The UK’s Best Dog-Friendly Artificial Grass in 2023

The interest in fake lawns right now is through the roof. Unless you enjoy gardening, the emergence of synthetic turf that looks like natural grass will catch people’s attention.

But what about artificial grass for dogs? Let’s find out!

  • Is it safe?
  • What about poo?
  • Is it easy to clean?
  • What’s the best?

Dogs Barn’s definitive guide will tell you everything you need to know about artificial grass and dogs and whether it’s one of the leading dog friendly garden designs currently available.

The Best Artificial Grass for Dogs in the UK

Dogs love grass and a lush, green well-manicured lawn in the Summer is a beautiful sight. Unfortunately for many dog owners, keeping it looking its best is almost impossible, especially during the winter when the unpredictable British weather can wreak havoc.

Yellow pee stains, bald and muddy patches, your dog can have a significant impact on your lawn. What was once a green oasis can quickly become a barren wasteland.

Not to mention the trail of muddy paw prints your four-legged friend leaves throughout the house when he comes back inside and the baths needed when he decides a roll in the mud might be fun.

Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass with Dogs

With its easy maintenance and aesthetic appeal, fake grass or AstroTurf is becoming increasingly popular not only for commercial use and sports surfaces but also for residential gardens, dog runs, School playgrounds and Corporate events.

But is this synthetic marvel any good for pets and dogs in particular?

Dog owners ask several questions when debating replacing a natural lawn with artificial turf.

  • Is artificial grass safe for pets?
  • How do you keep it clean?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Will my dog ruin it?

Is Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass Safe?

The good news is if you buy your dog-friendly artificial grass from a reputable company, then yes, it is. Your beloved pooch won’t notice the difference between fake grass and the real thing.

Artificial grass has been manufactured since the 1960s but in recent years has seen much improvement, with better designs and the use of higher quality non-toxic synthetic materials producing a durable, hygienic, easy-to-clean product.

The modern versions look and feel remarkably similar to the real thing.

What About Mess?

Good quality artificial grass for pets has an inbuilt drainage system, so if your dog goes to the toilet, the urine should drain away easily.

Number 2s can be picked up and bagged as usual and with regular hose downs, the fake lawn is much more hygienic than real turf.

Contaminated soil is one of the ways a dog can pick up worms, so high-quality false grass for dogs will also cut down the risk of that problem. Pet-friendly artificial grass is stain-resistant, so there will be no discoloured patches proclaiming the area as your dog’s toilet.

Where Can I Buy Dog-Friendly Grass?

When purchasing dog-friendly fake grass, it is essential to buy from an established reputable company.

Many DIY and bargain stores sell imported grass which comes from the far-east. This grass is not of the same high quality and could be destroyed by the heavy wear and tear of larger dogs and could also contain chemicals that could potentially be harmful to your pet.

This is one product where scrimping is not cost-effective. The reduced costs of maintaining a fully manicured lawn mean purchasing artificial turf can be a real money saver in the long run, so it is worth investing in quality.

Fake Turf Cost?

Like carpets, you can pay anything from £5-£50 a square metre for artificial pet turf. The choice can be mind-boggling, but most reputable companies are happy to discuss your requirements and will be able to offer a dog-friendly product that complements both your needs and budget.

What Is The Best Synthetic Turf For Dogs?

Many options are available: different thicknesses, lengths, sand infills, and luxury grasses. The choice can be confusing.

Most companies are happy to discuss what products would suit your lifestyle and family. The best option for artificial grass if you have dogs is a hardwearing, durable turf with good drainage.

A shorter pile is best as some dogs don’t like the sensation of the fibres between their paws.

Most companies have a range of pet-friendly options and testimonials from other satisfied dog owners. It’s worth doing a little bit of research before you buy.

Where to Buy?

Find great options for pet-friendly artificial grass from the companies listed below.

Easigrass Artificial Grass Company

Suppliers of award-winning artificial grasses, Easigrass, have been around for over 30 years and are the first and only artificial grass company to be awarded gold by the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) at the iconic Chelsea Flower Show.

They supply and fit exceptional quality natural-looking alternatives to the real thing, recently developing a grass with manicured stripes to give that professionally mown look.

With a network of quality in-house trained installers throughout the UK.

Company Information

The Old Grass Depot Park Avenue London UB1 3AJ United Kingdom

Their artificial grass range and installation system for pet owners last up to 20 years, even with heavy use. British made and covered by a 10-year guarantee, Easigrass have supplied councils, universities, and schools throughout the UK and abroad.

