The UK’s Best Dog Coats for Boxers – 7 Waterproof Choices

This is our review of the best dog coats for Boxers in 2022.

Many pet owners mistakenly think that large breed dog coats are not needed and whilst that may be true of dog breeds like Malamutes and Newfoundlands; it certainly is not true for Boxers who have a short, thin coat that offers very little insulation in the winter months.

Our top pick for a dog coat for Boxers is the Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket. It will keep Fido dry and warm in cold weather, is quick-drying and is tough and hardwearing enough to withstand the antics of this breed.

In this post, we’ll look at some important considerations when choosing a coat for Boxer dogs and review our top seven products that will make winter walks more comfortable for your best friend.

In this guide, we will be reviewing.

Not everyone supports the idea of putting a coat on large dogs, but in the case of thin-coated breeds like a Boxer, it’s generally considered good advice. While they do have their own natural coats helping to insulate them (though not as much when compared with other breeds), an additional layer will still help out and keep your pup warm during daily exercise through those colder months ahead!

Keep reading to see which dog coats for Boxers offer the best protection from the cold, wind, rain and snow.

Our Best Dog Coat for Boxers

Our Winner – Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket



What can we say about this superb dog coat that we haven’t said already as it tops many of our winter coat round-ups and try as we might, it’s hard to find any faults with this design, plus it’s reversible, so you get two coats in one.

First, let’s look at the fabric; the Microtomic ripstop material is fantastic for this breed renowned for rough and tumble and getting into mischief. Believe me, I’ve had three, so I know how hardwearing their accessories need to be.

The jacket is lightweight, water-resistant and has a handy leash slot so it can be worn over a Boxers harness. There is reflective piping for when the nights draw in and the hook and loop closure ensures a snug fit.

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Best Fleece Lined Jacket – RC GearPro Waterproof Fleece Pet Vest



This smart dog vest is ideal for active dogs. The outside layer consists of Polyester with splashproof, windproof and snowproofing and there’s a cosy polar fleece lining for extra warmth. The high neck prevents water from dripping down your pet’s neck and the highly visible reflective piping and logo make it easier to spot at night or in bad weather conditions.

Its machine washable and comes in a range of sizes and colours to suit even the most discerning furry fashionista and at under £20, it’s an absolute bargain.

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Great Waterproof Boxer Coat – Swish Equestrian Waterproof Dog Coat



Better known for their equestrian accessories, this UK company have produced a fantastic breathable dog coat with a 600D outer shell and 240g thermal filling ideal for your dog to stay warm during the Great British winter.

The adjustable straps around the belly and chest plus elasticated leg straps ensure the coat fits snugly to your dog’s body and the reflective trim is perfect when there is reduced visibility.

This fully waterproof winter coat will not irritate your dog’s skin and can be thrown into the machine on a delicate cycle, ready for the next use.

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Best for Active Dogs – RUFFWEAR Abrasion-Resistant Dog Jacket



Ruffwear is known for its premium dog products and this is one of the best dog coats around. It offers protection against the elements with a strong and durable polyester abrasion-resistant outer fabric with an extra layer of added warmth from the comfort-level fleece lining to keep your Boxer warm in cold conditions.

The leash portal on the back can be used if your pooch wears a harness and the side release buckles make this jacket easy to get on and off.

The vest design of this dog winter coat provides a full range of motion during outdoor activities and although this is a bit more expensive than some other coats, it’s well worth paying that bit extra.

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#1 Coat for Boxer Puppy – Ancol Muddy Paws Stormguard Coat



The Ancol Stormguard coat is one of the bestselling Boxer dog coats in the UK and for good reason. The Ava waterproof shell will protect your pooch from the wind, snow and rain whilst the soft fleece inner layer keeps them warm in colder temperatures.

The elasticated neck and leg straps ensure a perfect fit and there is a handy slot to attach the leash should you need it. The chest panel gives extra protection and reflective piping means you can keep an eye on your pet even in low light conditions.

The XL size should fit most pups, but it’s always advisable to measure your pup before ordering.

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Top Pick Coat with Harness – Morezi Dog Jacket with Harness



If you are looking for a winter coat with an integrated dog harness, this one is a real winner. The waterproof outer layer will keep your Boxer dry in harsh weather and the soft fleece interior is ideal on cold days to retain your dog’s body heat.

