Bullmastiff Dog Coats

There are several different kinds of coat for Bullmastiffs and Bulldogs, each with its own pros and cons, and some more suitable for particular climates.

Cooling Jackets – If you live in a warmer climate and take your dog for walks in open areas with little shade, it’s essential to buy a coat that can help regulate your dog’s temperature.

Dog’s cannot regulate their body temperature through sweating, so a cooling coat will allow heat to escape their body through evaporation.

This article explains how cooling jackets work.

Lightweight Raincoat – If you live in a warmer climate but see regular rainfall, a light raincoat will be perfectly suited to keeping your dog dry without causing them to overheat.

Full Body Coat – A full-body snowsuit style coat may be necessary to keep your dog warm in areas that see extreme cold, snow and icy conditions. Larger breeds joints can be susceptible to pain and damage in cold conditions, so protecting them with a coat with legs can help to prevent joint issues in later life.

High-Vis Coat – For walks at night and in low visibility conditions, providing your dog with a high-vis coat that contains reflective strips may be necessary. These areas of reflective material will help your dog be seen by motorists and other pedestrians and can even help you locate your dog if they run off at night!

What Size Coat for a Bullmastiff?

Most manufacturers of dog jackets design the coat around dog size rather than a breed, so finding a coat that fits will require taking accurate measurements of your dog.

The English Bulldog is generally a medium-size dog, the Mastiff tends to be a large breed, so there will be discrepancies between cross-bred dogs and mutts.

Use a tape measure to accurately find your dog’s measurement, and check the reviews on each product for any information on the accuracy of the manufacturer’s size chart.

Our Recommendation for Bullmastiff Puppies

It’s imperative to keep your Bullmastiff pup warm and dry when taking their first walks and adventures in cold weather.

Introducing your puppy to a well-fitting and comfy coat at an early age will also make it much easier to get them to pop on a jacket as they get older!

The IREENUO waterproof dog coat is perfect for puppies as its soft fleece lining will protect your dog from the cold, and the completely waterproof outer material will help keep them dry.

It’s straightforward to put on, with a simple set of velcro straps that allow for a snug fit and has easy access to your dog’s collar to attach their lead.

Final Thoughts

Many Mastiff dog owners may not think their dogs need coats because they have fur to keep them cosy.

However, Mastiffs, as well as other dogs such as Bulldogs and Boxers, are prone to getting cold easily and whilst they may not need any protection when they are young and healthy, protecting sore joints as they get older is beneficial

There are many different coats on the market today, but it is vital to get the right fit for your Bullmastiff, so measure carefully before ordering!

Fleece-lined dog coats are ideal for winter weather since they keep dogs warm without making them too hot and waterproof dog coats are perfect for rainy days.

Our favourite dog coat is the Kurgo Loft Jacket. It’s waterproof, will keep your pet dry and comes in a huge range of colours.

This article is part of our dog coats by breed collection. So if you want to see recommendations for other breeds, check it out!

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