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Hey Welcome To Dogs Barn!

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I am John, the owner of the blog and dad to 2 boisterous Golden Retrievers

My wife and I are fanatical dog people and have been for as long as we can remember, we counted that between us since childhood we have had over 9 different dogs with George and Henry our two Golden Retrievers being the latest additions.

Owning this breed, we’ve discovered that exercise is vital to keep them happy and healthy. This blog combines our two passions of blogging and keeping our dogs active and healthy.

Wouldn’t it be great to find one site for all the information you need about your best friend’s exercise needs?

Well, now you can! Here at Dogs Barn we aim to provide content on everything and anything to do with exercise and fitness with more info than you can “Shake, Throw a stick at”

We are a small group of dog lovers from the Northeast of England. Our team comes from various backgrounds in, Journalism, Health, Technology and Research and we aim to provide detailed insight into two of the most important aspects of dog care. We also have a professional dog groomer to call on and a qualified dog behaviourist on out growing team.

One thing we all have in common is a love of dogs. Not only will the site contain expert advice on physical and mental activity plus grooming, but we will also be posting fun facts, popular breed info, interesting topics and stories that every dog owner will enjoy.

So, if you have just acquired a new puppy, rescued a dog from a shelter, or have owned a dog for years. Whether it is a Cockapoo, Boxer, Staffie or Mutt you can rest assured we are the “Go-To” website for exercise and activity tips aiming to help you be the owner they deserve.

About John Devlin

Hi, my name is John, and I started Dogsbarn in 2016 with my wife. We are both crazy about dogs, having two golden retrievers, George and Henry. We plan to bring home a third pup soon, Frank, who already has a name but has yet been bought!

Dogsbarn is our platform to share helpful information about keeping your pup fit, healthy and happy. We review the best products and write guides on dog breeds, health care, exercise and other topics. In the future, we plan to write more from our experience as pet parents – what works with training and what kind of activities seem enjoyable for the dogs.

While trying to create valuable content for fellow pet owners, we take pride in being friendly, approachable and happy!

About Liane Devlin

I was born in the Northeast of England, where I still live with my hubby, 2 children and 2 gorgeous Goldies

I spend hours dog walking along the beautiful Northumberland coast and am trying to practice agility with the younger of the two (that’s not going too well)

I’m mad about dogs and am so lucky to have my dream job writing about them plus learning new ways to reduce their constant shedding and tackle their high energy levels.

Golden Retriever owners will know that grooming and activity are essential to their well-being and that applies to all breeds, so this site is a fantastic go-to whatever dog you own

The Most Important Members of our Team

At Dogsbarn we have a team of resident canine testers for all things related to fitness and taking care of your dog, helping you make an informed decision before choosing which option is right for you and your canine companion!

Here they are, all looking quite happy about being on camera!

The boys in Action!