We asked Easigrass about the benefits of their artificial turf for dogs, and their owner Anthony Gallagher replied personally. This is what he had to say:

Anthony Gallagher MD | Easigrass Distribution Ltd 

“For the last ten years, Easigrass have been supplying and installing artificial gardens to dog lovers all over the UK.

Ideal for running, it makes a perfect play surface for dogs as well as children.
During both the summer and winter months, you may well find your dog(s) running and using the grass as a training area, with its great grip enabling them to use all of their agility sets and skills and even spinning onto their backs to have a gentle rub (massage) at the end of their sessions.

We have even noticed that they love to clean around their mouths by sliding their jaws along the grass. We call it “grassy flossing” in our house.

The one thing that my better half loves is that there is “not one muddy paw print” ever on our kitchen floor from the dog. That’s why she loves her EASIGRASS….(and the fact that I own the company too )”​

Kind Regards
Anthony J Gallagher


Manufacturing and supplying their artificial grasses from the longest established grass factory in the UK based in Cumbria, Artificial Grass Ltd use only the highest quality raw materials to produce its range.

Along with their sister company which has worked with and supplied to some of the top sports teams worldwide, they have years of experience.

Products can be purchased online or through their UK-wide network of distributors.

Company Information

As of August 2017, this company is now called Buzzgrass

They provide a detailed guide to DIY installation on the website or can put you in touch with a local recommended landscaper to do the job.

We spoke to the company, who told us:

Lucy GrahamMarketing Manager | SIS Pitches 

“We’ve had a discussion here and essentially we haven’t ever really had many issues brought to our attention by dog owners, more often than not, they are delighted (as you will see in our before/after gallery and testimonials sections)

We have heard of puppies chewing corners if they aren’t fixed down properly, but they don’t carry on doing this – it seems to be a one off.

Great Grass

One of the UK’s largest suppliers of artificial grasses, Manchester-based Great Grass offers a selection of value for money, hardwearing solutions.

Boasting a range of 6 different types of grass, all of them hardwearing and suitable for pets.

Company Information

670 Oldham Road Manchester, United Kingdom

They are covered by a 10-year guarantee and offer a full installation service in the North-west of England and Greater London areas.

They have worked with the London Olympic 2012 venues, Chester Racecourse and numerous schools, councils and businesses throughout the UK.

We tried to speak to Great Grass, but they were unavailable for comment

Express Grass

Express Grass is based in Sittingbourne, Kent, an independent family business established for over 30 years. They have a vast warehouse and supply one of the largest ranges available either online or on-site.

They are one of the few companies to offer coloured grass that can be used to brighten up balconies and hot tub areas or to fit in with the theme for an event such as a wedding, dog show, or party.

Company Information

Tribune Drive Trinity Trading Estate Sittingbourne Kent ME10 2PG

They even offer an AstroTurf hiring service. Their value for money range is only available online or by visiting the showroom and they don’t provide an installation service.

We contacted Express Grass but as yet have received no response

Relative newbies The Artificial Lawn company has over ten years of experience supplying and fitting fake lawns.

Their range includes several options when it comes to artificial lawns for dogs, including the premier curl grass.

This option is recommended for agility courses and kennel runs as it is extraordinarily hardwearing and can handle heavy traffic 

It was previously used in the main show ring at Crufts and the Discover Dogs Exhibition.

Company Information

Artificial Lawn Company Hartshill Nursery, Thong Lane Shorne Kent DA12 4AD

An 8-year guarantee covers all their products and they offer a full installation service throughout the UK.

Unfortunately, we have not received a response to our request for more information

Artificial Grass Direct Limited has been supplying public and trade customers for over 15 years.

They pride themselves on searching the world for new innovations within the industry and offer a wide range of artificial grass at competitive prices.

They provide opportunities for landscape gardeners to become resellers and nationwide delivery on all their products.

Company Information

16 Hallsteads Business Park Dove Holes Buxton SK17 8BJ

Although they do not offer an installation service, they have a comprehensive fitting guide on the website, a planning tool, and an offer to answer any questions you may have by telephone to ensure your lawn fits perfectly and is laid correctly.

We contacted Artificialgrass-direct but have not received a response

Last Word 

So there it is, everything you need to know about artificial grass and how it just might be the perfect solution for keeping your garden beautiful and your dog clean, safe and happy.

Whatever the size of your garden, whether you have one dog or several. Low maintenance, easy to clean and hardwearing with plastic grass for dogs, you will be able to spend more time enjoying it with your four-legged friend.

It’s big already, but we think artificial grass for dogs and pets will become one of the best products dog owners can buy.

Do you have artificial grass and dogs?

 Let us know in the comments below what you think.

John Devlin

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