The UK’s Best Dog Agility Toys in 2021 – 7 Top Picks Reviewed

Dogs and their owners love agility, and the sport is becoming increasingly popular in the UK; if you want to know which is our favourite toy to increase intelligence or motivate your canine companion, it’s the Dingo Agility Mop Bite Tug. The soft handle and flavoured ball is an excellent incentive designed to provide motivation.

Pups shouldn’t start training officially for agility until they are over a year old. Still, there are categories of playthings available at an affordable price that will help with brain training and ones they love so much they will happily work correctly and do as you ask to receive them as a reward.

In this article, we will be reviewing:

The best agility toys for dogs and puppies don’t have to cost the earth but are a great addition to any toybox; whether you throw them, tug them or search them out, your furry friend will be learning as they have fun.

We also ask

  • How toys can be used as a reward for agility training
  • What to look for in a good agility dog
  • How to join an agility club in the UK

The Best Agility Toys 

Agility toys offer a novel way of starting any dog off in agility training. The best toys for dogs to help train agility come in all shapes and sizes. From sheepskin toys to compact, click together courses, there are many choices at an affordable price.

Once you are ready to start agility in earnest, here are a few dog agility course equipment reviews that make for perfect playthings for your pup:

Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Dingo Agility Mop Bite Tug Floatable Ball Bungee Chaser Red 15588

What makes this tugger unique is that it comes with a firm ball at the end, soft mop material covering the handle for your dog to enjoy, and a bungee cord to make the tugging easier on your arm and their teeth! 

This fun gizmo can float, and the ball itself is vanilla flavoured to keep your dog invested for as long as possible. Throw it as a game or use it as a reward.


  • Super strong
  • Affordable price
  • Flexible bungee


  • The mop cover may get torn apart easily

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Trixie Dog Activity Gambling Tower

This fun toy offers the perfect reward system that also requires a bit of thinking. Your pup will have to figure out this easy puzzle on their own to retrieve their treats. All you need to do is place the goodies inside and watch your pal figure it out for themselves!

Over time the puzzle will become easier and easier to figure out. Thankfully, there are a few levels for your dog to try from this very same company once they conquer this one.


  • Mentally stimulating
  • Super durable
  • Fabulous independent toy


  • Might not last clever dogs long

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Trixie 32019 Dog Activity Turn Around

Here’s another of Trixie’s fun interactive toys with a twist. Your pooch will have to figure out how to keep turning the vials upside down to get a treat to drop to the ground. 

As you know, in agility training, intelligence is just as necessary as grace and restraint! This toy is the perfect learning tool that needs a bit more focus than tennis balls.


  • Ideal for building mental performance key to agility
  • Very sturdy and easy to set up
  • Dogs can be left alone with this


  • Might be a little complex for some dogs initially

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DogDirect London, DOG TUG TOY Tugger Tug Chase Rope SMALL: 45cm/17in, LARGE: 75cm/29in, Soft plaited Flexible FLEECE DOG TOYS Ideal FOR TRAINING, PUPPY PLAY,

This handmade fleece chase toy is amongst some of the best dog agility equipment for large dogs. Machine washable and made of soft, strong fabric. 

A good price and ideal for flyball, dog agility competitions and training. It comes in an array of different colours and sizes to suit all dogs. 


  • Bright colours and different varieties
  • Will resist plenty of use
  • Machine washable


  • Might need re-plaiting after a while

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Dingo Waldemar Rutkowski Fleece Dog Toy for Twitch and Tug, Dog Training, Agility, Artificial Fur Bungee Racer with Squeak

This next tug of war toy is similar to the above, but like all the best products, it is a superb addition to any toy box based on a handful of selling points.

This bungee cord fleece option is ideal for dogs that love a game of tug – ideal for piquing a puppy’s interest! 

The fleece material at the end is soft on your pup’s teeth. This animal-like fur will create a ‘natural’ experience and will encourage their basic instincts.


