Luxury Dog Beds are becoming increasingly popular with more owners wanting to treat there pup to a comfortable nights sleep. Below, we have compiled a fantastic range of products to make your life easier.

Dogs can spend up to 14 hours per day sleeping so it is important we provide them somewhere comfortable, secure and free from drafts to have a snooze. There are thousands of dog beds on the market designed for that purpose but what if we want something more?

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Grain Free Dog food is a hot topic these days with a lot of questions been asked by dog owners who want to feed their pets the best possible diet.

Therefore, we have compiled a fantastic range of products that are already highly sought after in 2018. Don't miss the chance to find out what you should be feeding your pup.

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Tweed Dog Beds popularity are on the rise and we have compiled a number of examples to give you the best options when searching for a perfect place for your dog to sleep.

Most dogs spend a lot of time sleeping, in fact up to 14 hours a day so the bed you choose for them should be comfortable. Picking the best dog bed may seem like a simple task but like us humans our four-legged friends have their foibles and preferences ask anyone who has spent a fortune on a fancy dog bed only to have Fido sleep anywhere but!

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There is a lot of controversy about dry dog food, with a lot of questions being asked by concerned dog owners just like you and I.

This expert roundup provides all the answers needed to make a well informed decision on what food you should be feeding your pet.

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A personalised dog collar gives your pooch the style they deserve, as well as an essential part to being easily identified. Don't miss the chance to see our expert round up of the most sought after collars.

For almost as long as we have shared our life with man’s best friend we have used dog collars.(See here for Tweed Collars) Right from the beginning, they were a stylish and practical accessory. Personalised dog collars have been extremely popular for a long time as they help your dog be identified should they run off or escape.

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Make your pup look like a King or Queen with the latest UK Dog grooming equipment whilst saving on those costly bills!

Regular grooming is an essential part of your dog care routine. Not only does it keep your canine companion’s coats clean and prevent it matting if long, it also reduces shedding, strengthens the bond between dog and owner, improves blood circulation, gets Fido used to being handled, while also enabling you to do a health check and make sure there are no bumps, cuts or injuries.

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In need of a dog drying coat to keep your pet warm. Then you've come to the right place. We have reviewed various materials, sizes and colours to give you the best selection that is currently available.

Some dogs just love water and no walk in the country is complete without them getting wet, even if your canine companion is not a water baby, living in the UK, it's likely they will come home from some walks soaked through, requiring a thorough drying off when they get in.

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Make sure you know which raw dog food is the best? Don't let your pup's diet suffer due to lack of information. 

That's where we come in. Below, you will find an extensive array of various raw dog food that has been researched and ranked to provide you with the best results.

The variety of different types of dog food available is mind-blowing (see here for grain free). You now have dry kibble, cans, pouches, and of course raw. But how do you choose which one is the best for your pet? Which provides them with the best nutrition and will result in them leading a long healthy life?

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Do you take your dog for a walk? Or does your dog take you for one?

A no pull dog harness could be the solution you've been searching for!

Taking your dog out for a walk is one of the pleasures of sharing life with man’s best friend, however, for many, it is not an enjoyable experience.

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