Review: Beaphar Worming Syrup: Is It Any Good?


An effective treatment against roundworms suitable for dogs, puppies and cats. Available in multi-packs

Tired of trying to force your dog to eat their worming tablets, wrapping it in meat in the hope they wouldn’t notice!

I know the feeling, my dog is too smart as well.

Hence the reason I changed to a liquid format, and in this review, we will provide you with an in-depth analysis into Beaphar worming syrup with its pros, cons and key features!

We have conducted extensive research, so you can choose a safe alternative to traditional dog de-wormers.

Read on to see the results and why more dog-owners than ever are choosing natural de-worming treatments for their dogs

What Is Beaphar Worming Liquid

Beaphar Worming Syrup is an authorised veterinary product which provides effective safe treatment for roundworms in dogs.

The chocolate flavouring and handy pump dispenser make it easy to administer and fantastic for dogs who won’t take tablets, just put directly into the mouth or mix with your four-legged friend’s food.

There’s no need for fasting before use and it can be given to puppies from the age of 2 weeks onwards.

Key Features

Overall Rating:
​Good for puppies 100%
​Side Effects 70%
​Easy to ​administer 100%
Effective 50%
Price 100%
Where to buy 100%

Detailed Review

Good for Puppies – 4/4

Roundworms and puppies are inextricably linked, and these spaghetti-like parasites can cause stunted growth, weakness, diarrhoea, a dull coat and in severe cases intestinal blockages.

Beaphar syrup for worming is a great option for ridding puppies of roundworms. It can be administered from 2 weeks of age and then fortnightly until they reach 3 months of age. The handy pump dispenser means the medicine can be given directly into the mouth, ideal for young puppies who are not weaned and may find tablets difficult to swallow.

Side effects – 3/4

Beaphar syrup is considered safe for dogs, in fact many vets recommend the product. However, during our research we found that some owners complained of their pets being ill after taking the medicine.

Dogs are often not themselves after worming, this is because both the chemicals and evacuation of the worms can irritate the lining of the intestines causing stomach upsets.

Side effects to watch out for include;

These effects are usually short-lived, you may notice worms in your best friend’s stools or vomit, but this is nothing to worry about as it proves the worming syrup is working.

In extremely rare cases a heavy infestation may cause intestinal blockage (especially in puppies) this will result in abdominal pain and persistent sickness. If you suspect a blockage, get in touch with your local vet straight away.

Keep an eye on your pet

Very occasionally dogs may experience an allergic reaction to Beaphar wormer, this is serious and requires immediate medical attention as your pal can go into shock quickly.

Signs include;

You can find some handy first-aid tips if your dog goes into shock here

Any wormer, including Beaphar, has the potential to be toxic when too much is administered, so it is vital to give the correct amount for your dog’s body weight. NEVER, exceed the recommended dose!

If you have any worries about your dog after deworming with Beaphar syrup, contact your vet!

Easy to administer – 4/4

Beaphar’s chocolate flavoured syrup comes with a convenient pump dispenser making it extremely easy to use. It can be given directly or mixed with a little food.

Instructions on how to give – Step by step guide on how to give the syrup

It is essential to know what weight your dog is to establish how much of the Beaphar syrup you need to give. If you are unsure weigh yourself, first then again whilst holding your dog. Obviously, if you have a fully grown rottweiler this may not be possible, so a good tip is to make a note of your pooch’s weight after a visit to the vet.

  1. First shake the bottle and remove the lid
  2. Fit the handy dispensing pump.
  3. Slowly depress the plunger 5 times, this is to prime the pump
  4. The syrup can be mixed with a small amount of food or squeezed into the mouth.

What dosage should I give?

For large and small dogs?

The pump means you administer the correct dosage of syrup whether you have a small dog or a giant breed, each depression has sufficient worming syrup for 0.9kg of your dog’s body weight.

So, for an 8 kg dog you would need 9 depressions of the pump.

It does take a whole bottle of Beaphar to treat a large dog, so it is probably more suited to worming smaller breeds.

Types of worms – 2/4

Beaphar syrup is effective against roundworms only, although the company do have worming granules and tablets which are effective against the other common types of worms. These include

Because puppies need to be treated at a young age (2 weeks) and roundworms are the most common type of worms in puppies Beaphar is a great option when tablets and granules are not the easiest to administer at this age.

Price – 4/4

A cost-effective alternative to prescription worming treatments, Beaphar syrup comes in a 45ml bottle which is enough to treat a large dog such as golden retriever once or a 5 kg dog like a shih tzu, 6 times.

A single bottle of Beaphar costs around £5 but you can purchase in bundles which will save you money. This a great way for breeders or owners of more than one dog and as the multi-packs come with up to 12 bottles it offers terrific value.

Remember, you will need to buy other products if you want to treat for tapeworms, whipworms and hookworms.

Where To Buy – Star Rating 4/4

Beaphar syrup is sold just about everywhere, Amazon offers some great online deals and all the major online pet stores and pharmacies stock this product

Some reputable places to buy Beaphar online include;

The good news is; most local pet shops, high street retailers such as Wilkos, Boots and supermarkets stock Beaphar so you can pick some up when you do your weekly shop in Asda, Tesco or Sainsburys where you will find worming products in the pet-aisle.

How Does It Compare

Beaphar compares favourably with alternative worming treatments and this chocolate flavoured syrup has the advantage of being easy to administer especially for young puppies who are most susceptible to roundworm infestations.

By law, all pet worming products have to go through stringent testing for safety, effectiveness and quality before they can be sold. This occurs whether they are sold by pharmacies, vets or supermarkets.

So, you can rest assured that Beaphar worming products are effective and do what they say on the packaging

You may still need other treatments

You will have to buy additional worming treatments if you want to treat other intestinal worms. It is a good idea not to use all the treatments on the same day as the active ingredient piperazine may inhibit the effectiveness of pyrantel which is found in many dewormers.

Should I Buy

Absolutely, Beaphar is an effective roundworm treatment recommended by vets, the syrup is easy to administer and can be bought either online or on the high street. The product has dozens of great reviews with dog owners liking the quick results and value for money

It is more cost effective than obtaining treatments from the vet, but it does only eradicate roundworms, so you will have to use in conjunction with a good wormer that kills tapeworms, whipworms and hookworms.

Especially good for worming puppies and small dogs, you may find the amount of Beaphar syrup needed for larger breeds (over one bottle) may be easier given in granules or tablet form.

Beaphar Ingredients

This over the counter dewormer is an oral solution with the active ingredient Piperazine Citrate; which is non-toxic and efficacious preparation for control of roundworms in dogs. Beaphar ingredients include the excipients

Now there is some controversy about these as they are known parabens (cancer causing agents) however in the tiny amounts indicated here they are generally considered safe.

Final Thoughts

Beaphar worming syrup is safe to use on all dogs including puppies from 2 weeks of age, pregnant and lactating bitches and adults although you may need over one bottle for larger dogs, so it is best suited to small and medium-sized breeds.

Although some reviews state there are side effects with Beaphar including vomiting, this is the case with many over-the-counter worming products and in most cases, these are mild and do not last long.

We think the stand out features of this product are; the syrup can be given to young puppies and because of the taste can be easier to administer for dogs who don’t like taking tablets

This liquid dewormer is effective against roundworms and can be bought in most pet stores, online and in supermarkets. We think it offers terrific value for money, the bottle contains enough to treat a litter of puppies or a small dog up to 6 times.

Overall, this flavoured worming syrup a good option for getting rid of roundworms and when you check the reviews you will see many buyers agree.

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