  • Reliable bungee cord
  • Value for money price
  • Perfect for ‘natural’ training


  • Stronger dogs will make light work of it.

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PawHut Dog Agility Equipment Play Run Jump Kit Indoor Outdoor Exercise Pet Puppy Training Sets w/ 3 Cross Bars & 6 Conical Barrels

This choice might offer you the ideal way to start your pooch with the best dog agility hurdles. 

This mini hurdle set comes with three crossbars and six cones to hold them up. All of the pieces are well-made and very light.

This is an excellent way of starting to teach your pet to follow you; once they learn how to overcome slight jumps, they won’t find bigger obstacles intimidating.  


  • Strongly built for the price
  • Easy to scale up as your pooch progresses
  • Surprisingly lightweight kit


  • Eventually, your puppy is going to outgrow it!

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Stan’s Pals Flirt Pole Training and Exercise Dog Agility Toy

You may have seen versions of this toy sold in pet shops for cats, but they can also make great play picks for dogs. 

The material of the toy itself and the pole are both solid and reliable. It will encourage your dog to stay concentrated, agile, and in shape! Great value for money, It is a perfect gizmo to promote their natural instincts and keep them moving.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Great fun for you and your pup
  • Great for dogs of all sizes


  • One or two customer reviews mention the pole could be sturdier.

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Agility Training- How Toys Can Help

Agility training is much easier with a reward system in place. Enticing them with treats and the best toys will keep them motivated and interested, whether it’s a sheepskin teddy or a tug toy with a squeaker. 

The best thing about the toys on this list is that they will gradually add to your dog’s training while they are being rewarded long before you join a club. They will not even notice that they are still working, as they do their best to get their special treats. You could spend hours developing obedience and your four-legged friend won’t even realise

Why Use a Bungee Tug Toy in Agility Training? 

Dog agility courses are specifically designed to show off what a dog usually does in the wild as they hunt. They have to rely on their natural instincts and physical capabilities to do well on the dog agility track. 

Tug toys are great for helping them with their agility training as they play the role of the prey and are a fantastic incentive, especially for puppies. A seesaw for dog agility is also a great option.

The purpose of the bungee cord is to make the tug more responsive to your dog and make it easier on your arms!

What Makes a Good Agility Dog? 

A good agility dog has to be intelligent. They have to spend time learning about courses and different obstacles. They also have to learn how to control themselves correctly: when to hold back, when to run full speed ahead, when to leap, etc. They also need to be capable of staying concentrated on you, and the track. 

A dog that is eager to please their owner will do their very best to ensure their success. They will have a trusting relationship, be more motivated to run as fast as possible, jump as far and high as they can, and be top dog! 

There are parts of any agility course (for example, the tunnel or the seesaw) that do not come naturally to a dog. They need a certain amount of bravery and effort to take on these obstacles!

How to Find an Agility Training Class

Finding a good training class for agility is a cinch; you can go on the Kennel Club Website for a list of training clubs or try a site such as AgilityNet. Before you join, make sure your dog is going to be training with safe, secure equipment and a trainer who knows what they are doing.

Conclusion and Top Pick

Most of the time, all your four-legged friend will want to do is play with you to keep happy. But why not enhance their hours of play with a bit of obedience training, too? Our top pick of agility incentives and playthings is the Dingo Agility Mop Bite Tug. Fantastic price for a fun tug toy Fido will love and an excellent motivational reward.

As a dog owner, it is your job to provide your puppy with hours of safe mental and physical stimulation that they need to stay happy and healthy.

As it happens, agility training is one of the very best ways of nurturing both! Dog toys will always provide plenty of great opportunities to train, whether they have relevance to the course itself like cone jumps or just require a bit of brainpower and concentration. If you don’t want to take your pup to a class, why not check out how to make a dog agility course.

Don’t leave without checking our other guides across the Dogsbarn site for more advice on agility training – you’re in the right place for all kinds of canine support!

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