The zipper along the back makes it easy to slip on and off, ideal for wriggly Boxer dogs and the hi-vis reflective strips make walking in the dark winter mornings or evenings safer.

As with any Boxer dog jackets, it’s crucial to get the correct size and as these coats run large, make sure you get out the tape measure.

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Best Coat with Hood – Zellar Dog Raincoat with Hood



This lightweight and waterproof Boxer dog jacket is ideal for milder days in autumn and spring, the outer layer will keep your dog dry even in the heaviest downpour and the breathable mesh lining will stop them from overheating. The hood will protect your dog’s ears and there’s a handy pocket to carry poo bags or treats.

This is another winter coat that is extremely easy to put on and take off and the adjustable chest and belly straps ensure a comfortable and secure fit. There is a harness slot and like most other dog winter coats, reflective trim makes gloomy winter walks safer.

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What to Look for in a Quality Boxer Dog Coat?

There are a few things to consider when buying a coat for your dog; below are some of the most important!

Boxers are a playful breed who love outdoor adventures, whatever the weather, but this means they need a durable option for a dog winter coat. Look for a hardwearing fabric in clothing that won’t tear easily or sustain damage from stray branches or other dogs paws whilst playing. Buckles and fastenings should always be heavy-duty for this breed and don’t forget to check the stitching too!

Sizing is important

You should easily find your dog’s size among the products we’ve listed but be aware that a Boxer dog has a deep chest, so check the manufacturer’s size guide and always measure to avoid disappointment.

Adjustable & Comfortable

Some Boxer dogs are lean and athletic, whilst others are more stocky; being able to adjust a Boxer dog winter coat means you can avoid chafing their sensitive skin and customise the fit to best suit their shape. Most have adjustable straps on the chest and belly, sometimes even the neck; just be careful with those that zip up the back.

Materials to keep your dog warm and dry

Fabric coats like jersey hoodies are all very well as fashion accessories, but you will need fabrics that will keep your dog warm and dry during the winter. Look for waterproof or at least water-resistant nylon or Polyester and either fleece or sherpa-lined interiors.

Is it waterproof?

As we’ve already mentioned, if dog coats are not waterproof, they provide little protection from the cold either, so we would always recommend having a raincoat on hand for when you get caught in a heavy downpour.

Machine washable?

Owners of this breed will know that they love to get down and dirty when on walks; mine could never resist a muddy puddle or a pile of fox poo. With that in mind, it makes sense to make sure any Boxer dogs clothing you purchase is easy to clean.

A good price

The best Boxer dog coats can vary in price from under £20 to hundreds of pounds if you go for designer brands like Moncler and Prada. However, £30-£50 is the mid-range and for this, you can get high-quality dog coats that offer both warmth and style.

Types of Coats Boxers Wear

  • Waterproof raincoats
  • Fleece dog coats
  • Cooling jackets
  • Traditional style jackets
  • Coats with harnesses

What Size Coats for Boxers?

Like all the coats for different breeds we cover, there is no one size fits all for Boxer dogs; some are much larger than others, also sizes differ significantly between brands. For example, we have listed the 5XL size for the hooded raincoat, whereas you may only need a medium for some brands. Always measure your dog before buying a coat.

This short video shows how to measure your dog for a coat.

Our Recommendation for Boxer Puppies

This would be the Ancol Muddy Paws Stormguard Coat. It’s easy to get on and off, a big bonus with bouncy Boxer pups, waterproof and the soft lining provides extra warmth for your dog on frosty mornings. Plus, it’s a cheap enough coat for Boxer dog owners to just move to the next size up as your pup grows.


Do Boxers get cold easily?

Their thin coats mean that this dog breed does feel the cold, although they are usually too busy playing to notice. They do benefit from a dog winter coat, though, especially if the temperature drops below freezing.

Can Boxers sleep outside?

Definitely not. They are not a dog that should be kept outside; not only will your dog be extremely uncomfortable and cold, this breed just loves being with their families and would not thrive if kept outdoors.


The opinion is divided over Boxer dog clothes, but they definitely benefit from a dog coat during cold snaps, especially if they are getting on in years or suffer from health conditions.

Our top pick is the Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket. It’s one of the best winter coats in the UK and we’ve reviewed hundreds. Your dog will thank you for putting one of these dog coats in your basket.

Owning a Boxer is a privilege and as responsible owners, we should keep them warm and comfortable whatever the weather.

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