Dog Training Tips: Articles and Information To Teach Your Pooch Obedience and Good Behaviour

Training your dog may be the most role you have a dog owner and is vital for young puppies if you want them to grow into a sensible and trusted adult dog. We’ve all seen dogs that are untrained and they can be hard work for the dog owners and their bad behaviour can attract unwanted attention. A well-trained dog is a much easier life for most and dogs love to please so it’s nice for them to know their boundaries too.

Most dogs naturally want to do things like pull on a lead, beg for food, or bark constantly. Training a dog is imperative if you don’t want these things in your daily life. Find below a selection of our dog training tips and guides. From basic home potty training to positive reinforcement techniques.

Useful Guides & Recommended Products

For unruly dogs, we recommend a dog trainer or puppy classes, but for basic training, tips find a selection of what we have below
best no pull dog harness

What’s The Best No Pull Dog Harness for Strong Pullers

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5 of the Best Dog Agility Equipment Sets & Starter Kits in the UK

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Puppy Party Ideas – 11 Great Ways to Socialise Puppies

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getting a dog to like you

How to Get a Dog to Like You – 27 Ways to Build Love Trust and Respect

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stopping dogs peeing in the house

27 Ways How to Stop Your Dog Peeing in the House

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best dog car seat

9 of the Best Dog Car Seats for UK Breeds Both Big & Small

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