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Dogs have been in our lives for tens of thousands of years. Our relationship has developed from using them as guards and helping us hunt, to them becoming part of our families, being companions and doing numerous jobs that are of great benefit to us.

It is scarcely possible to doubt that the love of man has become instinctive in the dog.

Which isn’t difficult to believe. They are loyal, faithful and brave with many laying down their lives for their owners. The human-dog bond is something very special so shouldn’t we ensure that we do everything we can to make their lives, healthy and happy ones.


He’s more mischievous than he looks!

Thanks for checking out Dogsbarn, I am John and to the left is my dog George!

My wife and I are fanatical dog people and have been for as long as we can remember, we counted that between us since childhood we have had over 9 different dogs with George a Golden Retriever at 2 years old being the latest.

Everything we do somehow includes the dogs and we holiday mainly in pet friendly lodges and cottages to ensure we go as a family, and yes although a dog ( a handsome one mind!) he is part of the family.

This blog is to combine our 2 passions of blogging and being over the top dog owners!


He’s more mischievous than he looks!

We are a nation of Dog lovers, almost a quarter of the population of the UK own a dog. from Frenchies, Pugs and Schnauzers to Labs, Beagles, and Greyhounds they come in all shapes and sizes and each one has their own distinctive traits.

There is a great deal of dog related stuff online and it can sometimes seem confusing.

Wouldn’t it be great to find one site for all the information you need about your best friend?

Well, now you can! Here at Dogs Barn we aim to provide content on everything and anything that involves dogs, with more info than you can “Shake, Throw a stick at”

We are a small group of dog lovers from the North East of England who will be striving to answer all your questions on “Everything Dog” Not only will the site contain expert advice on health topics, grooming, training, nutrition, and up to date news stories, we will also be posting fun facts, breed info, interesting topics and stories that every dog owner will enjoy.

Our team comes from various backgrounds in, Journalism, Health, Technology and Research and we aim to provide detailed insight into every aspect of dog care. We are all passionate about dogs and are heavily involved in the K-9 community along with our own pooches.

So, if you have just acquired a new puppy, rescued a dog from a shelter, or have owned a dog for years. Whether it is a Cockerpoo, Boxer, Staffie or Mutt you can rest assured we are the “Go-To” website aiming to help you be the owner they deserve.

​Thanks and please enjoy our site, and be sure to join in the conversion!


Not So Handsome! 

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